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SEO PowerSuite Discount 2023: Up to 82% OFF [Limited Offer]

SEO PowerSuite Discount

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

If you have been thinking of signing up for SEO PowerSuite, this is the best time to get the deal because they are offering some incredible discounts for a limited period.

In this post you will find all the details about the SEO PowerSuite discount and SEO PowerSuite coupon code in 2022.

What is the SEO PowerSuite discount in 2022?

The SEO PowerSuite discount is a discount of up to 82% off on both the paid plans Professional and Enterprise.

The SEO PowerSuite discount is available from December 13 –  15, 2022.

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What are the different SEO PowerSuite coupon codes in 2022?

The SEO PowerSuite discount codes are based on the number of years you sign up for.

If you sign up for a 1-year plan, you get 75% off, if you sign up for a 2-year plan you get 78% off, and for a 3-year plan, you get 82% off.

These discount codes apply to both Professional and Enterprise licenses.

SEO PowerSuite License

Regular Annual Price

Discount Price for

1-year plan

Discount Price for

2-year plan

Discount Price for

3-year plan





(75% Off)


(78% Off)


(82% Off)




(75% Off)


(78% Off)


(82% Off)

How does the SEO PowerSuite discount work?

The SEO PowerSuite discount works in tiers, so every day it gives you a different offer.

The discount reduces by 5% every day:

  • 75% on December 13
  • 70% on December 14
  • 65% on December 15

So if you are looking to sign up for a new SEO tool or switch to a new, powerful one, make the most of this deal and sign up with the highest discount on December 13!

That makes the SEO PowerSuite available at a minimum annual price of $149 for the Professional License, and $349 for an Enterprise license.

If you are a small business owner/ blogger/ solopreneur/ freelancer, the Professional License will be enough for you.

Here are complete details about the offer, if you get a one-year plan.

seo-powersuite logo

SEO PowerSuite Discount 2022: Up to 75% OFF

1 year subscriptions


Perfect for Individuals & Small Business Owners
$ 149 Dec 13 - 15, 2022
  • Dec 13: $149 (75% Off)
    Dec 14: $179 (70% off)
    Dec 15: $209 (65% 0ff)


Perfect for Agencies & Bigger Companies
$ 349 Dec 13 - 15, 2022
  • Dec 13: $349 (75% Off)
    Dec 14: $419 (70% off)
    Dec 15: $489 (65% 0ff)

SEO PowerSuite discount validity

What makes the SEO PowerSuite discount so special is that it is not just a one-time offer, but a repetitive one.

The price you pay at one time is an annual price. For example, $149 for the Professional License if you buy it on December 13.

Usually, annual offers like these are valid only for one year. Then when you renew the next year, you pay full price.

But this offer is different.

The SEO PowerSuite discount is valid for every year when you renew. So not only do you get 75% off in 2023, you also get it off in 2024, and for all future years.

Why you should get the SEO PowerSuite discount

My overall SEO PowerSuite review is clear.

If you want to improve your SEO performance, and want to sign up for an excellent SEO tool but have a limited budget, go for the SEO Powersuite discount.

The 65% – 75% off is the best you can get.

SEO PowerSuite is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses and the most value-for-money. In other words, it offers the most number of features at the most affordable price, being up to 3X cheaper than other SEO tools.

This value is even higher with the SEO PowerSuite discount of 2022.

Read my comparison of SEO PowerSuite vs Semrush to know who and why should get the SEO PowerSuite software compared to Semrush.

SEO PowerSuite has helped over 2 million users to grow their businesses and has been by big companies like Disney, Cisco, and Amazon.

These are some of the reasons you should consider SEO PowerSuite over other SEO software:

  • Unlimited projects and keyword tracking, to monitor your SEO performance
  • Data available from 28 search engines
  • Unlimited keyword and competitor analysis
  • User-friendly and easy for beginners


Full disclosure: SEO PowerSuite may not be as sophisticated a tool as Semrush or Ahrefs and include as many features, but it provides accurate data on all the SEO metrics that small businesses and freelancers need to track regularly.

For example, on local SEO for small businesses.

So don’t miss out on this offer of up to 75% off. Remember it’s for a limited period only and doesn’t come by often. Sign up before it’s too late!

What is SEO PowerSuite?

SEO PowerSuite is one of the best all-in-one SEO tools with a low-entry price point, making it perfect for small businesses, bloggers, and freelancers who want to improve their search engine rankings.

SEO PowerSuite is a desktop software, making it different from most other SEO tools that you can only access online.

SEO PowerSuite features

SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive SEO software comprising all the tools you need to work on your SEO, including keyword research, position tracking, on-page SEO, backlink and competitor analysis, and link outreach campaigns.

SEO PowerSuite is a toolkit that is made up of 4 individual tools that work seamlessly together.

