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9 Ways To Rekindle Your Passion For Your Job

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My sister’s marriage, like most other ones, are full of ups and downs. So one day I asked her how the marriage still survives and stays happy. And she said very simply, "because both of us want the same things overall, and the good times outweigh the bad".

As someone who has worked in the corporate world for a long time, I know that most people are married to their jobs anyway. You spend a lot of time in it, give your energy to it, and mostly, hope to stay in it for a long time.

But sometimes, you struggle with some mismatches, and sometimes, the passion fades and you may lack motivation to make it work. You love the actual work you do, but may face these circumstances sometimes:

The job becomes a bit routine, stress and deadlines weigh you down, and you’re unsure of the direction and meaning. Talking to your manager does not help, and you don't want to much either

You don’t feel appreciated and are maybe not getting the professional development and progression you want

But before you consider finding another job, note that certain things show up in our lives as patterns: not to make life difficult for us, but to teach us something we need to learn.

The same situation like this job can turn up in another job too. Maybe the challenges right now are pointing you in the growth direction. So try to use this experience to try your best and learn first. Otherwise, another job is always a last option.

Let's start with one key thing.

Be grateful for the job you have right now, for all the good parts about it. There must be some! This keeps you in a can-do and growth mindset.

Irrespective of what the organization does, ask yourself if you have done everything that YOU could have done to make this job work.

At least give it one shot to bring the passion back, the excitement of when you just started. Not every day can perfect and blissful, of course, but as long as the exciting times outweigh the despair of mondays, it can be a sustainable, fulfilling partnership.

So just take a step back from your mile long list of chores and deadlines and consider the following:

  1. See how your current job contributes to your purpose and mission in life: How are you adding value to the world through what you do? What’s the meaning of your work? If you don’t know what your mission is, you may want to read this article.
  2. Align with the company purpose:Besides the pay and the title, what is the vision of the company that resonates with you? When you joined the company you must have believed in what they were doing. Every day, try to work with that focus and end in mind.
  3. Work with your values:Do a quick check that you are not compromising on something very crucial to you, which is making you dissatisfied. If you are, try to work out solutions around it and share with your manager.
  4. Build more relationships: As the old adage goes, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know. Meet more people in the organization outside your department, grow your knowledge of topics, create genuine connections. You may be amazed at what exciting developments that might lead to.
  5. Be a thought leader:Keep learning about your work from different sources, and share new tips, knowledge, and your thoughts with your stakeholders too. Yes, even your clients. A simple email with a link to relevant topics can be a good way to communicate and build relationships.
  6. Volunteer for new projects:What else is going on in the organization that excites you and you think you can help? Raise your hand to contribute.
  7. Be your boss’s friend:Your manager may be driving you crazy, and there is always the possibility that you two are not a good match. But there is also the chance that you don’t really understand his/ her KPIs and stress. A manager appreciates an employee who makes his/ her job easier. So before writing your boss off as a jerk, can you try to understand your manager’s POV a bit more, and genuinely try to help them achieve the company mission?
  8. Find a mentor:If you’re really demotivated, and nothing seems to help and no one seems to understand, try to find someone you admire in the organization and ask them to share their experiences on how they manage to thrive.
  9. Ask for what you want:If nothing else works in your current job, identify a different kind of role you want within the organization, check if you have the right skills for it, how you can add value to it, and ask for it with full motivation.

Will everything change instantly and dramatically? Maybe not.

The point is, there are a lot of steps YOU can take to bring back the passion in your job. Genuinely find ways to be happy and true to yourself, and to others.

As you start feeling happy and excited again, it will affect others around you for sure. People will take notice, feel your energy, and maybe get inspired and want to work with you more.

And then, don’t forget to be grateful for that 🙂

The most important thing to remember is, if you wait for the organization to do everything for you, you will end up feeling victimized, helpless, and even frustrated.

If this had been a relationship, which was getting a bit routine and strained even, the chemistry was dying, you would take initiative to save it. Why not be the pro-active leader in your job-relationship too?

Take control, and work and live with passion and meaning. You deserve it. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

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