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Design Like a Pro: How to Curve Text in Canva

How to curve text in Canva

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Curved text can be the perfect solution to give your visual content an eye-catching appeal.

Whether designing a logo, creating social media graphics, or crafting invitations, knowing how to curve text in Canva can take your designs to the next level.

In this article, I’ll walk you through the process of Canva’s new Curved Text Generator and share some tips to remember when you create designs that contain curved text.

How to curve text in Canva

To curve text in Canva, add your text to your Canva design. Next, click on Effects, and then on the left-bottom of your screen, click on Curve.

Here’s how to do the process step-by-step.

To begin curving text in Canva, you must first add text to your design.

When you open Canva, you’ll find the text tool in the toolbar on the left-hand side of the screen. It’s represented by a capital “T” icon.

Click on it to add a text box to your design.

You can then change the font, adjust the font size, choose different text styles, and apply colors to your text.

Curving text in Canva is a simple process. Once you have added text to your design, follow this step-by-step guide steps to curve it:

1. Select the text element and type your text.

Click on the text you have added and want to curve. Add the text you want.

How to curve text in Canva - Select text

2. Click on ‘Effects’ in the toolbar above.

When you select a text element is selected, a toolbar will appear at the top of the editor in your design interface. Click on the “Effects” button.

How to curve text in Canva - Click on Effects

3. Click on ‘Curve’ in the menu.

When you click on Effects, on the bottom-left of the screen, you will see an option for ‘None ‘ or ‘Curve.’ Choose Curve.

How to curve text in Canva - Choose Curve

Your typed text will automatically curve in a circle.

4. Adjust the curvature in the slider.

When you click on ‘Curve’, a slider will appear, allowing you to adjust the curvature of the text.

Drag the slider to the left or right to adjust the curve to your liking.

See below the text with curvature 100 vs 50.

How to curve text in Canva - Adjust curvature

Pro tip:

Take some time to experiment and find the right balance of curvature for your design. Sometimes, a subtle curve can add elegance, while a more pronounced curve can create a playful or dynamic effect.

You can adjust the text size, font, color, and other formatting options in the toolbar to further customize the curved text.

You can increase the word spacing to spread your text more. Canva provides a letter spacing option to increase or decrease the spacing between characters. Play around with different settings to find the right balance.

Once satisfied with the curved text, you can continue editing your design or download and share it.

5. Add any necessary effects

Once you’ve curved the text with the Curved Text feature, you have additional customization options to achieve your desired design.

One common one is letter spacing.

Select your curved text, and then click on letter spacing to adjust it.

Pro tip:

You can make your Canva design very visually appealing just by adjusting the letter spacing and curvature of the text.

Where can you use curved text in Canva?

Curved text can be used in various Canva designs to add a unique touch and draw attention to specific elements. Here are some practical use cases where you can effectively use curved text.

You can adjust the spacing between letters to ensure optimal readability. Canva provides a letter spacing option to increase or decrease the spacing between characters. Play around with different settings to find the right balance.

1. Logo designs

A logo often combines text and visuals to create a distinct brand identity. Curving the text in a logo design can add elegance or playfulness, depending on the brand’s personality. Consider curving the brand name or tagline to create a memorable visual impact.

2. Social media graphics

Curved text can make your social media graphics more engaging and visually appealing. Use curved text to highlight key messages, add captions to images, or create eye-catching headlines for your posts. Experiment with different curving styles to match the tone and style of your brand.

3. Event invitations

Curved text can add a touch of sophistication or whimsy when designing event invitations. Whether it’s a wedding invitation, a birthday party announcement, or a corporate event, curving the text can make it visually intriguing and captivating.

4. Product packaging

Curved text can be a great way to enhance product packaging. Whether you’re designing labels for bottles, boxes, or other packaging materials, curving the text can create a visually appealing and professional look. It can help highlight key product information or make the packaging more visually striking on the shelves.

Remember to align the curved text with other design elements and ensure that it complements the overall aesthetic of your design.

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Tips for using curved text in Canva designs

While curving text in Canva can enhance your designs, there are additional tips you can keep in mind to create visually appealing graphics:

1. Choose the right font

Not every font is good for creating curved text.

Experiment with different fonts to find the one that works for your design and overall brand imagery.

2. Use curved text minimally

When text is curved, it can be difficult to read. So, needless to say, don’t apply a curved effect to all your designs.

Only use it in special designs like those mentioned above to highlight important information. Ensure the curved text doesn’t overpower other key elements in your design.

3. Play with colors

Experiment with color combinations that create contrast and make the curved text stand out. Choose colors that align with your brand’s color palette or evoke the desired emotions.

4. Use complementary elements

Incorporate other design elements, such as shapes, icons, or illustrations, that complement the curved text. This can add visual interest and create a cohesive design. Read my post on how to find the perfect design elements on Canva.

5. Ensure test readability

Before finalizing your design, make sure to test the readability of the curved text. Check if it’s easily readable at different sizes and consider the distance from which your design will be viewed.

How to curve text in Canva – Conclusion

Curve text is very simple to use in Canva. However, you need trial and error to determine which font you should use and which curvature to get the effect you want.

Did you try curving text in Canva before? Do you like this new feature? Try it out and share your comments!

FAQ: How to Curve Text in Canva

You can add curved text to your Canva designs by simply clicking on the Curve option under Effects.

You can create curved text in Canva mobile or app in the same way as on the desktop. Select a text, click on Effects, and then choose the Curve option.

Canva has a new feature called the Curved Text Generator with which you can curve, bend, and shape your text.

Select the words and text you want to bend. Click on Effects and then Curve. Use the slider to choose the amount of curvature.

To curve writing or font in Canva, you would:

  1. Select the text box in your design.
  2. Click on “Effects”.
  3. Choose “Curve”.
  4. Use the slider to adjust the curve.

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