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if you have been looking for details of the Semrush 30-day Guru trial offer, this will be the perfect post for you.

If you just want the offer, simply click on the button below to activate it.

If you want to know more, read on.

What is the Semrush Guru 30-day trial?

Semrush is a powerful marketing and SEO tool that provides you with market insights to help you create your own custom SEO strategies provides you analytics of your competitor’s strategies, and helps you to craft your own winning campaigns. Learn how to use Semrush with my detailed Semrush guide.

The Semrush 30-Day Guru Trial lets you get a free trial for their middle-tier subscription plan called the Guru plan for an extended period of 30 days instead of the regular 7-day period.

Pro Tip:

This is a special offer that you can avail of only as a reader of my website.

You cannot get the Semrush Guru 30-Day trial offer on the Semrush website. You can only get it through my link.

How to activate the Semrush Guru 30-day trial?

Here are 3 quick steps to activate the Semrush Guru 30-Day offer.

1. Click on this link: Semrush Guru 30-Day Free Trial.

Note: Only this link will lead you to the 30-Day free trial for Guru, to the page below.

Semrush Coupon Code 30 Day Free Trial for the Guru Plan

2. Click on 30-Day Free Guru Trial

You will see this screen to create an account, which you can do with Google or a custom email address.

Create an account for Semrush Guru 30 Day Trial

You will then get an email to confirm your email address.

3. Enter your payment information

This is the most crucial part. You HAVE to enter your credit card information to get the free trial.

Semrush Guru 30 Day Trial Payment Information

Just make sure the details on the right part of the page is okay, like you pay $0.

Ýou can cancel the trial within 30 days to stop it from getting upgraded to a paid account, but you will have to enter your payment information here.

And that’s it! You are set to use Semrush Guru for 30 days, with full access to its features.

What is the Semrush Guru 30-day trial worth? How much money do I save?

Semrush has three pricing plans with the following prices if you pay monthly :

  • Semrush Pro: Starts at $119.95/ month
  • Semrush Guru: Starts at $229.95/ month
  • Semrush Business: Starts at $449.95/ month

With the Semrush Guru 30-Day Trial, you can access all the Semrush Guru features absolutely for free, for a month. Thus, you save the monthly price of Guru, which is $229.95!

That’s a lot of savings to checking out one of the most sophisticated SEO tools in the market!

What features can I use with the Semrush Guru 30-day trial?

Semrush Guru includes all the features of the starter SEO plan, Semrush Pro, like keyword research, competitor research, site audit, backlink analytics, and more.

It also includes other advanced features like:

  • Higher limits: Lets you analyze more domains, track more keywords, and generate more reports
  • Content Marketing Toolkit: Helps you create optimized content for your website
  • Historical Data: Helps you evaluate the potential of a keyword based on its past data

Why should you get the Semrush Guru 30-day trial?

Here are some reasons to activate your Semrush Guru 30-day trial offer.

  • You get full access to Semrush’s world-class suite of tools and features for an entire month, absolutely free
  • Start performing better in SEO and content marketing within 30 days itself, with the in-depth insights you get from Semrush Guru.
  • With the long trial period, instead of the regular 7 days, you will have plenty of time to explore all that Semrush Guru has to offer and discover how it can help you reach your goals

Who should sign up for the Semrush Guru 30-day trial?

Anyone who has a need for the Semrush features should sign up for the Semrush Guru 30-day trial. But mostly, it would be the following:

  • Mid-sized small businesses who want to boost their website performance and need advanced SEO features and marketing toolkits
  • Mid to expert bloggers and SEO experts who are experienced with SEO and for whom the basic features are not enough anymore
  • SEO agencies with multiple team members and clients who need access to Semrush for more than one user and who need to go more in-depth with their SEO efforts with their clients

Semrush Guru 30-day trial – Conclusion

You shouldn’t sign up for any SEO tool before you get a free trial, to see if it is the best tool for your needs.

So sign up for the Semrush Guru 30-Day trial now, use the tool free for 30 days, to make up your mind about whether it’s a good fit for you!


Get the Semrush Guru 30 Day Trial

Extended free trial of Semrush Guru for 30 days

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