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The 7-Day Do It Yourself (DIY) FREE SEO Course is a video mini course, explaining SEO from scratch, with 7 to-do lessons sent to your inbox over 7 days.

It is an SEO crash course designed to help small businesses, solopreneurs, freelancers, and bloggers start optimizing their website for more traffic and conversions, even with ZERO prior knowledge of SEO.

This seo for beginners training is described in a simple, structured way, step-by-step way, in plain English, free from almost all marketing jargon, to make it simple and easy for anyone to understand and follow.


does the following seem familiar?

  • You are a small business owner or manager/ solopreneur/ freelancer/ blogger
  • Your website has mostly the product/ service pages, (or you are still creating them), and/ or a limited number of blog posts
  • Maybe you were selling in retail before, but because of Covid19 you have to sell online
  • You want to get more eyes on your website, but ads and social media posts are not enough/ too expensive
  • You’ve heard SEO can help, but can’t afford to pay expensive consultant or agency fees. Or if you pay, you want to know what they’re really going to do
  • So you’re really like to explore the option of doing your own SEO, or at least learning about it
  • But all that you’ve read about SEO seems complicated, techy, and you have no idea where to start

The 7-Day Plan to Ranking Higher on Google

Begin your journey to more income generation without depending only on social media posts or ads.

Get familiar with SEO, and know how to optimize your site both for users and for Google

Start getting higher rankings, more traffic, and more conversions

Spend your limited time implementing SEO, instead of wondering how it works, where to start, and what to do next

what you'll learn

SEO Fundamentals

What is SEO, why it is important, how SEO benefits small businesses, cost of SEO

6 Elements of SEO

The 6 essential optimization techniques and how they work together

How search works

What is important to Google, and how it ranks web pages

Implementing 6 key steps

How to start getting more traffic by implementing one key step from each of the 6 elements

course curriculum

Video Lessons

Day 1. SEO Fundamentals

  • What is SEO?
  • How does Google search work?
  • How does SEO work?
  • What is SEO NOT?
  • Why is SEO important?
  • 6 elements of SEO & how they work together

Day 2. Keyword Research

  • How to start with keyword research
  • How to create your first set of keywords in 4 steps
  • SEO tools you can use to find keywords
  • Pros and cons of all tools

Day 3. Technical SEO

  • What it means to make your site secure
  • Definition and examples of shared hosting
  • 2 options & sub-steps of securing your site based on your hosting offer

Day 4. On-page SEO

  • What is a site structure & why it is relevant for SEO
  • Difference between a good and a bad site structure
  • How to create an optimized site structure in a few steps
  • Difference between a site structure and an URL structure

Day 5. Content SEO

  • What is content SEO
  • How to use keywords in content
  • Examples of product and service descriptions with optimized content

Day 6. Off-page SEO

  • What is off-page SEO & link building
  • What is domain authority & why is it relevant
  • Where to get your first links from
  • Difference between dofollow & nofollow links

Day 7. Local SEO

  • What is local SEO
  • Common search terms for local SEO
  • How to register your business on Google My Business
  • The basic elements you must have in your Google business profile

also included

Templates, Worksheets, Checklists

don't wait to rank high on Google

Start getting more website traffic & leads even with a limited budget

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