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Why ‘Who Am I’ is The Wrong Question to Ask for Your Personal Brand

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Why, “Who am I”, is the wrong question to ask

Who am I, and what's my personal brand?
Many of us struggle with these questions repeatedly. We ask this to ourselves, others ask us occasionally, and what makes us also feel lost at times.

But the thing is, we will never know who we are completely because we are always in motion, always changing. Every day, we are better than the previous day because we have learnt something, consciously or subconsciously. We have grown.

Some incidents or events happen each day that takes us to a newer level of learning and self-realization.

We are always work in progress, always under construction.

Buddhism says, every night we die and the next day we are reborn. So it doesn’t matter who we are today because we will be different tomorrow.

The 2 questions that matter more are:

How am I being now?

Are you saying kind things to others, or are you judging them? Are you complaining, or taking action to bring about change? Are you making a positive difference to other’s lives, or being caught up in your insecurities and ambitions? As you become more mindful of your every word and action, you get closer and closer to your authentic way of being. Self-awareness is key to building a powerful brand.

How do I think I have been, or want to be?

What is the perception you have about yourself, about actions or decisions you have taken in your life, in different situations? Have you behaved the way you have always wanted to? What have you learnt from those circumstances, about how you would like to shape your future? How are you going to build on how you have been, to take you where you want to go? What is the vision you have about your future, your life, yourself? And how match of a match to it are you right now?

The universe is in a constant state of evolution. And so are brands. Building on powerful beliefs and values, you have to keep evolving, growing, to accomplish your mission and achieve your life’s vision. Take control of your life today.

Whoever you are today, just be the most powerful version of that, and let that be your authentic brand. Be #PowerfullyYOU.

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