Can you Draw on Canva? The How To, the What, & More

How to draw on Canva - Can you draw on Canva

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Canva is an online graphic design tool. But can you draw on Canva as well?

How do you draw on Canva freehand?

I will answer all these questions in this post, covering all the details of this topic.

Let’s start with the basics of whether drawing in Canva is even possible.

Can you draw in Canva?

Yes, you can draw freehand in Canva with different paint brushes and colors.

You just have to add the Draw app to your Canva account, and then you can start drawing freely.

Draw on Canva – What does it mean?

Canva is an online, cloud-based design tool. Any design you create on Canva has to be done on the computer using your mouse and/ or stylus pen, and this includes freehand drawing.

You can choose a brush type, a color, and other settings, and create sketches, doodles, and basically anything else you like.

It’s relatively easy, too!

You can draw on Canva on a new or existing design. You can draw on top of any image or text, and the drawing element can be used as any other element.

Once you are done drawing, you can move the drawings around just like you would any other object in your Canva design.

See the details and video below on how you can draw in Canva.

How to Draw on Canva - Can you Draw in Canva

How to draw on Canva

You can start drawing any sketch or illustration you would like on Canva with in 3 quick steps:

  • Install the Draw app
  • Choose your brush and color
  • Start drawing

1. Install the Draw app

Canva has many external apps that can be added to increase the tool functionality. The Draw tool is one such app.

Simply go to Apps in the dashboard of your Canva account and type in ‘Draw’.

Search for the Canva Draw app

Choose and click on Draw (Beta).

Install the Draw on Canva app

2. Choose your brush and color

The Canva Drawing Tool gives you four sets of options:

  • Brush
  • Size of brush
  • Color
  • Color transparency

Canva Drawing Tool Interface

2.1. Brush

There are 4 different kinds of brushes:

  • Pen
  • Marker
  • Glow Marker
  • Highlighter


The pen tool in Canva is the simplest, and the thinnest. It has a sharp point by default, but you can increase the thickness, and it almost becomes a marker.


The marker tool behaves simply like a whiteboard marker, and you can also increase and descrease the length.

Glow Pen

The glow pen in the Canva Draw tool has a white centre and a colored glow as a border.


The highlighter brush works exactly like a highlighter in any physical or digital document. It’s like a transparent color that covers the base color.

Here are the 4 effects of the different brushes in the Canva Draw tool.

Different brushes in Canva Drawing Tool

2.2. Size of brush

The size of brushes in Canva go from 0 to 100, the default being at 50. You can drag and drop the pointer to the thickness you want for each brush.

2.3. Color

There are 22 colors available in the default setting of the Canva Drawing Tool, but you can choose any color you want.

If you want to see and add the colors from your your Canva Brand Kits, you can click on the ‘+’ tool, just like when you create other designs on Canva.

Add brand kit colors in Canva drawing tool

2.2. Color transparency

The last setting to explore is the color transparency. You can just drag and drop the level to choose the one that works best for your design.

3. Draw in Canva

Now that you are familiar with your drawing options, you can create any kind of freehand drawing.

Pro Tip:

Once you finish drawing with a pen, click on Done, otherwise your drawing won’t save.

When you start drawing, you will see an Eraser option added after the Brush collection.

Eraser in Canva Drawing Tool

You can use the eraser to erase your whole design or make little edits.

You can also choose the thickness and transparency of the eraser.

The Canva Drawing tool is very handy whether you use Canva for work or for business. It is also great for collaborative work which you can do with Canva for Teams.

Can everyone draw on Canva?

The Canva Drawing tool is currently available both in the free and Pro version of Canva.

All you need to do is to get a Canva account and install the Draw app as mentioned above.

How to draw a shape in Canva?

You can add a shape to your Canva design board by going to the Elements section in your Canva menu and choosing the shape you want. Just click on it, and it will be added to your Canva design.

You can also add a custom shape in Canva by uploading an image of the shape, or by using the freehand draw tool.

However, remember that unless you’re a perfect artist, shapes added with freehand drawing may not look as good as the ones added from the prebuilt design elements.

Canva Pro offers 610K+ design elements including shapes, so if you need a giant collection of beautifully designed shapes, you could consider getting the premium version of Canva.

FAQ: How to Draw on Canva

Canva has a drawing tool which you can use to create sketches, doodles, and illustrations.

You can draw freehand in Canva with the Canva Draw tool.

You can use the Canva Draw tool in your desktop app or browser. As of now, the drawing tool is not available in the Canva mobile app.

Install the Canva Draw app in your Canva account, and use different brushes and colors to start drawing. 

Canva has a drawing tool (app) which you can use to color or paint your designs using different brush sizes, colors, and color transparencies. 

The paint tool in Canva does not look similar to the Windows Paint tool, but you can create any type of digital freehand drawing and painting projects with it. 

Yes, Canva has a Draw tool which includes a simple pen tool and a glow pen tool. You can change the size and color of both the pen tools to get the drawing you want. 

You can add lines in your Canva design from the Elements section of your Canva design dashboard. 

You can also draw custom lines with the Canva draw tool. 

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Ryan Biddulph
22 days ago

Now this is cool. I never knew drawing existed on Canva. I did draw a few times on the basic programs that were preloaded with my laptop; it was not pretty LOL. I am a bit of a caveman when it comes to drawing. I’ll stick with writing and yapping into a camera.

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