marketing audit

I review the performance of your current marketing campaigns, what's working, what has to be further optimized, and the match between your brand value proposition and marketing efforts. I then provide you recommendations for further fine tuning. 

integrated marketing strategy

Marketing is not just digital. It has to be combined with offline and human efforts and a holistic, multi-channel customer experience. I develop an integrated online (inbound) and offline marketing strategy for you including lead generation, SEO, events, and other activities, for you to best engage with your audience, capture leads, and drive sales. 

content strategy

Based on your brand value proposition and holistic marketing strategy, I develop a specific content strategy matched to your brand. This includes the type of content, form, and recommendations on channel to promote and repurpose it. 

content calendar

The total volume of content you produce has to be distributed over a period of time, in different formats, and even updated, to keep your audience consistently engaged. I develop a content calendar for you to help you manage your content development, and keep connecting with your audience.

marketing execution

After having developed an integrated strategy and content calendar, it's time for action. I help you develop most of the content. While I focus mostly on SEO copywriting and content writing, I can also advise you on how to repurpose written content into videos, infographics, and other formats, to share them on various channels and media. 


I regularly monitor your campaigns to check performance and areas that need fine tuning. I also use the various metrics from these campaigns like audience engagement, to keep fine tuning your marketing strategy and content. 

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