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13 Restaurant Website Designs & Tips to Create Your Own

Best Restaurant Website Design Examples

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

You’ve poured your heart into creating a memorable dining experience, the best cuisine, and a warm ambiance. However, your restaurant’s online presence is just as crucial as the physical space.

A well-designed restaurant website is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity that can make or break a potential diner’s decision to visit you. 

I cannot tell you how many times I have wanted to check out a restaurant online before visiting them, but the websites were so terrible I had to close the window and give up.

Especially on mobile, as we often look for restaurants in our free time and on-the-go, which means we look on the mobile.

So, I curated this collection of 13 inspiring examples of responsive, visually stunning, and user-friendly restaurant websites. I will also add expert tips to inspire you to elevate your restaurant’s digital presence in 2024.

I hope they help you captivate potential patrons and solidify your brand’s reputation as a culinary destination that is not to be missed!

13 Examples of restaurant website design

1. Gimlet at Cavendish House

Gimlet restaurant website homepage

The website design for Gimlet at Cavendish House is a great example due to its minimalist and unique approach.

It loads quickly and starts with a captivating splash screen that instantly grabs your attention. The clear, intuitive navigation and simple yet effective design focus on the content, allowing the restaurant’s branding and high-quality images to shine.

Key takeaways

  • Minimalist but fast-loading design: Images of the distinct dining rooms reflect the restaurant’s luxurious and historical setting.
  • Clear menu navigation: Clearly labeled sections make information accessible with minimal clicks
  • Easy booking: The booking feature is prominent and easy to access, encouraging immediate action from visitors

2. Reine and La Rue

Reine and La Rue

Reine and La Rue’s website design represents elegance and luxury, perfectly complementing its upscale dining experience.

I particularly loved the auto-play video in the hero section, combined with the quality imagery and classy text, which create a great first impression. The split navigation enhances user-friendliness, making accessing essential information easy.

Key takeaways

  • Captivating auto-play: An elegant auto-play video on the homepage captures attention and showcases the restaurant’s ambiance even without sound
  • Split vertical navigation design:Different sections of the site are split into two distinct areas, making it easier for users to navigate
  • App-like browsing: The mobile-responsive design provides a seamless, app-like browsing experience on smartphones and tablets

3. Gage & Tollner

Gage Tollner restaurant website homepage 1

Gage & Tollner’s website pays homage to the restaurant’s rich history and heritage. The hero section’s classical interior and historical images set the tone for an elegant and timeless experience.

The centered primary menu, with its bold black text against a white background, is visually appealing and easy to navigate. The menu page’s ribbon design and interactive features provide an intuitive user experience.

Key takeaways

  • Honors rich heritage: Emphasizes its historical significance since 1879 and maintains the elegance of its original Brooklyn setting
  • Centered primary menu: Features a central menu placement on the homepage for straightforward navigation.
  • Interactive menu design: Offers an interactive menu that lets users explore dish descriptions and categories easily.

4. Tatiana by Kwame Onwuachi


Tatiana’s website design reflects the restaurant’s unique identity and the chef’s personal story.

The mesmerizing homepage slider and the authentic imagery of staff members create a welcoming and vibrant atmosphere.

The minimalist accordion menu and the grid layout with striking imagery and gradients enhance the visual appeal, making it a standout design.

Key takeaways

  • Mesmerizing homepage slider: A dynamic slider with striking images highlights the restaurant’s vibe and dishes.
  • Authentic staff imagery: Features real photos of the staff, presenting a true taste of the dining experience.
  • Grid layout, gradients: Uses a clean grid layout with attractive gradients, making the site visually appealing and easy to navigate.

5. Fatafati Foods

Fatafati Foods Restaurant Website

Like the restaurant’s culinary philosophy, Fatafati Foods’s website design is bold and unapologetic.

This is actually a website that I designed and which is very close to my heart. My client wanted a truly unique website that captures his vibrant Bengali roots and the love of food his culture represents.

That’s why I used the striking beige textured background, a bold combination of fonts with traditional swash text, and colorful dish images.

