The Easiest Way to Drive Email Conversions with the Sendinblue WPForms Add-On

Sendinblue WPForms

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Drive Email Conversions with the Sendinblue WPForms Integration

It’s no rocket science that as a brand, your end objective is usually to increase sales.

Studies have shown, repeatedly, that email marketing could still be the most effective marketing channel. It can have an ROI as high as 3800%. Even in the current times when more businesses are online and people are flooded with emails.

In this post, we will explore the different types of email conversions, and how you can use the SendinBlue WPForms integration on your WordPress website to boost these conversions.

What is email conversion?

Email conversion is when people in your contact list perform an action by clicking on a link in an email or newsletter that you have sent them.

You can have different kinds of links or calls-to-action (CTAs) in your emails.

  • Check out your products/ services
  • Read a blog post
  • Subscribe to your Youtube channel
  • Buy a product
  • Start a free trial
  • Download a document
  • Avail a discount
While all email CTAs are not directly about sales, they can increase the engagement of your subscribers with your brand. And eventually, can increase their purchase intention. Click To Tweet

Check out more examples of email CTAs to see which fits your brand or marketing message best.

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Email conversion tools

First things first.

To drive email conversions, you need to have an email list. This means visitors on your website should give you their contact details, at least an email address, and permission to contact them.

So the email conversion tools you need are:

  • A sign-up form plugin
  • An email marketing software

A sign-up form plugin

There are plenty of sign-up form plugins for WordPress that will let you capture your visitor’s contact and other details and add them to your subscriber database.

Here are a few of them:

You can read about a full comparison of these plugins or more. In this post, we will stick to WPForms as we believe it to be the best plugin for small businesses, especially for ease of use, features, benefits, and value for money.

The most helpful WPForms features that really differentiate the plugin from its competitors are:

Drag-and-drop form builder

Forms in WordPress are super easy to create, even as a complete beginner. Or you can choose from prebuilt templates. Unlike Contact Form 7 (free) which needs coding, or Formidable Forms (drag-and-drop builder but for advanced users), WPForms makes it very easy to quickly create the form you want. So as soon as you have the WPForms plugin installed and activated, you can start collecting emails!

wpforms drag and drop builder

Multiple form options

At the very least, you can create newsletter subscription forms, for people to receive emails. But that’s just the beginning. You can also create contact forms, billing forms, quote forms, online surveys and polls, review forms.

You can convert your WordPress site into a membership one by using the user registration forms, and even allow contributors to submit user-generated content.

You can collect payments through your forms and even connect WPForms to WooCommerce, for all sales-related forms.

And the best part is, all these form templates are already built for you. You just have to customize them, and the form fields, to your brand.

wpforms form templates

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Conversational Forms

Conversational forms are designed like a human conversation with step-by-step questions, hence the name. A very unique and engaging way of filling up forms, that doesn’t put off your visitors.

WPForms hCaptcha integration

For any kind of form, you need to install a CAPTCHA, to avoid spam and bots. While the most popular captcha is the Google reCAPTCHA, hCaptcha takes it to a whole new level of protection.

WPForms has now an integration with hCaptcha. You can choose to install this in your forms, instead of reCAPCTCHA. You can even choose the difficulty level of the captcha and filter it by audience interest if you’d like.

wpforms hcaptcha

Besides these key features, WPForms also has conditional logic, the forms are mobile and SEO-friendly, and they can be placed anywhere on the website. Their helpline is also quick and supportive, which is key when you’re managing tons of tasks and you need everything to run efficiently.

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An email marketing software

An email marketing software lets you send emails and newsletters to your subscribers. Most of the time, it also lets you send automated emails, i.e., at certain times, based on certain conditions.

Some popular email marketing tools are:

You can read a detailed comparison of these tools, but in this post, I will stick to SendinBlue as I believe that to be the most suitable all-in-one solution for small businesses (plus I use it too :)).

It has all the features needed by a small business: email marketing, marketing automation, tracking, etc., and up to a certain number of emails per day, you can also get it for free!


A close second in terms of email marketing software and marketing automation, especially given the benefits + pricing, would be GetResponse. You can try out both and see which one works for you more.

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Advantages of the SendinBlue WPForms integration

Only a few months ago, WPForms launched this feature of a direct Sendinblue integration (earlier you had to do that with a 3rd party app like Zapier).

And this makes the email marketing process so easy!

Now any contact added to WPForms will be immediately added to your Sendinblue account, and all your marketing automation will apply to these new Sendinblue contacts as well.

If a form is updated with new tags, the contact information in Sendinblue will be updated too.

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“Can’t I just create a form in Sendinblue, to capture emails? Do I also need WPForms?”

Yes you can create forms in Sendinblue. However you don’t get all the advantages of WPForms as listed above. You can only create simple forms. And let’s face it, if you don’t get the emails in the first place, and you don’t have an email list because you compromised on the forms, your email marketing software won’t be of much use.

6 steps to boost email conversions

1. Connect WPForms and Sendinblue

A few quick steps to get the Sendinblue addon and connect the 2 platforms:

1. Sign up for WPForms and install the plugin on your WordPress site.

2. Go to your WordPress dashboard -> WPForms -> Settings.

3. Click on Integrations and then choose Sendinblue -> Add Account.

4. Add your Sendinblue API key and choose a nickname for your Sendinblue account (You can get your Sendinblue API key by logging into Sendinblue and clicking on SMTP & API).

