The Huge Importance of Websites For Small Businesses

importance of website

Recently, my husband did a very sweet thing. He heard about this small business which had just opened, and they were really trying to increase their number of customers (aren’t we all ;)). It was a business that sold hair accessories. He wanted to support them, so he went ahead and bought a couple for […]

The Easiest Way to Drive Email Conversions with the Sendinblue WPForms Add-On

Sendinblue WPForms

It’s no rocket science that as a brand, your end objective is usually to increase sales. Studies have shown, repeatedly, that email marketing could still be the most effective marketing channel. It can have an ROI as high as 3800%. Even in the current times when more businesses are online and people are flooded with […]

13 Reasons Why a VPN is Important for Business & Marketing

why vpn is important for business

Chances are that you are not new to VPN. You may have been using it to stream Netflix, for example. My husband and I have also done it occasionally to watch Hindi movies as we don’t get so many of them on Netflix Netherlands 😉 But did you know that you can also use a […]

What to Blog About? 5 Quick Ways to Find Content Topics for High SERPs

what to blog about - content topics

Staring at a blank computer screen thinking of content topics and drawing a blank? Worry not, it happens to all of us! To boost content marketing and SEO, and to rank high in Google organically (not with ads), it’s a no-brainer that you need to continuously find fresh website content ideas to keep your audience […]

7 Essential Brand Elements to Build Strong Brand Equity

brand elements to build brand equity

Brand development and building strong brand equity is as much science as much as it is an art. Gaining consumer trust for a brand takes time, but the work needs to start from day one, to integrate a few core principles in the brand development exercise. Brand equity definition and meaning What is brand equity? […]

Create Your Powerful Marketing and Brand Messaging & Use Them Like a Pro

Brand messaging marketing message 1

Have you ever visited the homepage of a website, but couldn’t figure out immediately what the brand does, how you can benefit from their products/ services? Or you got a brief idea, but couldn’t really connect to the brand? Chances are, you hit the back button of your browser and forgot about the site. Don’t […]

7 Steps to Drive Growth for Your Small Business Brand [Infographic]

drive growth for small business

Of all the philosophies in business, there is an old age one that is now truer than ever, to drive your small business growth: “Customer is king”. Or queen, as it fits. To drive the growth of a business, any business, of any size, the most essential stakeholder, element, is the person who believes in […]