Connect with your audiences with a powerful brand story

brand positioning and messaging

Create and share your brand proposition, promise, value, and uniqueness with your target audience.

Position, differentiate, and present your brand with the right design and message through all your marketing material, on your website, and also during networking.

Brand Story, Positioning, & Message

Your brand strategy and story can be defined and developed in 3 clear steps: design, define and message. 

Define your Brand Story


Define the core pillars of your brand, including the positioning, mission, unique value proposition, brand promise, personality, etc.

design your brand story


Create your brand logo, stationery, look and feel, tone of voice, that reflects your story and makes it come alive.

Craft your Marketing Message


Develop your brand message to connect to your audiences with the true value of your unique brand story.

Here are the key tools that I help you create, as part of developing your own brand story.

mission & vision

The story of what your brand plans to achieve, why, and how. Your mission and vision is what drives your every strategy, campaign, and execution plan. 

It is what defines you, and increases your connection with your audiences.

unique value proposition

Your business may not be completely unique and offer something completely new, but you’re not exactly like everyone else either. 

Your unique proposition is the promise that you make to your audiences, of how you will make their lives better in some way, how you will do it differently than others do it, and why you are capable of delivering these benefits.

competitive positioning

This is one of the most crucial aspects of your brand, of how you position yourself differently in the market, and in the minds of your audiences. 

For instance, are you maybe more premium? More personal? I develop this for you with different perception and positioning maps. This is crucial to establish before you develop your brand message.

brand personality

You know how some brands are fun, some are serious? Some are corporate, some are homely? Every brand has a personality, and it attracts audiences which resonate with this personality. 

This is also one of the key things to develop as a part of your branding, because this will determine the nature of both your audience and your interaction with them.

brand values

What do you believe in? What do you stand up for? More and more, audiences are asking this question before they interact or buy from a brand. 

Nike increased its sales by double digit with a value-based campaign, Gillette lost a big part of their audience by doing a different one. So you need to establish your guidelines of how you work, what you prioritize, and what you will fight for.

brand name

After having defined your brand internally, it is time to express it. Your business may already have a name, or not yet. In the first case we just have to ensure that it matches your brand strategy, and doesn’t need any refinement or addition. 

If you don’t have a name, I will help you develop one that is a perfect fit to your brand concept. 

brand message

Remember your unique value proposition? You need to express that in a few words or lines to your audience, as simply as possible, so it makes them easier for them to immediately connect with your unique offer. 

So you need to create brand and marketing messaging like your brand promise, tagline, product descriptions, brand pillar, and other kinds of messaging for your website and offline marketing communication.

brand voice

Your tone of voice when you talk to your audience through your messaging, is a key factor of whether they can connect with you or not. 

You need to use language familiar with them, and establish guidelines on how formal and informal your communication is going to be, which kind of words are acceptable and which are not, and other parameters which will make you more relatable for them.

brand logo

If you already have a name, you probably have a logo. I will make sure it still looks fresh and will be a good fit for your audience. 

If required, we can also do a logo rejuvenation exercise by working with my associate. If you don’t have a logo, we can always create one.

brand design

Along with a logo, you also need to have visual guidelines about your brand, the look and feel of each communication, campaign, and brand message. 

The more your colors, fonts, type of shots and footage are consistent, the more easily your audience will remember you.

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