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I am now accepting guest posts!

Here’s how you can be a contributor and write for me:

1. Go through my blog carefully.

Familiarize yourself with the style of writing, how I approach blog posts, and the kind of quality standards I set. Here are a few pointers:

  • My brand tone of voice is professional but conversational
  • I like detailed, long-form posts with solid takeaways and actionable tips. Tutorial-type posts are even better.
  • The minimum word count for my posts is 1500
  • Please structure your content with subheadings
  • I like lots and lots of images (and also videos) to establish my points
  • My audience is small business owners and entrepreneurs, especially those very new to digital marketing
  • If I accept your pitch, I will discuss the focus keyword with you. Please use it in the title, and also in the heading tags whenever possible.

2. Prepare your pitch.

Please follow these steps before submitting a pitch for a guest post:

Think of some suitable topics.

The categories I will accept posts for are:

  • Content Marketing (especially Content Writing)
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Website Optimization (nothing too technical)
  • WordPress
  • Branding

Send me 2-3 ideas. Make sure they haven’t been covered on my blog already.

Write a little outline.

Prepare a short intro, a title, and a few subheadings, to show me how you want to structure your content, and what topics you want to cover. 

Provide samples. You need to have written some posts before, either on your own blog or on others. Please send me at least 3 links.

3. Submit your pitch.

Please email me with the following:

  • Your topic ideas and outlines
  • Samples of your previous work

If I like your pitch, I will get back to you within 2 weeks to give you the go-ahead to start writing your post.

If I don’t, you can send me a follow-up email ONCE.

Any more follow-ups, and I will have to mark you as SPAM.

I am looking for fabulous posts to add to my blog!

Trust me, if your pitch meets my requirements, I will definitely get back to you.