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Top 3 WooCommerce Product Manager Plugins to Boost Sales

WooCommerce Product Manager Plugin

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

Driving growth for an online product store can be rewarding, but also challenging and stressful.

WooCommerce makes managing most tasks easy, but to really create a smooth system and boost your online store sales, you should use a WooCommerce product manager plugin.

What is a WooCommerce product manager plugin

A product manager plugin helps you to manage and sell your products, and efficiently run your business logistics and offers with the least amount of effort and time.

Just like other WordPress plugins that let you customize each aspect of your site including safety, bloggingSEO and email marketing, with a WooCommerce product plugin will let you customize your online WordPress and WooCommerce store to fit your brand.

Benefits of using a product manager plugin

Using a WooCommerce product manager plugin has multiple advantages:

  1. It helps you manage your products and orders efficiently in an automated way, saving you lots of time.
  2. It makes your business logistics organized, professional, and customized, which also makes your brand more appealing to your customers and drives customer loyalty.
  3. You can use product manager plugins to create offers and promotions for both new and existing customers, to encourage first-time or repeat purchases.
  4. Product manager plugins also let you easily store and manage your customer data, reviews, ratings, so you always have the most updated information at hand to make the best marketing decisions.

Top 3 WooCommerce Product Manager Plugins

  1. WooCommerce Pdf Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin
  2. Benefits of a Woocommerce Coupon Plugin
  3. Benefits of a WooCommerce Product Import Plugin

WooCoomerce Product Manager Plugin to Boost Online Sales

#1. Benefits of a WooCommerce Pdf Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin

woocommerce invoice and packing slip

If you’re running an online store, you absolutely need a smooth logistics system for your invoices, shipping, and delivery.

With a PDF invoice plugin for WooCommerce (which usually includes generation of packing labels as well), you can ensure that the ordering and receipt of the products are easy for your customer, and maintaining record transactions is automated for you, saving you tons of time which you can use to focus on actually running your business.

Recommended Plugin: WooCommerce PDF Invoices, Packing Slips, Delivery Notes, and Shipping Label Plugin

woocommerce pdf invoices packing slips plugin

I would recommend this plugin as compared to most other similar plugins, this one is a very comprehensive extension to not just generate and print invoices and related shipping documents in your WooCommerce store, but has loads of other features to make the whole logistics process easier and more professional.

How does this plugin help you manage your products and business?

1. Automatic generation of Invoices and related shipping documents

The plugin supports 9 different shipping documents. You can either print these documents individually or in bulk for the smooth functioning of your store’s order and shipping management.

  • Invoices
  • Packing slips
  • Delivery notes
  • Shipping label
  • Dispatch labels
  • Credit note
  • Proforma invoice
  • Picklist
  • Address label

See below a sample of a customized WooCommerce packing slip.

woocommerce packing labels

2. Email invoice PDF with order details

You can generate and attach a PDF invoice to an email with additional print options. If you don’t want that to be a default option for all invoices, you can attach/email them only for selected order status(es). Here’s a sample invoice:

woocommerce invoice

3. Customization of documents

You can avail of extensive customization options within the plugin including a custom logo and custom fields. The plugin allows you to either create a new template from scratch or choose from pre-built templates for each of the documents supported.

You can also add custom fields to your invoices.

It requires no coding or design skills to create professional-looking documents. Simply toggle buttons to make customization effortless. However, if you are interested in deeper customization on a code level, there is a code editor available as well.

Check out how the WooCommerce invoice customization works in the video below:

4. Custom-sized labels and printer compatibility

You can create labels of custom sizes that are compatible with most printers, including the Dymo and Brother printers.

5. Multi-language support

Reach customers of different countries and nationalities by making your invoices available in multiple languages. This plugin is WPML compatible and supports the following languages:

  • FR (French)
  • DE (German)
  • DK (Danish)
  • AR (Arabic)
  • CZ (Czech Republic)
  • ES (Spanish)
  • IT (Italian)
  • NL (Dutch)
  • RO (Romanian)
  • SE (Northern Sami)

You can also get a free add-on that provides full compatibility with almost RTL or Unicode languages like Hebrew, Arabic, and most of the Asian languages.

6. Third-party plugin compatibility

Having compatibility with as many popular WooCommerce plugins as possible could help avoid your website running into occasional compatibility issues.

This WooCoomerce invoice plugin is compatible with many major WooCommerce plugins such as Sequential order numbers (WooCommerce), Multicurrency for WooCommerce (Villatheme), WooCommerce Extra Product Options (Theme Complete), Checkout Field Editor for WooCommerce (ThemeHigh), and many more.

Alternative WooCommerce PDF Invoices plugins

The biggest advantage of the WooCommerce Pdf Invoices & Packing Slips Plugin compared to the above options is that it goes beyond just generating invoices and packing slips. It enables stores to automatically generate and customize multiple shipping documents which will make managing your store easy, flexible, and quick.

#2. Benefits of a Woocommerce Coupon Plugin

WooCommerce smart coupons

Using coupons is an extremely effective way to attract both new and existing customers to your store.

You can use WooCommerce smart coupon plugins to create discounts, vouchers, product giveaways, offers, and many other kinds of promotions.

Smart coupons drive both first and repeat purchases, and can generate substantial customer loyalty.

Recommended plugin: Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Plugin

woocommerce coupon plugin

How does this plugin help you manage your products and business?

1. Create different types of coupons

The different kinds of coupons supported by the plugin are:

Purchase history-based coupons: These allow you to create coupons that are based on existing customers’ purchase patterns. You can create first order, next order, or any ‘nth order’ coupons with the feature.

