Link Whisper Review: Is it Worth the Money? + Discount $15

Link Whisper Review internal linking wordpress

Overall Review

Link Whisper makes adding and editing internal links on your site extremely easy and quick.

It’s not perfect in its link suggestions and reporting, but you can add a lot of customizations to help its AI understand your linking needs.

Definitely worth the price if you consider how much time and hassle it saves you.

Top Features

Overall Rating



$77 ($62 with promo code)

Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

I don’t need Link Whisper, I told myself for months.

And now I am writing a Link Whisper review. What gives?

After years of building links one by one, I got super frustrated with my internal linking process. It didn’t work that well, and it took me too much time.

I saw that Link Whisper offers a 30-day refund policy, so I decided to try it.

Long story short, I was bowled over. Now I swear by it, even if it’s not perfect, and hence this post.

Especially for people who are on the fence still, of whether to invest in it or not. Here goes my detailed Link Whisper review.

Link Whisper Review create internal links in WordPress

What is Link Whisper?

Link Whisper is a WordPress internal link building plugin that recommends link suggestions within different pages of your website and creates them.

But you already knew that, right?

In fact, if you ever searched for ‘how to add an internal link in WordPress’, you might have stumbled on to Link Whisper.

What am going to write about here is my honest, unbiased Link Whisper review about the WordPress plugin. About whether you should invest in it.

It’s also a bit of a tutorial.

If you want to try it out, use my promo code of weignitegrowth when you buy Link Whisper, and you can get $15 off any plan.

But let’s get down to the roots of it first.

Is internal linking really necessary?

First of all, let’s understand why internal linking is important.

A study of 1 million internal links showed that they indeed help you to rank higher in search engines.

So if internal linking helps your website get more visibility in search engines, it’s worth investing in this exercise if you’re serious about optimizing your website.

How to do internal linking for SEO without a plugin?

1. Manually

Step 1. Make a list of all your posts and pages

Step 2. Go through each post, find relevant keywords that you can add links to your other posts (refer to your post list).

Step 3. Add all the links and update your post

Step 4. Repeat for every other post.

You can also keep adding links as you write, but then you can’t write smoothly as you have to think about linking.

Besides, if you have outsourced your content writing, then this option won’t work.

2. Google site search

Step 1. Do a site search with the keywords you want to add links to.

Let’s say I want to add links to my post about creating your brand story.

Now I can do a site search on Google with the term ‘site:weignitegrowth.com brand story’.

And I will get all the pages that have the keyword brand story.

google site search for internal linking on wordpress

Step 2. Go to all these posts and pages and a link.

But what if I want to link my brand story page with the keyword ‘brand strategy’ as well?

Step 3. Repeat for all related keywords

3. SEO software

Let’s say you have added some links in your posts but you don’t recall which posts you have not added links to.

In other words, you want to find your orphaned posts. Not good to have these if you want to increase their search rankings.

You can then do a site audit through an SEO tool like Screaming Frog or Semrush to identify all your orphaned pages.

Then you would have to go to other posts on your website and add links to orphaned posts.

Before I got Link Whisper, this process took me at least 2 hours.

Add up all the hours it takes you to add links and find orphaned posts. For me, was around 7-8 hours every 3 months. That’s around 30 hours a year!!!

That’s where Link Whisper comes in.

Overall Link Whisper review

Link Whisper makes adding and editing internal links on your site extremely easy and quick.

In fact, creating internal links in WordPress has never been more efficient.

It’s not perfect in its link suggestions and reporting, sure.

But you can add a lot of settings and customizations to help its NLP technology understand your linking needs.

Link Whisper is definitely worth the price if you consider how much time and hassle it saves you IF you have a lot of content on your site. Click To Tweet

In this post, I will first write about the Link Whisper features I love and use the most, the ones I don’t use so much, and when  I honestly think the plugin makes sense. 

To summarize this Link Whisper review:

While there are some features in Link Whisper that are not extremely important for your internal link building, these are all additional features that you may or may not use. 

The important thing is that with Link Whisper you can save a ton of time and stress with the easy-to-use and customizable link building and reporting features. Click To Tweet


Discount coupon to apply at checkout: weignitegrowth.

How does Link Whisper know which links to suggest?

Link Whisper recommends you links in ways:

1. It scans your site with its NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to understand the content and connections between them.

2. It follows the settings and customizations you do, to offer links you would find relevant. 

Top 5 Link Whisper features

Now let’s dive into the details of this Link Whisper review.

There are 5 key features that have drastically improved my link-building process.

Feature 1. Find orphaned posts quickly

Remember I mentioned how much effort it was to find orphaned posts that don’t have any internal links pointing to them?