Key takeaways

  • Bold, unapologetic branding: Distinctive branding captures the essence of Bengali cuisine with confidence and cultural pride.
  • Playful font, creativity: Font choices add a fun, approachable feel to its menu and content presentation.
  • Striking color contrast: A vibrant color scheme with striking contrasts draws attention and guides the user’s eye through the different sections

6. Pagliacci’s

Pagliaccis restaurant website design 1

I believe Pagliacci’s website design is a perfect example of elegance and minimalism done right. First, the red, black, and white palette perfectly aligns with the restaurant’s branding, creating a cohesive and visually appealing experience.

The homepage copy is equally persuasive, plus the mascot illustration sets a welcoming tone. The menu presentation and overall design focus on presenting the restaurant’s offerings clearly and attractively.

Key takeaways

  • Cohesive color palette: Utilizes a consistent and appealing color scheme throughout the site that reflects the restaurant’s ambiance
  • Persuasive homepage copy: Compelling homepage text that highlights the restaurant’s unique dining experience and historical significance
  • Dynamic menu overlay: Allows users to browse menu options directly over the current page, making the user experience uninterrupted

7. Nubo Japanese Tapas

Nubo Japanese Restaurant Website

Nubo Japanese Tapas’ website design celebrates elegance and modernity, reflecting the restaurant’s fusion of traditional Japanese flavors with a contemporary twist.

The high-quality images of Japanese dishes, mixed with animations, white space, and contrasting fonts, create a visually striking and appetizing experience.

Key takeaways

  • Interactive dish descriptions: Hovering over menu items reveals detailed descriptions, enhancing user interaction and providing more information about the ingredients and preparation.
  • Cultural aesthetic elements: The website incorporates Japanese aesthetic elements in its design, such as calligraphy-style fonts and minimalist layouts, reflecting the cultural theme of the restaurant.
  • Event and specials section: There’s a dedicated section for current events and specials, keeping visitors informed about unique dining experiences and promotions.

8. Dalida


Dalida’s website design beautifully captures the essence of the Eastern Mediterranean cuisine and culture it celebrates.

The top navigation, responsible sourcing, and eco-friendly approach highlighted in the content show the restaurant’s commitment to sustainability.

I loved their professionally designed PDF menu in brand colors, creating a visually appealing experience.

Key takeaways

  • Cultural and culinary integration: Offers an in-depth look into its Eastern Mediterranean roots through stories and menu descriptions.
  • Commitment to sustainability: Showcases their ecological efforts in sourcing and waste reduction, appealing to eco-conscious patrons.
  • Detailed beverage options: Highlights an extensive wine and cocktail list, focusing on unique ingredients and innovative concoctions.

9. Aphotic


Aphotic’s website design is a true standout, reflecting the restaurant’s unique identity and philosophy.

Their almost blank homepage with the subtle texture gave me a sense of intrigue and mystery.

The designer implemented an elegant expanding navigation menu that provides easy access to essential information.  I also like the minimal but beautiful menu design that is easy on the eye and memorable.

Key takeaways

  • Unique and mysterious aesthetic: Uses a dark, intriguing design that fits the restaurant’s mysterious vibe.
  • Expanding navigation menu: This has a navigation menu that expands smoothly, making it easy to use.
  • Minimalist, immersive experience: Provides a simple, engaging layout focusing on user experience.

10. Sula Cavallo Point

Sula Cavallo

Sula Cavallo Point’s website design complements the restaurant’s dining experience.

I like the use of brand colors and matching of the website’s overall look with the restaurant’s interiors which create a visually appealing experience. The responsive navigation and clear call-to-action sections enhance user-friendliness and accessibility.

Key takeaways

  • Brand color integration: The website uses a cohesive color palette that enhances the brand’s visual identity and matches the restaurant’s elegant setting.
  • Responsive, comprehensive navigation: Navigation is user-friendly, providing easy access to important sections like dining options, reservations, and special events.
  • Dedicated reservation section: A prominently displayed section for reservations simplifies the booking process for visitors.

11. Desert Chill

Desert Chill

Desert Chill’s website design is visually appealing and tailored specifically for parents with young children.

The vibrant and lively aesthetic and bold and bright color scheme create an engaging and inviting atmosphere. This presents the restaurant as a happy place where parents can take their children for special events or sweet treats.

