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SE Ranking Review

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SE Ranking is an excellent SEO tool that lets you track almost every aspect of SEO.

You can use it to do your research or monitor your site.

It is not the most sophisticated tool with the most extensive database, but it meets the SEO needs of most small businesses and bloggers.

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Starts at $44

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Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

Whether you are a small business owner, entrepreneur, or blogger, you know how valuable SEO tools are in ranking a website higher on search engine result pages (SERPs). Undoubtedly, these platforms save our time and resources, allowing us to focus on things that really matter.

But with so many SEO tools out there, how do you decide which is the best fit for your business?

That’s even more challenging if you’re an entrepreneur with limited SEO experience.

The easiest way to find the best SEO tool for your business is by reviewing the popular tools and evaluating if they fulfill your needs. So, how about starting with SE Ranking?

In this SE Ranking review, I will explain the tool’s features with several examples. Based on my experience, I will share the pros and cons of using it to help you decide if this is the SEO tool you should use. So, let’s dive in!

What is SE Ranking?

SE Ranking is an all-in-one SEO software that provides all the critical SEO features, including keyword research, backlink analysis, site audits, and competition tracking. It’s super easy to use.

SE Ranking started as a rank-tracking tool in 2013 but has grown to become a powerful and complete SEO tool. It has over 800,000 users in 150+ countries and is used by big brands like Zapier, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Trustpilot.

From freelancers and entrepreneurs to small and big business owners and agencies, anyone can use SE Ranking to improve their search engine rankings and grow their website’s traffic, whether they have SEO expertise or not.

SE Ranking Homepage

SE Ranking gives users detailed insights into their website’s performance to help them make informed marketing decisions. It also assists in developing custom SEO strategies and link-building or tracking the effectiveness of ad campaigns.

So if you’re looking for an SEO tool that can help get ahead of your competition and attract more website visitors, SE Ranking is definitely worth checking out.

The best part? The tool offers a 14-day free trial, so you can test it out before deciding if it’s the right fit for your business.

Summary of my SE Ranking review

SE Ranking’s uniqueness as an SEO tool lies in offering a spectrum of SEO features, from basic to advanced, at flexible and affordable prices. You can choose your required keywords, duration, and features and adjust the price that works best for your business needs. That’s quite handy if you own a startup with a limited budget.

Simply put, SE Ranking is an excellent option for small and large businesses. The platform also offers a free 14-day trial, so you can try investing in it to improve your website’s ranking.

SE Ranking features: What tools do you get?

Like Semrush, SE Ranking offers a wide range of SEO/ PPC features. Here is a snapshot:

SE Ranking Features

These are the key SE Ranking features:

  • Projects
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research: SEO/ PPC
  • Keyword Rank Tracker
  • Backlink Checker
  • On-page SEO Checker
  • Website Audit
  • White Label
  • Report Builder
  • Content Marketing
  • SERP Checker
  • Local Marketing

I will go through all the features by categorizing them into 4 sections:

  • Research
  • Tracking and Analysis
  • Reporting
  • Marketing

Pro Tip:

To follow this SE Ranking review and tutorial most effectively, try out SE Ranking (for free) while reading it.

SE Ranking research features for SEO/ PPC

SE Ranking offers 3 primary tools for research:

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Research
  • Backlink Analysis

Keyword Research

When it comes to SEO, one basic feature you need all the time is keyword research. It’s the foundation of your SEO strategies.

SE Ranking offers an easy keyword research tool. You just have to enter a keyword in the search bar, and the platform will give you a detailed overview of its difficulty level, search volume, and CPC.

Let’s say you search for “wine tasting.” Here is what you will get:

SE Ranking Keyword Overview

Next to the metric headings, it mentions whether the data has recently been updated. If not, you can update it to get the most recent data.

The keyword overview also shows similar, related, and low-search volume keywords. If you click on the left menu in the dashboard, you can get the difficulty and volume levels for all the similar and related keywords.

SE Ranking Similar Keywords

You can scroll down further to see more reports, like the top 10 organic search results and other websites that target this keyword for their paid campaigns.