With Link Whisper it is simply served to you on the dashboard.

wordpress internal links

You can just click on the report to see the posts and add the links.

Feature 2. Customize internal links easily and quickly

Link Whisper’s suggestions may not always be the ones you want. But what I love most about this internal linking plugin, and why it was important for me to write this Link Whisper review is that you can easily customize the options to the ones you want.

Now let’s say I click on an orphaned post (or any post) and want to add links.

What I love are the suggestions it offers based on the linking I want to do.

Here’s an overview of the links you can choose to do.

inbound internal links link whisper review

Here are 5 ways that you can customize your links.

1. Choose links within the same category or tag

This is helpful if you also want to get links from specific pillar pages.

You can also choose the specific post types to create links to and from.

link whisper inbound suggestions

2. Choose the published date of the posts you want to get links from, to your orphaned posts.

link whisper inbound links filter

You may want to add incoming links from old, evergreen ones, so you can set the criteria accordingly.

On the other hand, you can choose to add incoming links to an old post from newly published ones to give it an SEO boost. So you can filter your posts accordingly.

3. Choose only the keywords you want to use as anchor text

link whisper inbound links filter keywords

So only choose posts that have certain keywords in them.

Remember the part where I had to do a Google site search to find all the posts which had certain keywords, one by one? Then had to manually go and add them one by one?

Here I just put all the keywords and run a search. Link Whisper finds all the relevant posts and lets me add the links on the keywords instantly.

4. Select the phrases you want to add links to

creating internal links in wordpress with relevant keywords - link whisper review

The blue part that’s highlighted in ‘suggested phrases’ is the suggestion offered by Link Whisper. Just add a link to those words in the post suggestion to the right.

But you don’t HAVE to choose the whole phrase. It’s also better for your SEO not to have such a big anchor text.

If you click on the words, you can choose exactly where you want to add your link.

link whisper internal link wordpress

5. Choose the post you want to get links from

On the right, you see all the posts Link Whisper suggests you get links from.

wordpress internal links suggestions

You can simply add the ones you like, and ignore the rest.

However, don’t click on ‘ignore link’. Then Link Whisper will ignore this post when it comes to recommending to you internal links.

6. Alternative URLs & Custom URLs

If you don’t like the suggestions offered to you, for the links, or the keywords, just change the sentence or add a custom link.

Once you’re done choosing the links and anchor text, select all the ones you want, and then click on Add Links at the bottom.

And there! Your initial orphaned post now has parents!


Don’t forget to apply the promo code: weignitegrowth

Feature 3. Choose target keywords for links

This Link Whisper review cannot be complete without taking into account anchor texts.

I vary my anchor texts for my internal links, using plenty of semantic and related keywords.

And I love that Link Whisper makes it easy to do that!

You can choose 3 kinds of keywords for every post:

 Google Search Console Keywords

• Keywords from your SEO plugin (I use Rank Math)

• Custom Keywords

To be honest, my GSC keywords haven’t really synced much with Link Whisper, even after trying multiple times. That’s where the plugin could do with some improvements.

So in this Link Whisper review, I wouldn’t highlight GSC as a feature that works. For me it’s not that important, honestly.

But I do add a focus keyword in my Rank Math section for every post.

Plus I add all the keywords I would like my post to be connected to, in the custom keywords section.

keywords internal linking anchor text

Link Whisper then offers me suggestions based on these keywords.

Feature 4. Customize your site’s internal linking settings

You can go to Settings and do a lot of customization about how you want your linking process to work.

In this Link Whisper review, we will only look at a few examples, under each section.

General Settings

1. Open links in new tabs

I always prefer to open my links in a new tab so that it doesn’t take the reader away from the current post.

Normally on WordPress every time you add a link, you have to choose whether you want a new tab or not.

You can set this as a default in Link Whisper and then every link added with the plugin will follow the same setting.

2. Ignore numbers and certain words

The default words to ignore are prepositions, conjunctions, etc. But you can also add your own.

3. Choose a language

Currently, Link Whisper is available for 16 languages (see more in FAQ)

This is pretty straightforward so I won’t get into details in this Link Whisper review, but you can always try out the plugin and check if and how it works in your language.

4. Set post types to create links for

You can also select pages, landing pages, and other custom post types.

5. Post status (published/ draft/ etc.) you want to create links for

I only want link suggestions for published posts, because my drafts are not final. If you already have your drafts in the queue, you can enable link suggestions for them.

6. Number of sentences to skip at the beginning of the post for links

I usually avoid links in the first few lines of my post, in my introduction.

