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How to Add Fonts to Canva? All Questions Answered.

Can You Add Fonts to Canva

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Canva is one of the best graphic design tools that you can use to create a variety of visuals, such as posters, cards, and even videos.

One of the ways to make your designs and brand story truly unique and stand out is to use unique fonts.

So the question is – can you add fonts in Canva?

The answer is yes – you can upload fonts to your Canva account, but you can’t do that for free.

Read on for more details.

Can you add fonts to Canva?

Yes, you can add fonts to Canva, but only with the Canva Pro or Canva for Teams subscription.

Canva Pro gives you access to 3000 fonts that you can use for your designs. You can even use these Canva fonts for commercial use.

However, if you need to use a custom font for your designs that is unavailable on Canva, you can also upload them to your Canva account and use them in your designs.

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How to add fonts to Canva

Download the font you want on your hard drive. Go to ‘Brand’ in your Canva dashboard, choose your brand kit, select ‘Fonts’, and upload the font you had saved earlier. Remember to upload all the font styles you need.

Here is a full video, and the detailed steps follow later.

1. Get a Canva Pro subscription

The first step is to get a premium Canva account.

Canva Pro costs $12.99 per month if you have a monthly subscription and $9.99 per month if you have a Canva lifetime subscription.

2. Choose your font

Select the font you would like to upload to Canva.

If you already use a font for your brand imagery and marketing material, you probably already have the fonts ready.

Otherwise, choose a font from font marketplaces like Google Fonts and download the font.

Pro Tip:

You can only install certain file formats for fonts in Canva:

  • Open Type Font (OTF)
  • True Type Font (TTF)
  • Web Open Font Format (WOFF)

3. Access a Canva brand kit

A brand kit contains all the elements you need to use for your brand designs.

You can create multiple brand kits in Canva Pro, setting individual colors, logos, and fonts for each brand kit.

To add a font to Canva, create a new brand kit or access one you already created.

In your Canva dashboard, go to ‘Brand’.

Choose your brand kit.

Access the Canva Brand Kit to add fonts to Canva

4. Upload your font

In your brand kit, go to the ‘Fonts’ section and click on ‘+ Add New’.

How to add fonts to Canva

Choose the font you want to upload to Canva and add the file. You can choose different fonts for different types of texts, like heading, body, footer, etc.

Choose the font you want to add to Canva

It will ask you to accept that you have the license to use this font.

Confirm licensing to upload fonts to Canva

Click on ‘Yes, Upload Away!’

That’s it! You have now uploaded your font to Canva.

You can see your font in the ‘Uploaded Fonts’ section.

Check added font uploaded fonts in the Canva Brand Kit

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Can you add fonts in Canva mobile?

Yes, you can also import fonts to Canva in the mobile app. You can upload fonts both in your Android app and iOs app.

The only condition again is that you must have a Canva Pro account.

See the steps below about how to add a font to Canva from your PC and mobile.

You can add a font to Canva from your PC using your internet browser and the Canva desktop app.

How to upload fonts in Canva mobile or tablet

You can add a font to mobile, both Android and iOs, in pretty much the same way as you do on the desktop.

1. Open the Canva app

Open the Canva app on your mobile or tablet.

Remember, you need to have a Canva Pro account to upload custom fonts.

2. Access your brand kit

Click on the hamburger menu.

Canva mobile app Hamburger menu

Click on ‘Brand’ and choose the brand kit you want to upload your font to.

Canva mobile app brand kit

3. Upload your font

Click on the ‘+’ sign and upload your font.

No, you cannot add fonts to Canva for free.

Being able to upload fonts to Canva is a great feature to help you create consistency in your brand designs, but you can do that only with a Canva Pro or Canva for Teams subscription.

A Canva Pro subscription also gives you access to other premium features like:

Pro Tip:

If you are in the educational or nonprofit sector you can get Canva Pro or Canva for Teams for free.

You can then upload fonts in Canva for free, but this feature is still a part of the Canva Pro subscription.

Where can I download fonts for Canva?

If you want to add custom fonts to Canva, you need the right file and license to use the fonts for your designs.

Some websites with a good collection of fonts are:

All you have to do on these websites is choose the font you want, and download the relevant font file.

You can then follow the steps mentioned above to upload the font to Canva.

How to use custom and uploaded fonts in Canva

You can use the custom fonts you added in Canva in 2 ways:

  • Set it as a brand font
  • Use it as an uploaded font

1. Set it as a brand font

Canva lets you set three types of fonts in a brand kit: headings, subheadings, and text.

