brand positioning and messaging

Create and share your brand proposition, promise, value, and uniqueness with your target audience.

Position, differentiate, and present your brand with the right words and message through all your marketing material, on your website, and also during networking.

stories help build an emotional connection with your audience

3 steps to build your brand power story


We help you define 9 core pillars of your brand, including the mission, unique value proposition, brand promise, personality, etc.


We create your brand logo, stationery, look and feel, tone of voice, that reflects your story and makes it come alive


We develop your brand message so you can connect to your audiences with the true value of your unique brand story

with 12 key elements

Mission & vision

The story of what your brand plans to achieve, why, and how

Unique Value Proposition

The full analysis of the unique promise the brand offers

Competitive positioning

How the brand shows up relative to similar ones

Brand personality

A set of traits that is always associated with a brand

Brand values

The core values and beliefs of the brand, what it stands up for

Brand name

A unique name matching your brand message and personality

Brand logo

A brand new or refreshed logo that fits your brand message

Brand design

The colors and the look and feel of your brand

Brand voice

Your tone of voice when you talk to your audience

Brand stationery

Letterhead, envelope, business card, powerpoint template

Marketing collateral

Template for 2 kinds of marketing material, like brochures

Brand message

The actual message that explains the story and helps to connect with audiences

want to know more about creating a brand story?

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