Key takeaways

  • Vibrant, lively design: 
  • Bold, bright colors: A palette of bright colors like turquoise, pink, and yellow enhances the cheerful atmosphere.
  • Kid-friendly, engaging elements: Playful fonts and animated ice cream trucks convey a feeling of familiarity and pleasure that pate

12. Old Lady Gang

Old Lady Gang

Old Lady Gang’s website design captures the essence of the restaurant’s homestyle cooking and soulful roots.

The warm and inviting layout and the soulful aesthetic create a sense of hospitality and familiarity. It is one of the best websites that upholds a strong brand story, while the user-focused navigation enhances the online experience.

Key takeaways

  • Compelling brand story: Effectively narrates the brand’s roots in family traditions and Southern cuisine,  establishing a connection between the founders’ personal history and the menu offerings.
  • Soulful, homestyle aesthetic: Features a warm and inviting design that reflects the restaurant’s homestyle, Southern comfort theme.
  • Social media integration: Social media links and feeds are prominently displayed, encouraging interaction and connectivity with the restaurant’s community.

13. Barry’s Downtown Prime

Barrys Downtown Prime

Barry’s Downtown Prime’s website design represents its luxury concept visually. The beautiful dark theme, accented with red and gold, creates a luxurious and visually appealing experience.

In addition, the fast-loading sharp images, well-placed call-to-action elements, and beautifully designed menus contribute to a user-friendly online presence.

Key takeaways

  • Interactive menu preview: The website includes an interactive preview of their menu items, allowing users to hover over selections to see detailed descriptions and images.
  • Virtual tour: Offers a virtual tour of the restaurant, giving visitors a 360-degree view of the dining space, which helps in setting expectations and enhancing the pre-visit experience.
  • Well-placed call-to-actions: Strategic placement of call-to-action buttons for reservations and inquiries makes it easy for visitors to engage and take the next steps.

Tips for designing elegant and effective restaurant websites

Here are my best tips for crafting elegant and effective restaurant websites according to web design principles and best practices:

1. High-quality photography

Visuals are the first impression potential diners have of your restaurant online. Invest in professional food photography that showcases your signature dishes in all their glory. For a rustic farm-to-table vibe, capture locally sourced ingredients’ vibrant colors and textures.

An upscale fine dining establishment could highlight plating artistry with dramatic lighting and angles. Fast-casual eateries should focus on close-up shots that make even a simple burger look irresistible.

 2. Showcase easy-to-read menus with attractive descriptions and visuals

Your menu is the star of the show. Present it thoughtfully and clearly, with the name and descriptive yet concise copy that makes each dish sound delicious. Complement it with high-quality food photography.

Consider adding icons or filters to highlight vegetarian, gluten-free, and popular items. An interactive digital menu could allow filtering by dietary needs.

I mentioned earlier my frustration of being unable to easily find the menu or information I needed on a website, or it was just hard to read. Make it responsive, make it legible, and keep it simple.

Pro tip:

Don’t make people download menu PDFs! Please keep the menu in digital format online so customers can easily browse it on your restaurant website.

They don’t need to download the PDF menu, taking away their storage space and also lose it later.

See below an example of a simple and beautiful menu on a restaurant website ending with a CTA.
Online Restaurant Menu

3. Optimize for mobile devices and responsive design

As I mentioned before, many, if not most, diners access your site from their smartphones or tablets.

Ensure your website is optimized for mobile with a responsive design that automatically adjusts layout, text size, and functionality across devices. This creates a smooth user experience whether someone quickly checks your hours or makes a reservation from their phone.

4. Add a user-friendly online reservation system

Your design should streamline the booking process for a seamless user experience.

A sleek and modern interface suits trendy fusion restaurants or chic urban eateries. Family-friendly diners may opt for a more playful, interactive design with options to accommodate large parties or special occasions. Integrate the system into your site for a cohesive look.

Register your website with external reservation systems like The Fork, whenever possible, to increase your visibility and bookings.

Even if you can’t integrate a booking system on your website, even if the reservation is by phone or email only, keep the CTA of reservations visible throughout the website on every page.