You can choose the font, the size, and the effect (Bold/ Italic).

Any time you add a heading to your designs, it will have the same style as you set in the brand kit.

You can then change it, of course.

You can set your uploaded font as any of these text styles.

Just choose the text style you want. I chose ‘Heading’.

Set added font in Canva as brand font

Choose your uploaded font, and set the style.

Now head over to create a design. Go to ‘Text’ and add a heading.

Apply custom font in Canva in headline

The brand style you set with your uploaded font in Canva will be automatically applied.

2. Access it from the font library

You can also keep your uploaded font in your library without setting it as a brand font.

This is helpful if you only want to apply your regular font occasionally, and not in all your brand designs.

In this example, let’s keep the headline in the brand fonts in the brand kit as Open Sans.

Now when you create a design and add a text, say a headline, the font automatically applied will be Open Sans.

Add font in Canva in brand kit

Simply choose the font dropdown menu above, go to ‘Uploaded Fonts’ and select the font you uploaded.

Apply added font in Canva in headline

Your headline font is now the custom font you added in Canva.

How to add Google fonts to Canva?

It is extremely easy to add Google fonts to Canva. You can do it in 4 quick steps.

1. Choose a Google font.

Go to Google Fonts and choose the font you like.

Let’s say I choose the font Moon Dance.

How to upload Google fonts to Canva - choose a font

2. Review the font license

You can only upload fonts in Canva if you have the license to embed them.

Review all the information about the font before you decide to use it.

How to upload Google fonts to Canva - review license and download font

3. Download the font

Click on ‘Download Family’ to download all the variables of the font.

Save the files on your hard drive or cloud.

4. Upload your font to Canva

Import your font to Canva following the steps mentioned above.

How to add Adobe fonts to Canva

To link Adobe Fonts with Canva, log in to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, and to your Canva account. Go to Canva’s settings and connect the 2 accounts. Browse fonts in Adobe and select the ones you want to add to Canva, and click on ‘Use in Canva’.

Alternatively, download fonts from Adobe Fonts website and upload them to your Canva brand kit like explained above. Note that a Canva Pro subscription is required to access the brand kit feature for uploading custom fonts, and ensure you’re using the Canva web or desktop app for compatibility.

When do you need to add fonts?

Canva gives you over 3000 fonts in the free version, and loads more in the Pro version, but you still might need to upload fonts in these cases:

  • Enhancing brand identity: Using specific fonts that align with your brand’s style.
  • Creating unique designs: To stand out with custom typography not available in Canva’s default library.
  • Matching specific themes or projects: For designs that require a specific aesthetic or thematic consistency.
  • Ensuring consistency across marketing materials: To maintain a cohesive look in all communications.
  • Personalizing content: Custom fonts can add a personal touch to invitations, cards, or social media posts.

Why can’t I upload fonts in Canva?

You can only upload fonts in Canva if they meet certain conditions.

If Canva does not recognize your font or you can’t upload fonts to your Canva account, try these fixes:

  • Check that your font file is in OTF, TTF, or WOFF format
  • Check that the font file is not corrupted and is the right version
  • Check that you have the license to embed the font. In certain cases, you need to buy a font license.

Before you go, check out answers to some FAQs relating to ‘can you add fonts to Canva’.

FAQ: How to Upload Font to Canva

If you have a Canva Pro subscription, you can upload custom fonts for use in your designs, providing greater flexibility and brand consistency.

1. Sign up for Canva Pro

2. Click on ‘Brand’ to access your Brand Kit

3. Select your Brand Kit, go to the Fonts section, and click on ‘Add New’.

4. Upload your fonts and use them in your designs

Yes, you can add custom fonts to Canva as long as the font files are in OTF, WOFF, or TTF format, and you have the license to embed the fonts.

Anyone with a Canva Pro account can add fonts to Canva. Users of Canva Pro, Canva for Teams, Canva for Education, and Canva for Nonprofits can upload fonts to Canva.

If you are collaborating to use Canva for creating designs, you need to have administrator access to upload fonts to Canva brand kits.

You can upload a maximum of 500 fonts per brand kit. You can add a maximum of 18 styles for each font family. 

You can upload a maximum of 500 fonts per brand kit.

Ensure that your institution has a Canva for Education subscription. 

Now, on the left menu of your Canva account, click on Brand, and add a Brand Kit for your school if you don’t already have one. Upload your institution’s custom font and use it in your designs. 

The free plan of Canva doesn’t offer the feature to upload custom fonts. If you want to add your custom fonts to Canva, you need a Canva Pro subscription. Start with a 30-day free trial

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