So I have set it as such and Link Whisper never offers me any link suggestions for the first 3 lines.

7. Customize your maximum links per post.

You can set this both for incoming and outgoing links, for each post.

Content Ignoring

8. You can leave out certain content, taxonomies, custom fields, etc., for link building

9. You can choose specific posts to ignore for auto-linking and the URL changer

10. Choose nofollow/ dofollow links for certain domains

Advanced Settings

11. Update the ‘post modified’ date when links are created to that post

If you add links manually in WordPress and update your post, your post modified date will change to the actual date. 

But you may not want this if you haven’t actually updated your content. 

With Link Whisper, I always set to my post-modified date NOT being updated. Just add the links.

12. Manual trigger

Don’t want Link Whisper to suggest links to you unless you specifically ask for them?

Stop it from doing that then, with this setting. 

These were only some examples of the settings you can adjust. There are a whole lot of other customizations and options you can choose in your linking process. 

AND it saves time and effort. No wonder my Link Whisper review includes a recommendation to try out the link-building plugin.


Feature 5. Get detailed reports on links to adjust your strategy

I really love how Link Whisper provides very clear reports and snapshots on everything link-related. 

Besides the orphaned posts report, you also have the domain report, the clicks report, and the errors report.

1. Links report

The links report is pretty straightforward. Gives you an overview of incoming and outgoing links for every post. 

You can click on them and edit as you need.

This is the reporting part I use the most, to keep track of my links. 

2. Domains report

The domains report shows you which sites you link to the most, internal and external. 

First of all, internal vs. external.

link whisper internal vs external links

Here it shows me that more than 50% of my links are external. That’s a lot!

Which means I am giving away a lot of link juice. So I can adjust my linking strategy accordingly.

To help with that, I also get an overview of which sites I am linking to the most.

link whisper most linked to domains

You can also get the details of all the external domains linked from every post by going to the Domains Report. 

3. Clicks report

The clicks report is a relatively new feature that shows you the number of clicks for each post.

It also shows you the details like the actual links, the dates, anchor text, number of clicks.

link whisper clicks report

So you can check for example which links are doing better than others and use that to refine your link-building strategy.

You can also tailor your reporting dashboard.

If you want to try it out, use the code weignitegrowth when you buy Link Whisper, and you can get $15 off any plan.

Link Whisper Review Best Features

Link Whisper features that I use less frequently

I promised this would be an unbiased Link Whisper review. 

So there ARE some features of Link Whisper that are not so relevant for me.

1. Auto Linking

The auto-linking option lets you add a specific link for a specific keyword, across pages.

So you don’t have to go through the link suggestions of every post and do your selection.

Even though it’s ‘auto’ linking, it still gives you plenty of customizations.

Like how many links per post, whether you want to select links, which links to prioritize, which taxonomies to limit the links to.

seo auto links wordpress link whisper

So why don’t I use this?

Because I don’t always want to add links on the same keyword/ anchor text, and I don’t need to be prompted on it either.

For example, I have a blog post on building a brand story, but I might want to add links to the post with the keyword ‘brand strategy’ as well.

So most of the time I just leave it open.

2. URL Changer

Another confession I have in my Link Whisper review is the low/no use of the URL changer option. 

The URL changer is not a redirect tool, though it can work like one.

It replaces the links you have to one post, with links to a different post.

So you can see the old URL as the URL you don’t want the links to go to anymore, and the new URL to the post you want the links to go to.

Here’s a video.


Remember that this does not depend on the keyword used. It’s all links, with all keywords.

This would mean that your old URL would have no links anymore.

You would do that in very few situations. Like maybe you’re creating a new post on a topic and your old post is so outdated that you want to delete it. And send all the links it had to your new post.

I don’t really do this often, so it’s a bit on my back burner.

You can also use this when you really just want to do a redirect of your post with links. For redirects, I use Rank Math.

3. Error report

The last feature to mention in this Link Whisper review is the Error Report.

This is like the Broken Link Checker plugin, which shows you all your broken links.

You can edit the link from the report itself. 

However, in this case, I prefer the Broken Link Checker plugin because it gives me more options than just changing the link.

broken link checker error report link whisper

I can edit, unlink, dismiss, recheck, etc. 

So I don’t really use the Error Report of Link Whisper much which doesn’t give me these options. 

Link Whisper pricing: How much does Link Whisper cost?

Of course, the big question of any review, especially this Link Whisper review which asks if it’s worth the money, is the pricing.

Which really depends on the number of sites you need. See below the original prices and the one with the promo code applied. 

link whisper pricing with discount

So if you are a small business owner with just one site, then a single site license will be enough.

