How to Group on Canva and Ungroup [Updated August 2023]

How to Group On Canva and Ungroup

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Canva is a user-friendly graphic design platform that allows users to create stunning graphics, presentations, social media posts, and more.

One essential feature that Canva offers is the ability to group elements together, making the design process more organized and efficient.

Grouping allows users to treat multiple design components as a single unit, streamlining the editing process and ensuring seamless resizing and movement of elements.

In this article, we will explore 2 ways that you can group elements in Canva.

How to group on Canva

Select the element you want to group by dragging your cursor over them or select them individually while pressing Shift. Then click on Group or press CTRL+G on Windows or CMD+G On Macbooks.

Here are the details.

1. Select multiple elements

Click on the first element you want to group. Then, while holding down the “Shift” key on your keyboard, click on the other elements you wish to include in the group.

How to Group On Canva - Select elements by dragging cursor

Alternatively, you can draw a selection box around the elements to select them all at once.

2. Group the elements

Once you have selected the elements, you’ll notice a toolbar at the top of your selection.

Look for the “Group” button. Click on it, and the selected elements will merge into a single group.

How to Group On Canva - Select elements and click on Group

Pro Tip:

You can also use a keyboard shortcut to group elements.

After selecting the elements, press “Ctrl + G” (Windows) or “Cmd + G” (Mac) on your keyboard.

This shortcut performs the same action as clicking the “Group” button.

3. Ungrouping elements

If you need to edit or move individual elements within a group, you can easily ungroup them.

Simply select the group, and you will see the “Ungroup” button above the selection, right where the ‘Group’ button was.

Click on “Ungroup,” and the elements will separate, allowing you to work with them individually.

How to Ungroup On Canva - Select grouped elements and click on Ungroup

You can also ungroup your elements with a keyboard shortcut. Select your group and click Shift + Ctrl + G on WIndows or Shift + CMD + G on Mac.

Pro tip 1:

You can group most design elements in Canva, but cannot group charts and graphs with other elements.

Pro tip 2:

You can group elements in the same way on the desktop, whether you use the Canva app or use Canva in your internet browser.

The grouping process on the Canva mobile app could look a bit different.

How to group on Canva mobile

1. Click on an element and hold

On the Canva mobile app, open your design, and select one item you want to group.

When you hold it for a second, a menu appears which has an option of  ‘Select Multiple’.

How to Group On Canva mobile app Step 1 - Click and hold an element

2. Select multiple elements

Click on all the elements you want to group.

The menu at the bottom shows you how many items are selected.

How to Group On Canva mobile app Step 2 - Select multiple elements

3. Click on Group

If you scroll the menu a bit to the right, you will see the option to ‘Group’.

How to Group On Canva mobile app Step 3 - Group the elements

Just click on it and your elements are grouped!

Sometimes, I also see an option to group just above the elements as I see on the desktop.

How to Group On Canva mobile app Step 3 - Group the elements by Option 2

But I have to say, I don’t see it always. Something about the way I click, perhaps?

It doesn’t really matter because I still have the ‘Group’ button below.

4. Ungroup the elements

If you want to ungroup your elements now, just click on Ungroup in the toolbar or the menu below.

How to Group On Canva mobile app Ungroup the elements

Pro Tip:

Just like most other software, you don’t have the option to ungroup only a few items.

You can group items by selecting them individually, but when you click on ‘Ungroup’, all items are ungrouped.

So there you go!

Those are the ways you can group and ungroup elements in Canva.

FAQ: How to Group on Canva

Unfortunately, grouping elements across different pages is currently not supported in Canva. Grouping can only be done within the same page and design.

Yes, you can share a grouped design with others by generating a shareable link. Recipients do not need Canva accounts to view or collaborate on the design.

Canva allows you to group a considerable number of elements, but the exact limit may vary based on the complexity of your design and your device’s capabilities.

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