I am now accepting guest posts!

Here’s how you can be a contributor and write for me:

1. Go through my blog carefully.

Familiarize yourself with the style of writing, how I approach blog posts, the kind of quality standards I set. Here are a few pointers:

• My brand tone of voice is professional but conversational
• I like detailed, long-form posts with solid takeaways and actionable tips. Tutorial-type posts are even better.
• The minimum word count for my posts is 1500
• I like lots and lots of images (and also videos) to establish my points
• My audience is small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those very new to digital marketing

2. Prepare your pitch.

Please follow these steps before submitting a pitch for a guest post:

• Think of some suitable topics.

The categories I will accept posts for are:

1. Content Marketing (especially Content Writing)
2. Blogging
3. SEO
4. Website Optimization (nothing too technical)
5. WordPress
6. Branding

Send me 2-3 ideas. Make sure they haven’t been covered on my blog already.

• Write a little outline.

• Prepare a short intro, a title, and a few subheadings, to show me how you want to structure your content, and what topics you want to cover. 

• Provide samples. You need to have written some posts before, either on your own blog or on others. Please send me at least 3 links.

3. Submit your pitch.

Please email me with the following:

• Your topic ideas and outlines
• Samples of your previous work

If I like your pitch, I will get back to you within 2 weeks to give you the go-ahead to start writing your post.

If I don’t, you can send me a follow-up email ONCE.

Any more follow-ups, and I will have to mark you as SPAM.

I am looking for fabulous posts to add to my blog!

Trust me, if your pitch meets my requirements, I will definitely get back to you.