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Content SEO & Copywriting Services

content strategy

I help you create a content strategy to decide what type and form and content to create for your specific brand, then how to promote and repurpose it.

I also help you curate content, if that’s relevant for your business. 

on-page SEO

I implement the key elements of on-page SEO including meta descriptions, title tags, HTML tags, alt text, etc, across all your copy and content.

product descriptions

Whether your business is product or service-based, I help you write descriptions that help your audience clearly understand your offer and get excited by it!

Not to mention, I ensure that the page is SEO-friendly.

web copywriting

I create SEO-friendly copy for your entire website after comprehensive competition, keyword, and SEO research.

blog writing

Blogs have been around for quite some time, and they are not going anywhere yet. There are still 4 million blog posts being published daily, worldwide.

I write posts for you that match your brand and content strategy, uphold your brand tone of voice, and of course, that are completely SEO-friendly.

guest posts

Sometimes writing on your own blog is not enough. You have to expand your reach and do guest posts to increase your traffic, SEO and credibility, but maybe you don’t have the time?

That’s where I come in. I can ghost write the posts for your business, so you can build the brand and visibility you want.

content calendar

Content creation and promotion has to follow an optimum schedule, to get visibility for your content, without spamming your audience.

I develop a content calendar for you to help you manage your content sharing, so that you can keep your audience engaged consistently. 

seo tracking

It is not enough to just write SEO-friendly copy. It has to be monitored.

I track your SEO performance to know exactly how your rankings and visibility are changing over time, and fine-tune them, for additional boosts. 

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