social media strategy for small business

Digital marketing services to optimize your small business website, develop SEO content marketing and communication that perfectly matches your brand, and regularly monitor your performance.

Website Audit & Optimization

website audit

I conduct a detailed content and structure audit of your website, including its traffic and SEO performance, and provide you with a full analysis against comparison websites, highlighting the gaps.

website optimization

I provide suggestions on how to optimize your website further with content, design, architecture, and the relevant SEO tools.

I also monitor your website and SEO performance regularly, with an eye on competition, and provide you suggestions to further enhance it.

SEO Content Writing & Copywriting

seo content writing

I specialize in writing detailed SEO-friendly content that attracts and engages your audience, as a part of your content marketing strategy. The type of content can include long-form blog posts, ebooks, and landing pages.

seo copywriting

Besides blog posts and lead magnets, your website also needs other kind of text like the copy of your website pages, product descriptions, online brochures and articles. I write these copy with all the details required to optimize the pages for search engines.

Is your brand truly unique?

Find out how to differentiate your business further.

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