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website structure & content optimization tools

competition analysis

I review the websites of your selected competitors for structure, content, and SEO performance, to get in-depth insights.

I then provide you with actionable takeaways to help develop and implement your overall SEO strategy.

content audit

I analyze the performance of your current website content, and and provide recommendations on how content should be developed, organized, and structured on your small business website.


backlink analysis

I conduct audits on the backlink profiles of both your website and that of your competition. 

I then provide you suggestions on which backlinks you can steal from them, and from which type of websites you should try to generate your own new ones.

homepage optimization

The homepage gets most of your website traffic, and it should be able to engage your audience, guide them on the website, and even help you capture leads.

I provide you with a homepage structure and content that is most optimized to meet your marketing objectives. 

website menu & internal linking

Your website sitemap, internal links, and the navigation journey of your visitors significantly impacts your SEO.

I provide you with recommendations on how to structure your website menu and how to optimize internal linking that helps your visitor have a good user experience, smoothly move through your website, and even sign up as a lead.

keyword optimization

Optimizing your website with the right keywords for search and brand development has long-term benefits.

I help you select the keywords for each page which are most suited to boost your SEO based on competition analysis, content audit, and your brand and website maturity. I help you differentiate between keywords for pages and posts as well. 

on-page seo

I review all your pages and posts for on-page SEO elements like title tags, H1 and H2 tags, meta descriptions, and page titles.

I ensure there are no duplicate descriptions and each page is optimized for its own specific keyword.

website design review

I ensure that your brand colors, fonts, and style match your brand personality, and are well reflected in your website.

metrics & analytics

I monitor your website, content, keyword, and traffic performance on a monthly basis, with data from software like Google Analytics, Search Console, and Ahrefs/ SEMRush.

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