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Inspiring Black Websites 2024: 13 Design Examples +Tips

Best Black Website Design Examples

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

Are you fancying a black website for your business, or is your designer recommending it to you?

Black websites or “dark mode” websites are very trendy and appealing because they offer a refreshing alternative to traditional light backgrounds.

Besides aesthetics, dark-themed websites also provide a range of benefits, such as reducing eye strain and improving readability.

In this article, I am gonna share 13 examples of black websites that seem to be doing well in 2024.

I will also share practical tips to help you create a captivating, dark-themed online experience for your business. Let’s get right into it!

Best Black Websites 2024: 13 Design Examples +Tips

1. MTV


The black theme with white and yellow accents makes MTV’s content truly pop, with sharp images appearing to float atop the dark background.

This sleek, modern aesthetic aligns perfectly with MTV’s youthful, cutting-edge brand.

Key Takeaways

  •  Content pops on the dark canvas
  •  Sharp images float on black
  •  Youthful, modern, sleek aesthetic

2.  Zee Frames

Zee frames

Zee Frames’ dark overlay over full-page images allows the white text to stand out vividly, while the minimalist white logo and orange accents provide a stylish contrast against the black theme.

The fast load times and organized grid layout further enhance the user experience.

Key Takeaways

  •  Striking overlays on images
  •  Orange accents add vibrance
  •  Organized grid layout

3. Duo Studio

Duo Studio

Duo Studio uses a dark gray background punctuated with light and dark sections to create depth and dynamism.

The large white headings and elegant body text offer superb legibility, while embedded sharp images pack a powerful visual punch.

Key Takeaways

  •  Light/dark sections create depth
  •  Elegant typography shines bright
  •  Embedded striking visuals impress

4. Trionn


Trionn’s website uses a charcoal gray background with glowing lights around buttons and active elements, creating an edgy, high-quality look that fits their top-notch creative agency.

The parallax effect and sharp images that appear from the dark background add to the sophisticated feel of the site.

Key Takeaways

  •  Edgy charcoal gray backdrop
  •  Glowing buttons, parallax effects
  •  Premium agency branding upheld

5. Drip Haus

 Drip Haus’ website has a deep black background that highlights digital collectibles with bright, sharp images, perfectly matching its focus on cutting-edge NFT art and creators.

The clean white accents add a modern, minimalist contrast.

Key Takeaways

  •  Spotlights NFT art vividly
  •  Clean white minimalist accents
  •  Contemporary art platform design

6. WorldCoin


Worldcoin’s website features a mix of very dark and white backgrounds that reflect their black-and-white branding.

The large, crisp white fonts on black backgrounds are easy to read. Dark overlay videos and focused light effects on images add energy and movement to the sleek, futuristic design.

Key Takeaways

  •  Black/white echoes brand identity
  •  Crisp fonts, focused lighting
  •  Sleek, futuristic experience

7. SUB-MOA Spoonie

Sub Moa

Sub-Moa’s black website uses a rich dark gray background for an elegant, minimalist look that highlights the creative content.

Animated elements that shift from black to white, along with the sophisticated white Lorimer font, add a refined and interactive feel to the site.

Key Takeaways

  •  Elegant dark gray canvas
  •  Playful black/white animations
  •  Refined, minimalist typography

8. Danzafono


Danzafono’s is a one-page site with a black background and moving white text.

It focuses on silence and improvised movement. The simple design and animations tell a strong story without any distractions, using minimalism and motion effectively.

Key Takeaways

  •  Starkly minimalist one-pager
  •  Animated narrative through motion
  •  Distraction-free art experience

9. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas uses bold orange text and illustrations on a deep black background, reflecting the intense style of Hunter S. Thompson’s famous work.

This design choice creates a gritty, captivating look that pulls viewers into the raw spirit of the story.

Key Takeaways

  •  Gritty black, bold orange
  •  Visceral, immersive storytelling aesthetic
  •  Striking visual book tribute

10. Selemen


Selemen’s modern black website uses a black background with sharp images and bright overlays to show off their construction and design projects.