Rank Tracker: Keyword tracking and research tool

Website Auditor: Site audit tool

SEO Spyglass: Backlink analysis tool

LinkAssistant: Link management tool

SEO PowerSuite features and tools

SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker

If you are working on your SEO, it means you want your website to rank for certain keywords, and are creating or want to create content accordingly.

But it is tough to always look up your website at regular intervals to see which content ranks for which keyword, in which position.

That’s where the SEO PowerSuite Rank Tracker helps.

Not only does it help in detailed keyword research, but it also helps you monitor your search engine rankings.

Just enter all the keywords you want to track, and get daily/ weekly/ monthly reports and alerts about the positions you rank in, for your chosen keywords.

The best Rank Tracker features:

  • Keyword data from 596 search engines to determine profitable and long-tail keywords to target
  • Unlimited keywords tracking
  • Track keywords for an unlimited number of locations across search engines
  • Integration of 23 keyword tools
  • Combine keyword difficulty data with your Google Analytics traffic to prioritize keywords you want to rank for
  • Get keyword data for desktop and mobile
  • Get search results related to local SEO
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Integration with Google Search Console
  • Integration with Google Ads to monitor PPC performance
  • Competitor keyword research
Get the SEO PowerSuite discount before the offer expires.

SEO PowerSuite SEO Spyglass

Backlinks are one of the most crucial features of SEO, and one of the primary jobs of SEO tools is to help you audit the backlinks of your own website.

With the SEO PowerSuite SpyGlass, you can analyze which domains are linking to you, and remove any toxic backlinks that are harming your site.

The best SEO SpyGlass features:

  • Determine your most linked-to pages and content
  • Check which backlinks bring you the most amount of traffic
  • Spot and remove spammy links that hurt your SEO
  • Analyze your competitor’s backlinks
  • Use Link Intersection to check for common links between you and your competitive domains
  • Analyze links of 200 domains together, in bulk
  • Track your backlink performance over time
  • Get automated reports on your backlink profile

SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor

Optimizing your site for search engines means optimizing your website as a whole, and also every individual page.

The SEO PowerSuite Website Auditor provides you with metrics and analytics to improve your on-page SEO is essential to boost your visibility and rankings in SERPs.

The best Website Auditor features:

  • Analyze the technical and content performance of your website
  • Monitor your Core Web Vitals to improve overall site speed and individual page performance
  • Determine your broken links, duplicate content, and all technical errors
  • Generate sitemaps and robots.txt files
  • Get suggestions and tips to improve the on-page SEO of all your site pages
  • Visualize your website structure to improve it for both user-friendliness and for search engines
  • Audit your competitor’s site to get more optimization ideas for your website
  • Run the Website Auditor to get detailed analytics on specific aspects on specific dates

SEO PowerSuite LinkAssistant

As mentioned, backlinks are critical for your SEO.

So not only is it crucial to analyze your existing links, you also need to find prospects of adding more.

The SEO PowerSuite LinkAssistant makes this process relatively simple and provides you with extensive data for new backing opportunities.

The best LinkAssistant features:

  • Determine the best way to get more backlinks for your site
  • Find new backlink opportunities
  • Analyze which link prospects would have the highest quality and value for your website.
  • Create link-building campaigns to reach out to prospective domains
  • Run link checks to ensure your links are retained by the referring domains

SEO PowerSuite is one of the cheapest powerful SEO tools. You will be making one of the best decisions by getting this SEO tool to boost your ranking in search engines.

Get it by April 29, if you’re serious about your SEO and driving more website traffic.

SEO PowerSuite languages

Another feature that makes SEO PowerSuite so valuable is that it is available in 7 different languages:

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Dutch
  • Russian
  • Slovak

SEO PowerSuite license comparisons

One of the best advantages of SEO PowerSuite is that you can use a lot of features for free, for life!

However, the biggest drawback is that you cannot save your work in the free version.

Every time you open the tool, you have to start your work from scratch.

The Professional and Enterprise licenses remove those limitations and let you continuously monitor your SEO performance.


How to use the SEO PowerSuite discount

You can take advantage of the SEO PowerSuite discount and improve your SEO in 3 steps:

Step 1: Download the SEO PowerSuite free trial and desktop app by providing your email

best seo software for small business: seo powersuite

Step 2: Choose and buy the license you want with up to 75% discount

Step 3: Enter your license number in the desktop software and enjoy all the extra features of the tool

Concluding notes about the SEO PowerSuite discount

If you are serious about your SEO and have been looking for an affordable tool that can help you to considerably improve your search engine rankings, then the SEO PowerSuite discount is too good a deal to miss.

It is the best deal you can get at least for now, on an all-in-one SEO software.

It is a limited-period offer, so get it now!

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