5. Now just click on Connect to Sendinblue and you would have connected your form plugin and marketing platform.

6. The last step is to just connect your Sendinblue account to the exact form you want in WPForms, and indicate the marketing list that the contact will be added to.

You can also check out the full step-by-step process here.

2. Create a lead magnet

A lead is a prospective customer who has already engaged with you through at least one marketing channel. So if you have visitors on your website who give you their email for a certain reason, they would be your leads.

This ‘reason’ could be a lead magnet. I.e., an attractive free giveaway and can be of different types, like an ebook, infographic, tutorial, quiz, checklist, etc.

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3. Capture emails with opt-in forms

Create an opt-in form using WPForms with essential fields like name and email, that website visitors have to fill, to access the giveaway. Here’s a tutorial on how to create this type of form on WPForms with relevant fields, settings, notifications, and confirmations. It also explains how to add it to your WordPress website.

Ensure that you place this form on maximum places on your website. The footer, sidebar, the homepage, and all posts and pages, are places where you can host your lead magnet form to let your visitors access it easily and sign up.

wpforms banner 01

For multiple lead magnets, you can create multiple opt-in forms, and add them to different lists in Sendinblue.
For e.g., if you are selling different kinds of shoes, you can have a lead magnet related to sneakers, and one related to party shoes.

So in Sendinblue, create a contact list for those interested in sneakers, and one for party shoes. Now when a lead completes a form related to sneakers, arrange your form settings so that the contact is added to the list of sneakers. Similarly for party shoes.

4. Create a landing page for your lead magnet

Landing pages provide information exclusively about your lead magnet and are very effective in driving signups.

Sendinblue has a whole lot of templates for landing pages that you can simply tweak with your brand design and marketing messages. So you get a customized landing page in minutes! Just remember to optimize it for SEO.

sendinblue landing pages

5. Create an automated workflow

Set up marketing automation with Sendinblue, with a series of emails that you can send to the people in your Sendinblue lists based on certain ‘triggers’. The trigger could be based on how they react to your previous email, which links they click (or not), or even based on which pages of your website they check out.

As mentioned earlier, the good thing about the Sendinblue workflows is that you don’t even have to create them from scratch. Just use a prebuilt one and customize it as per your needs.

If I choose a workflow to increase traffic, for example, it shows me a few options. Similarly for increasing revenue and engagement.

sendinblue automation workflows

6. Drive conversions with targeting and personalization

Personalization is no more about just using names in emails. As more brands go online, one of the key aspects of any marketing strategy should be STP (segmentation, targeting, and personalization).

People respond well to email marketing, as we saw earlier, but only if they have a feeling that the brand understands and cares about their needs and situation.

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A few easy personalization ideas you can use with Sendinblue:


Let’s say I am a subscriber to the list ‘sneakers’, from the example above, and you send me content about how to maintain regularly used sneakers. Then you are likely to drive engagement (and even conversions) from me.

I might be more likely to click on a blog or video link that gives me the information, sign up for a webinar related to this information, or even share a link.
So unless you have some data to show that I am interested in party shoes, please don’t send me content or information related to that.

You can understand the interest of your lead and their stage of the customer journey from different sources:

  • The lead magnet they sign up for
  • The types of emails they open
  • The pages of your website that they visit
  • Questions they ask customer support (via chat/ email/ phone)

You can get all these advanced tracking data from Sendinblue and WPForms and that is very helpful in setting up workflows personalized to each contact.

Email timing

With the Sendinblue time optimization feature, you can send emails at the times that your contacts are most likely to be online and open emails. This means more chances of capturing their attention and interest and thus getting conversions.

Special offers

When you’re very sure of your contact’s needs and preferences, you can send them information about your latest products/ services, or even special offers, discounts, and promotions.

But do this AFTER you’ve been tracking their interests for a while because if you send offer emails not relevant for them, you run a risk of them unsubscribing from your email list.

Sales follow-ups

If you have a lead who has added your product to the cart but not bought it yet, you can use an abandoned cart email to gently remind your subscriber about it and prompt her to buy.

Concluding Tips

Ultimately whether your email subscribers convert to sign up for your offer depends on a lot of factors, like their engagement with your brand, alternate options available to them, and also how convincing your email message is.

1. Craft emails in the tone and voice of your brand

2. Write compelling CTAs

3. Don’t send too many emails or your might be marked as SPAM

So that’s how you can drive more email conversions for your small business, using two fantastic tools and their integration. Which tools and tactics do you use currently, for your email marketing? And how are they working for you? Would love to know your experiences!

Want to get specific tips on your small business marketing? Get a 30-min consultation with me at no charge.


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Moss Clement
1 year ago

Hi Poulomi,

A targeted email list enables you to drive traffic and increase product adoption and sales. And the strategies you presented are ideal for driving email conversions. However, I want to add that using the Sendinblue WPform to segment your email lists is a fantastic way to boost conversions. That’s because it lets you create marketing messages that connect with each email segment. For example, recipients won’t open your emails if they think it’s not relevant to their needs. But with segmentation, you can quickly send targeted emails your audience will find interesting.
Thank you for sharing!