See an example below where it is on the bottom-right corner of a website, on every page.

bottom image 1 optimized 100

4. Highlight your unique brand story and personality

Your website is a canvas to showcase what sets your restaurant apart. For instance, a cozy neighborhood bistro could share the owner’s culinary journey and commitment to hospitality. An eclectic fusion joint might incorporate vibrant colors, creative typography, and quirky illustrations that reflect its bold flavors.

6. Integrate social media feeds and user-generated content

Take advantage of the power of social proof by incorporating Instagram feeds, reviews, and other user-generated content.

This adds authenticity and shows potential diners what a real experience is like at your restaurant through the eyes of others. You can curate and feature your biggest fan photos and testimonials.

7. Incorporate appetizing videography and virtual tours

Static photos only go so far. Video elements like chef interviews, behind-the-scenes food prep, and dining room ambiance clips can bring your restaurant’s personality to life.

For an immersive pre-visit experience, add a 360-degree virtual tour navigating the space and highlighting standout design or architectural elements.

Best WordPress themes for restaurant website design

As you know, I always recommend WordPress for small business websites, as it gives you the most flexibility and customization options, even without writing a single line of code.

Here are five of the best WordPress themes made specifically for restaurant website design:

1. The Grand Restaurant

The Grand Restaurant

Why we recommend The Grand Restaurant theme

  • Predefined styling: Offers tailored designs for various types of restaurants, such as modern, Asian, and elegant cuisines, easily importable with one click.
  • Food menu layouts: Includes unique, professionally designed food menu layouts inspired by real restaurant styles.
  • Google maps customization: Easily customize Google Maps with different color schemes and support for multiple locations within the theme.
  • Flexible reservation options: Provides various reservation methods, including email forms, custom URLs, and OpenTable integration.

2. LemonChili


Why we recommend the LemonChili theme

  • Menu management: LemonChili can create unlimited food and drink menus, along with dedicated pages for events, teams, and galleries.
  • Custom widgets: The theme includes 7 custom widgets on the homepage for easy display of business hours, featured dishes, and upcoming events.
  • Convenient contact information: LemonChili provides the option to display the address and phone number at the top of the page, with links to Google Maps and one-tap calling on mobile devices.

3. Linguini


Why we recommend the Linguini theme

  • Versatile restaurant theme: Linguini is designed for a variety of food-related businesses, including restaurants, cafés, bistros, and bars.
  • Comprehensive features: Offers essential restaurant features like menu management, event promotions, gallery management, blogging, contact forms, and online reservation forms.
  • Optimized for performance: Linguini is designed for fast loading and exceptional performance, ensuring a seamless user experience.
  • Accessibility compliance: Adheres to WCAG 2.1 Level AA and ADA standards, providing excellent accessibility for assistive technologies and disabled users.

4. Patio Time

Patio Time

Why we recommend the Patio Time theme

  • Elegant design: Patio Time boasts a modern and stylish design tailored for small restaurants, cafés, bars, and other food-related businesses.
  • User engagement: With its appealing aesthetics and user-friendly interface, Patio Time helps you introduce all aspects of your restaurant to attract and connect with more diners.
  • Versatile business solutions: Patio Time provides a comprehensive platform for managing all aspects of your restaurant’s online presence, helping you build and grow your brand effectively.

5. Nuvo


Why we recommend the Nuvo theme

  • Versatile design options: Nuvo offers various demos to cater to different types of food establishments, such as restaurants, cafés, and bistros, allowing you to find a design that suits your business.
  • Comprehensive management tools: The theme includes a menu builder, reservation booking, events management, and an online shop, making it easier to manage your restaurant’s online presence.
  • Engaging user experience: Features smooth parallax image and video scrolling, creating a welcoming and immersive experience for customers as they explore the site.
  • User-friendly setup and customization: NUVO includes demo content and video tutorials to guide you in setting up your site. Additionally, the Visual Composer and the Revolution Slider enable you to create stunning layouts without any programming knowledge.

In conclusion

Your restaurant’s website is a virtual extension of your culinary experience, serving as the first impression for potential diners. It is more than just a digital menu but a tantalizing invitation to culinary adventures you offer.

Make your website stand out and it will bring customers to your door!

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