Link Whisper Discount Code 2023: Flat $15 Off Coupon

Link Whisper Discount Code - Coupon and Promo Offer

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You have landed on this page obviously because you are looking for a genuine Link Whisper discount code and coupon.

Well, here you go.

The Link Whisper discount code 2023 is flat $15 off any premium plan of Link Whisper by applying the coupon code ‘weignitegrowth’ at checkout.

Link Whisper is an internal linking plugin that makes adding internal links within your website fast and efficient. It uses AI technology to suggest which links to build, and then actually build it for you.

Read this post for details about a 100% verified Link Whisper discount code to reduce the purchasing price.

Details of the Link Whisper Discount Code 2023

Link Whisper offers only annual pricing it has 3 pricing plans depending on how many sites you want to use it for.

  • Single-site license: The regular price for the single-site license is $77, but with the discount code you can get it for $62.
  • 3-site license: The regular price for the 3-site license is $117, but with the discount code you can get it for $102.
  • 10-site license: The regular price for the single-site license is $167, but with the discount code you can get it for $152.

Pricing Plan

Regular Price

Black Friday Price

Get the Offer

Single-site License



3-site License



10-site License



How to activate the Link Whisper discount with the coupon code

You can activate the Link Whisper discount and enjoy $15 off your purchase in 5 simple steps:

1. Access Link Whisper 

Click on this exclusive link to visit the Link Whisper homepage.

Click on ‘Get Link Whisper Now’.

Access the Link Whisper Discount Code homepage

2. Choose your license

Choose the number of sites you need a license for and click on ‘Get Started’.

You will be taken to the checkout page with the license added to your cart.

Choose your Link Whisper license for the discount

3. Enter the discount code

You will see a field to enter the discount code.


Enter the Link Whisper discount code: weignitegrowth

Enter the Link Whisper Discount Code

The Link Whisper coupon code has now been applied!

You will see a $15 discount on your total amount.

$15 off with the Link Whisper Discount Code and Coupon Applied

4. Checkout 

All that’s left is to choose a payment method and your user information.

Checkout with the Link Whisper Discount Code

Enter the necessary information, and finish the purchase with the Link Whisper discount code.

And there you go! Now you can easily build internal links, faster.

Why should you get Link Whisper? Key features

When it comes to boosting your SEO and ranking high in search engines, internal links can make a big difference. Link Whisper is one of the best ways to make that process smooth and efficient.

Here are 7 aspects of Link Whisper that make it worth the money.

1. Customize internal linking suggestions

You can ask Link Whisper to filter specific posts for linking suggestions such as by date, by keywords, and even by post tag and category.

2. Create links automatically

Set up relevant internal links to be created automatically within pages and posts for certain keywords.

3. Customize anchor text

Select and choose each anchor text for each internal link for each page or post.

4. Identify orphaned posts

Check if there are any key pages that don’t have any internal links so you can add relevant ones.

5. Get comprehensive reports

Get detailed insights and reports on your website’s internal linking so you can refine your SEO strategy and optimize your website further.

6. Fix broken links

Check if any links are broken and fix them quickly.

7.  Customize target keywords

Choose the keywords you want to focus on for each post, use your focus keywords from an SEO plugin like Yoast or Rankmath, or add your own custom keywords.

You can also change the sentence of the page you are linking to, without editing the target page.

8. Add links to best-performing keywords

A very helpful feature of Link Whisper is that you can connect it to Google Search Console.

Link Whisper automatically imports the data from GSC to know which keywords bring in maximum organic and prompts or build links for those keywords. This can have a significant impact on SEO.

9. Add links in real time

With Link Whisper, you can either set up links to be set up automatically or customize the target keywords and anchor text for each link within each post.

You can even do this process even while you are writing the blog post.

10. Easy-to-use interface

Even though Link Whisper offers so many advanced features for creating links, it is a relatively beginner-friendly and easy-to-use tool.

While some working knowledge of SEO and internal linking may be handy to know which links would work best for you, the actual internal linking process is very easy and smooth.

How does using Link Whisper make your life easier?

However, besides knowing the actual features of Link Whisper, it is important to understand the benefits you get in your everyday work business by using Link Whisper.

Here are a few ways Link Whisper makes your life easier:

1. Save time

With links within minutes rather than hours!

2. Reduce effort and stress

Instead of spending hours searching through posts trying to find internal linking possibilities, use the Link Whisper AI to do the work for you. No hassle, no stress.

3. Cut costs

It may seem counterproductive to say buying a plugin will help you cut costs.

But imagine that you have to pay a content writer or SEO specialist to do the detailed internal linking that Link Whisper helps you do and how many hours that would take.

That would be 10x more expensive!

Even if you did the internal linking process yourself, you would be spending hours on it, instead of working on your business and making money.

Link Whisper discount code 2023 – Conclusion

Link Whisper is a great way to improve the internal links of your website and optimize it more for SEO without having to go through hundreds of pages manually.

Link Whisper is worth every penny it charges, but why pay the full price when you can get a discount?

The Link Whisper Black Friday deal offers a huge discount once a year, but if you need Link Whisper at other times, you should avail of the Link Whisper discount code to get $15 off all plans.

link whisper discount code and coupon

Click on this exclusive link and use my promo code of weignitegrowth and save $15!

You may also want to check out the FAQ below!

FAQ: Link Whisper Discount Code 2023

Link Whisper is a freemium tool. It offers a free plan with limited features and a premium plan with the complete list of features. See the differences between the versions.

Link Whisper’s pricing plans depend on the number of websites: 1 website for $77 a year, 3 websites for $117 a year, and 10 websites for $167 a year.

You can get Link Whisper at $15 OFF every year, forever, with my affiliate link and the discount code ‘weignitegrowth’.

Yes, you can get a refund on any of Link Whisper’s plans within 14 days of purchase.

Yes, you can get $15 off any plan with the code ‘weignitegrowth’.

Activate the Link Whisper Discount Code 2023

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