7 Steps to Drive Growth for Your Small Business Brand [Infographic]

drive growth for small business

Of all the philosophies in business, there is an old age one that is now truer than ever, to drive your small business growth: “Customer is king”. Or queen, as it fits. To drive the growth of a business, any business, of any size, the most essential stakeholder, element, is the person who believes in […]

What You Should Definitely Know About Your Consumer’s Purchase Process

The most critical element of your business plan

How your consumer shops, i.e., the consumer purchase process, is an essential understanding you have to build, to sell to them effectively. I meet a lot of dynamic, amazingly smart entrepreneurs. While their ideas are very exciting, I have seen a bit of a pattern in the way they approach their branding and marketing strategy, […]

DIY SEO for Small Businesses from Scratch: 6 Key Steps [Tutorial]

diy seo for small business

Are you a startup/ small business owner/solo entrepreneur/ freelancer/ blogger with a limited budget, and no prior knowledge of SEO? Keep reading. Most likely: Your website has few pages, mostly the product/ service ones, or a limited number of blog posts The site gets few visitors, or your visitors don’t convert to leads and customers […]

30+ Free WordPress Plugins To Power Your Site (NO Coding)

Essential WordPress Plugins

If you’re reading this post, chances are that you already have a WordPress website or evaluating setting up a site on this system. Maybe you’re wondering either how to set it up the way you want, or want to ensure that you have properly optimized it keeping in mind all your needs. The good thing […]

How to Smartly Modify Your Small Business Marketing During Coronavirus

marketing during coronavirus

The world has a #newnormal. There is probably not a single person whose life has not been already impacted directly or indirectly by the coronavirus situation, and with the future still uncertain, people are grappling to come to terms with their new reality. Whether it be working from home, self-isolation and social distancing, or ceasing […]