The text is in a clear, white Suisse Intl font which makes it easy to read. The website loads quickly and has gentle animations, adding to its high-quality feel.

Key Takeaways

  •  Illuminating image overlays really shine
  •  Smooth animations, fast loading
  •  Premium construction branding preserved

11. Zelta


Zelta’s website shas a dark, slightly see-through background with bright red accents and colorful 3D images, giving it a cool, high-tech look that fits well with their advanced crypto exchange platform.

The clean, white Manrope font makes everything easy to read.

Key Takeaways

  •  Glowing red crypto accents
  •  Multi-colored 3D visuals captivate
  •  Clean typography maintains clarity

12. Arcade Labs


Arcade Labs’ website uses a black background, white text, and bright neon accents, creating a bold and modern look that fits their creative design style.

The crisp, rounded images on the dark background give it a sleek, visually striking appearance.

Key Takeaways

  •  Bold neon accent hues
  •  Rounded imagery looks polished
  •  Contemporary innovative design flair

13. Oda


Oda’s single-page black website features a single black page that really emphasizes minimalism. It has a big white logo in the middle and simple text.

The dark background makes the portfolio pictures really stand out, showing the thought put into their unique design approach.

Key Takeaways

  •  Powerful minimalist black canvas
  •  Large central logo statement
  •  Imagery focuses on design narratives

7 Tips for effective black website designs

Here are my top tips for designing modern, visually appealing, and functionally effective black websites using 2024 website design best practices:

1. Use high-contrast colors

When working with a dark background, choose colors that provide sufficient contrast for legibility. I prefer bright, vivid hues like neon greens, vibrant oranges, or cool blues to make text and essential elements pop.

For example, if you are designing an e-commerce site for a luxury watchmaker, you could use bright, punchy accents like vivid red against the black background to make product images and key information stand out vividly.

2.  Sustain Proper text hierarchy

On dark websites, a well-defined text hierarchy guides users’ focus and allows them to scan for information easily. I would suggest using different font weights, sizes, and colors to establish a clear visual hierarchy.

3. Leverage whitespace effectively

Whitespace, or negative space, is a powerful design element that can enhance the overall aesthetic and readability of your dark website.  Use of whitespace strategically to create a sense of balance and sophistication. This also prevents the design from appearing cluttered or overwhelming.

As an example, I use a lot of whitespace around project thumbnails and descriptions to prevent the dark background from feeling cramped or busy on my dark website designs.

4. Subtle patterns or textures

A tiled, low-opacity geometric pattern adds visual interest to the black website’s background without overwhelming the content. You could use a very subtle vertical stripe pattern in a slightly lighter shade to create an elegant, textured look

5. Ensure accessibility compliance

Designing for dark backgrounds requires careful consideration of accessibility standards to ensure content remains readable and usable for all users, including those with visual impairments or other disabilities. Make sure you maintain a sufficient color contrast between text and backgrounds adhering to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines as a minimum.

Let me also add here that you need to provide options for users to adjust color schemes, font sizes, and other settings for an inclusive experience for black or dark-themed websites. This is important!

6. Optimize images and multimedia

On dark websites, high-quality visuals are needed if you care about creating an engaging and visually appealing experience. However, improper image optimization can lead to washed-out or oversaturated visuals that detract from the overall design.

Ensure that your website’s images are properly edited and compressed for the web, with appropriate color profiles and levels adjusted for optimal display against the dark background. For multimedia content like videos, I suggest using custom players or controls that seamlessly integrate with your dark aesthetic.

7. User preferences and toggle options

While dark modes can offer a sleek and modern look, you need to recognize that individual preferences vary. I provide my users with the option to toggle between light and dark modes to enhance their overall experience and cater to diverse needs.

You can achieve this through a simple switch in the website’s settings or by detecting the user’s preferred color scheme based on their device or operating system settings. You can also offer customization options for specific elements like background shades or accent colors to further personalize the experience.

