brand positioning and messaging

Create and share your brand proposition, promise, value, and uniqueness with your target audience.

Position, differentiate, and present your brand with the right design and message through all your marketing material, on your website, and also during networking.

Brand Story, Positioning, & Message

build your brand strategy with 3 clear steps and 12 key tools



Define the core pillars of your brand, including the positioning, mission, unique value proposition, brand promise, personality, etc.


Create your brand logo, stationery, look and feel, tone of voice, that reflects your story and makes it come alive.



Develop your brand message so you can connect to your audiences with the true value of your unique brand story.

Marketing Strategy & Execution Plan

2 stages of your marketing plan

marketing strategy

Conduct a thorough review of the existing marketing plan: what's working and what's not. Develop a comprehensive and integrated online, offline, and content strategy based on the primary marketing objective.

marketing execution

Implement a 360 degree marketing and communication plan, refining with regular monitoring of results

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