There is no monthly option payment available. Try it out, knowing you can always get a refund if it doesn’t work. 

Link Whisper alternatives

What makes Link Whisper even more of a winner is that it doesn’t have many alternatives yet.

You can find your posts with a low number of links from your Google Search Console.

But another conclusion of this Link Whisper review is that there is really no replacement for the quick and easy actual link-building options of this WordPress link-building plugin. 

Link Whisper tutorials

As mentioned above, one of the features I love most about Link Whisper is that the interface, settings, and reports are very straightforward, making the plugin very easy to use.

But still, if you need tutorials on every aspect of Link Whisper, you can check out the very helpful videos on the plugin site.

Conclusion of my Link Whisper review: Worth it?

My Link Whisper review boils down to one simple trade-off: time and effort vs. money. Click To Tweet

So far, there is nothing so special about link building in Link Whisper does that you cannot do manually.

As mentioned earlier, you can keep Excel sheets of your links, and add them manually in your posts as you go.

The question is, how much time and effort all that takes and if it’s worth it.

The annual fee of Link Whisper is $77 for one site. With my promo code of $15 off, it’s just $62.

Compare that to your average hourly fee and the time it takes you to do your internal linking.

If you make $10 an hour, and if you take more than 6 hours a year to do your internal linking (which you will, trust me, if you post regular content), then your Link Whisper subscription is worth it.

You can create links for a post in literally 5 minutes.

And if you make $100 an hour, then even if you take one hour currently for your linking, Link Whisper makes direct economic sense.

If you write one blog post in 4 or 6 weeks, and really don’t have much content on your site, you can do your internal linking manually. Otherwise, get Link Whisper.

If you’re writing regular blog posts, which you need to do to improve your SEO, then without Link Whisper, you have to do your linking manually. And decide if it’s worth using your precious time on link building.

Even if you have zero or low income right now (hell, we always think income could be higher, right?), then the hours you spend on manual link building, wouldn’t you rather be spending all that on actually growing your business?

I convinced myself for months that I don’t really need to buy another marketing tool.

But as you can see, I LOVE it. Would not spend so much time writing a review for it otherwise.

I only wish I had signed up for it sooner and not wasted all those hours slogging away at my internal linking.

So don’t make the same mistake that I did.

Discount code for $15 off: weignitegrowth

After all, there is a 30-day refund policy if it’s not really your thing. That was my thinking, at least. Never going back to my pre-Link Whisper days 😉

So there you go! That was my unbiased Link Whisper review: a plugin I am super grateful for. 

Did you try Link Whisper? What has been your experience? Would love to hear your comments!

Before you go, check out some additional information and FAQ to add to my Link Whisper review.

FAQ: Link Whisper Review 2022

Anyone who has a small scale website and wants to help it rank higher in search engines. Small business owners, SMEs bloggers, freelancers can all benefit from Link Whisper.

Sure. You can remove any links you added by editing the content of your page.

All the links added through Link Whisper will stay on your site, even if you remove the plugin.

Internal links have proven to boost your SEO. However, only links created with Link Whisper are only one aspect of SEO.

You need to combine it with other SEO strategies like on-page SEO, technical SEO, keyword research, etc., to significantly boost your SEO rankings.

Link Whisper was launched as a WordPress internal linking plugin. There is also a Shopify Link Whisper version now.

Link Whisper is compatible with all the major WordPress page builders like Elementor, Divi, SiteOrigin, Beaver, etc.

Link Whisper works with 16 languages so far.

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Russian
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Dutch
  • Danish
  • Italian
  • Norwegian
  • Swedish
  • Slovak
  • Serbian
  • Arabic
  • Hebrew
  • Hindi

There is no free trial per se. But there is a free version and a paid version.

See below the differences and/ or check it out here.

link whisper free vs premium

I want to be direct in this Link Whisper review. The free version isn’t much, offers very limited features.

It only prompts suggestions to add outbound links but doesn’t let you actually add them. You have to do that manually.

Honestly, do you really need a plugin to just offer suggestions? You can scan the post yourself to see where to add links.

Not. Worth. It.

If you have to consider Link Whisper, go for the full version. And get your money back if you don’t like it.

Yes, it is compatible with all the big SEO plugins like Yoast SEO, Rank Math, All-in-one SEO.

In fact, as I mentioned earlier, you can add your SEO plugin keywords to the list of keywords you want to get link suggestions for, in each post.



It is not the number of plugins that affect your site speed, it is how heavy your plugins are.

Even though Link Whisper does a lot of linking actions, it has very clean code and doesn’t affect your site speed.

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