Best WordPress themes for black websites

Here are five of my favorite WordPress themes for black website design for 2024:

1. Luxa

Why I recommend the Luxa theme

  • Elegant and luxurious design: Luxa features a luxury black theme that adds a sophisticated and stylish touch to any website. I think it is perfect for showcasing photography, videos, and creative projects.
  • Specialized portfolio features: Ideal for photographers and videographers, Luxa offers unique portfolio components such as customizable galleries, sliders, and lightbox effects for displaying your work with impact.
  • Advanced styling options: Luxa offers a wide range of advanced styling options, such as multiple header layouts, unique page transitions, and creative elements to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your site.
  • Comprehensive page templates: Luxa comes with an extensive array of pre-built page templates designed for various purposes, helping you create a personalized and professional website with ease. You can extend its customizability even further with third-party page builders like Elementor.
  • RTL language support: Luxa includes right-to-left language support, making it an excellent choice for websites catering to global audiences and ensuring a seamless user experience across different languages.

2. The Luxury

Here’s why I recommend The Luxury theme

  • Sleek black aesthetic: The luxury WordPress theme has a sophisticated black color scheme, adding a touch of elegance and modernity to your website.
  • Luxury product showcase: Designed to beautifully display luxury items such as watches, bags, jewelry, and more, enhancing their appeal with the dark theme.
  • Integrated e-commerce functionality: The theme allows seamless integration with WooCommerce, offering an add-to-cart button for quick product sales directly from the product list.
  • Advanced slider features: The included Master Slider allows you to manage sliders and customize elements with a drag-and-drop interface, all complemented by the dark theme.
  • Compatible with page builder: This theme is compatible with third-party page builders like Elementor which allows for extensive customization options. It allows you to create a unique, visually stunning site within the black theme.

3. Heli


Here’s why I recommend the Heli WordPress theme

  • Modern aesthetic: Heli features a sleek black-and-white design, providing a modern and sophisticated look for any website.
  • Versatile pre-defined homepages: Over 36 pre-defined homepages – you can quickly set up your website for various purposes including fashion, photography, media, design, and more.
  • Creative and unique: Whether you want a simple site or something more intricate, Heli allows you to create a creative and unique online presence tailored to your vision.
  • Wide range of applications: Suitable for a variety of users including fashion stores, photographers, media agencies, web studios, designers, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and artistic agencies.
  • User-friendly customization: Enjoy the ease of customizing your site with Heli’s intuitive features, making it accessible for users of all levels to create a professional and eye-catching website.

4. Black Pearl


Here is why I recommend the Black Pearl theme

  • Metro style layouts: The theme features modern metro-style layouts, providing a contemporary and stylish design for fashion-related websites.
  • Powerful functionalities: Black Pearl offers a range of powerful features such as translatable and WPML-ready capabilities, an advanced control panel, and a short code generator.
  • Custom responsive touch slider: Enhance your site’s interactivity and visual appeal with the theme’s custom responsive touch slider, perfect for showcasing fashion content.
  • Variety of color styles: Choose from 14 predefined color styles apart in addition black/dark mode to customize the look and feel of your website to match your brand identity.

5. BLK Black Label

BLK Black Label

Here is why I recommend the BLK Black Label Theme

  • Complete e-commerce solution: BLK Black Label is a powerful WordPress theme that offers everything you need to run an online store, including selling physical or digital products, processing payments, and managing inventory.
  • Seamless payment options: Enhance your customers’ shopping experience with support for various payment methods, including PayPal, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards.
  • Fast and efficient setup: Quickly deploy your store with a one-click demo and plugin installation, saving time and money while allowing you to customize your store to fit your vision.
  • Future-proof your store: BLK Black Label is powered by WooCommerce, providing a robust and customizable e-commerce platform that ensures your store’s longevity and compatibility with future technologies.
  • Works with third-party editors: BLK gives you the flexibility to customize your website however you want with powerful third-party page builders and editors including Elementor and Brizy.

In Conclusion

Black/dark mode web design is more than just a passing trend. If you design it thoughtfully, a black website can elevate your brand’s online presence, and create a sense of sophistication, modernity, and artistic expression.

I hope these examples and tips help you craft a captivating dark mode experience that resonates with your online audience and converts them into loyal customers in 2024!

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