small business branding & marketing

It is a fast-track, hands-on plan to build all the fundamentals to convert your idea into a business opportunity, and create your unique brand proposition, so you can sell to your dream clients and get on the road to success, FAST!

any of the following sound like you?

  • You started thinking about or operating your small business with an idea, a passion.

  • You have some sort of a small business plan, but are working on your business with a philosophy of “let’s go with the flow”. Your quest for revenue ranges from being desperate to hopeful, quite often.

  • You spend hours writing proposals for anyone who seems even remotely interested, or months chasing leads, who probably never intended to buy your offer anyway.

  • Simultaneously maybe you’ve done or have considered doing some ad hoc marketing, because you know it’s important. Maybe you got a designer to create a logo, maybe even a website. But you're still not sure where you stand as a brand and what marketing to do next.

  • And you feel that you can’t spend too much time on it because you have to do the 'real' work! To sell, deliver to your existing clients, manage your partnerships, do your admin work, your taxes, maybe even to recruit people.

  • Maybe you tell yourself: "Branding is for big businesses anyway".

  • You attend some networking events, and when people ask you what you do, you only mention what product/ service you sell, but not present the real story, value, and power of your brand.

  • You are so super excited about your idea and business, but you're struggling with always trying to convince people of that. Of explaining the value of your offer.

And so the hustle continues...

And to top it all,  the revenue you are making is probably not proportionate to the hours you are putting in.

How we do know this? Because we've been there ourselves! Read our story here.

So, enough is enough. Time to grow your small business with focus and efficiency!


Launch, implement, and start growing your small business now!

With a complete kit of plans and tools that we customize and create for you.

Within 3 weeks!

3 plans for small business growth
12 key tools for branding

launch & kick-start growth with 3 focused plans

Step 1

Business plan

Develop your business roadmap

We help you identify your ideal customer, your competitive advantage, and create your unique brand message, with a plan on how to establish and grow your business

Step 2

Brand plan

Build your power brand 

We establish your unique selling point, your brand story, mission, and corporate identity. We create a look and feel of your brand.

Step 3

Marketing plan

Use marketing to reach clients

We give you guidelines to build the relevant content and marketing material to engage with and close your dream clients

power your small business with 12 key tools

Mission and vision

The story of what your brand plans to achieve, why, and how

Small business plan

Craft the next steps to grow your business

Brand name

A unique name matching your brand message and personality

Brand logo

A brand new or refreshed logo that fits your brand message

Brand stationery

Letterhead, envelope, business card, powerpoint template

Marketing collateral

Template for 2 kinds of marketing material

Brand message

Your unique value proposition and selling point

Brand voice

Your tone of voice when you talk to your audience

Sales story (sheet)

Your authentic story, & how it can improve people's lives 

Website essentials

The basic information and story for your website

Social media
Which social media channels to use for your brand, and how
Content marketing

Communication you could kick-start right now

how does the powerpreneur program work?

Get a FREE consultation

Not sure where you stand exactly, how you want to go about your business, and if this program works for you? Don't waste precious time wondering. Take action, and just give us a call. Within 30 min, you will have answers and clarity about next steps. What do you lose with a free chat anyway?

Create your POWER STORY

We create or review and refresh your unique, authentic, brand story, your brand assets, and your brand and marketing messaging, so you can have a powerful brand that can connect with your audiences


We deliver all the 3 plans and 12 tools of the powerpreneur program. We work with you through 5 consultation sessions, over 3 weeks, in person, or through Skype. We then create the deliverables and give the whole kit to you through powerpoints, jpegs, pdfs, word documents, and excel sheets.

want to read more about creating a brand first?

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