Store credits/gift coupons: Offering store credit coupons are an excellent way to boost customer engagement, retention, and loyalty to your store. You can reward your loyal customers with a store credit option to further strengthen your bond, returns can be converted into sales by providing your customers with a store credit option.

Gift coupons: Gift coupons or cards are another popular feature offered by the plugin. Customers can purchase gift cards and email them to their friends in attractive gift card designs.

Cart abandonment coupons: These could be used to win back lost sales. You can email abandoned cart owners with attractive coupons to encourage them to complete their purchases.

There are also other coupons you can use, like buy one get one (BOGO) coupons and giveaway coupons.

2. Apply extensive coupon usage restrictions

Coupon restrictions can help you create attractive offers that align with your revenue goals. With the plugin, you can restrict coupons based on the following ways.

  • Payment methods
  • User roles
  • Shipping methods
  • Country (billing/shipping address)
  • Products
  • Product category
  • Min/max quantity of products
  • Min/max subtotal of products

These restrictions will also help you narrow down your target audience and boost the revenue of your store.

usage restrictions for woocommerce special offers plugin

3. Easy coupon management

It is important to offer easy coupon management options just as offering different coupon types. This advanced coupon plugin provides you with three different options:

Bulk coupon creation: You can generate multiple coupons at once having different combinations of coupon data. These coupons can be added to the store or exported as a CSV for later use or even mailed to the recipients directly.

Coupon duplication: You can duplicate the existing coupons and avoid having to configure them from scratch when most coupon rules are similar.

Coupon import: You can import coupons to your store from a CSV with a pre-defined header.

4. Coupon banner and customization

If you are running coupon campaigns in your store, the plugin allows you to display a count-down discount sales banner to create a FOMO effect in your customers’ minds. It doesn’t require you to have any specific coding or design skills to do it.

Coupon customization options are also provided by the plugin to give your store’s coupons a unique and attractive look. You can customize coupons based on their category such that used coupons, available coupons, and expired coupons will have different styles for users to easily recognize.

For detailed information on how this smart coupon plugin works, you can check out the complete user guide or the features page.

Alternative WooCommerce coupon plugins:

The biggest advantage of the Smart Coupons for WooCommerce Plugin compared to the above options is its abandoned carts feature.

Besides being able to boost sales with different coupon campaigns, it allows you as a store owner to create cart abandonment coupons and send them automatically to your users by email after a specific time of cart inactivity.

#3. Benefits of a WooCommerce Product Import Plugin

woocommerce product import variations

An import-export plugin is used to migrate an entire WooCommerce store data, for example from your computer to your WooCommerce database.

Recommended plugin: All-in-one Import Export Suite

best woocommerce product import plugin

How does this plugin help you manage your products and business?

1. Import/ export multiple WooCommerce components

You can easily import and export all the below WooCommerce data in CSV or XML file formats, in one click.

  • Products
  • Reviews
  • Users
  • Customers
  • Order
  • Coupon
  • Subscriptions

So basically if you’ve so far maintained your records in Excel sheets, you can just dump them all in your WooCommerce store to manage them better. This plugin is almost an Excel like product manager for WooCommerce.

You can choose from quick or advanced export/import processes. While with a quick import/ export you can export data in just a single step with all the basic fields, if you want to map and export columns selectively, you can do that with the advanced process option.

Alternatively, you can also save an import/ export task as a template, and use it whenever necessary, instead of starting from scratch.

2. Export/import WooCommerce Product-Related Data

You can also import/ export all types of data related to your products, including:

  • Categories
  • Tags
  • Prices
  • Descriptions
  • Images
  • Custom metadata
  • Taxonomies

You can customize your export data by using filters such as category, type, tags, status, etc. Product reviews and ratings can also be migrated with the plugin. Check out the video on how simple it is to import and export all your product data.

3. Export and Import WooCommerce Users or Customers

WordPress users and WooCommerce customers can also be easily transferred with the plugin. User metadata is also exported by the plugin. You can selectively export user/customer data using filters such as user roles, email, created dates, etc.

With the plugin, you can also ensure that the existing user passwords are supported in the new store so your users have no trouble login in after import.

4. Export/Import WooCommerce Orders, Coupons & Subscriptions

Orders, coupons, and subscriptions can also be migrated using the plugin. The plugin supports import/export from other service providers like Stamps.com, UPS Worldship, FedEx, Endicia, etc.

5. Bulk upload

A common challenge for small businesses is how to bulk upload products in WooCommerce. With the bulk upload feature of this plugin, you can upload  thousands of entries of products, orders, coupons, subscriptions, and users, and also modify them, by applying custom rules during import.

6. Supports scheduled import-export

Scheduled import-export is another major feature offered by the plugin. With the feature, you can auto-import products, orders, coupons, subscriptions, users, and customers at regular intervals from CSV which is present on FTP/SFTP by providing starting time and intervals between imports.

You can also auto-export the data to FTP/SFTP in a CSV file at regular intervals.

Alternative WooCommerce product import plugins:

The All-in-one Import Export Suite is a combined solution for 3 different plugins:

Needless to say, it is packed with features of all these 3, and thus at a similar price range, offers more value for money than one single plugin like the above options.

For example, it enables migration of different WooCommerce components from a single dashboard, thus providing a smooth migration flow.

So you don’t need to use different plugins for different WooCommerce elements such as products, reviews, orders, coupons, subscriptions, users, customers, etc.

Concluding Notes

While the above WooCommerce product manager plugins have a free version, like most free versions, they are limited only to a few features. To really make these extensions work for your business, I would recommend to pay the nominal fee of about $69 a year (per site). The time and hassle that it saves you in running your logistics is definitely worth it.


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