SE Ranking Organic Results

What I love about the Keyword Research feature:

  • You don’t have to open different window tabs to see the details of the keyword. You can just see it with one click on the same page.
  • You can also filter your keywords by volume, difficulty level, word count, and other parameters to find the most relevant keywords.

What I wish was better:

  • If you could also see the backlink data for the top 10 in the SERPs without opening different tabs.

Competitor Research

As a small business owner or entrepreneur with a brand website, it’s important to stay up-to-date on your competition so you can get your website noticed and improve your SEO strategy.

The SE Ranking’s Competitor Research feature makes it easy to research them and find out their winning points in one place.

Simply enter your competitor’s website URL, and SE Ranking will provide you with an in-depth analysis. You will see detailed information about their traffic statistics, what keywords they’re ranking for, and what backlinks they have.

You can also see the dynamics of paid campaigns versus organic traffic.

Let’s see an example. I entered seranking.com.

SE Ranking Competitor Research

In the overview section of your dashboard, you will see the key metrics for the website:

  • Domain Trust: The authority of your domain as ranked by search engines.
  • Page Trust: The power of your page as ranked by search engines.
  • Organic Traffic: The monthly traffic the domain receives organically through search engine optimization.
  • Paid Traffic: The monthly traffic received through PPC campaigns.
  • Backlinks: The number of domains linking to the website and the number of backlinks it has

As you scroll down, you see more snapshots of data:

  • Traffic distribution by country
  • Total traffic over a period of time
  • Organic keywords and positions
  • SERP features
  • Organic competitors and keyword gaps
  • Top pages in organic search and their share of traffic
  • Top subdomains in organic search

SE Ranking Competitor Research Full

You also see similar data for paid keywords:

  • Paid Keywords and their rankings
  • Paid competitors and keyword gap

Pro Tip:

Click on ‘View Detailed Report’ in any section for detailed information. Alternatively, you can click on the menu on the left of the dashboard to get more in-depth reports.

Detailed Overview of Competitor Research

What I love about the Competitor Research feature:
  • You can deep dive into a lot of data about your competition and directly compare your business website to theirs.
  • The data visualization is really intuitive. It shows the number of keywords across countries and competitors’ traffic over time. See the charts below.

SE Ranking Traffic by Country

Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are essential to SEO, especially high-quality backlinks from related sites.

SE Ranking offers two types of backlink analysis features:

1. Backlink Checker

One easy way to analyze which websites or which type of websites to target for links is to determine the links your SEO competitors have, i.e., the pages in the top 10 of the SERPs.

The SE Ranking Backlink Checker gives you a broad overview and in-depth data of all the domains and links pointing to a specific domain. Here is a snapshot of the dashboard:

SE Ranking Backlink Checker

2. Backlink Gap Analyzer

With the Backlink Gap Analyzer tool, you can speed up your backlink analysis even more by checking which domains point to your competitors but not to you.

SE Ranking Backlink Gap Analyzer

SE Ranking tracking and analysis features

The 4 key features of website tracking and monitoring are:

  • Project monitoring
  • Website audit
  • On-page checker
  • SERP Analyzer

Project monitoring

The first step of monitoring your site is to add it as a project on SE Ranking. On your dashboard, simply go to ‘Create Project’.

  • Enter the domain you want to track
  • Add the keywords you want to track (SE Ranking will also give you some keyword suggestions, but they may not be very accurate, so I would suggest keeping your keywords handy)
  • Add the search engines and the country. SE Ranking tracks data in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.
  • List the competitors you want to analyze
  • Connect your site’s Google Analytics and Google Search Console

And that’s it! Your project is all set up.

I added the domain of a small business website in the UK called All Clean Services.

SE Ranking Project Monitoring

You will not see any data immediately because the project is now set up to be tracked. However, over time, you will see detailed performance metrics like traffic, search engine positions, and competition comparisons.

Website Audit

The Website Audit feature of SE Ranking lets you know the health of your site and how much it is optimized for SEO from a technical and on-page perspective.

Some of the aspects it analyzes are:

  • Security
  • Speed
  • Images
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Domain validity and expiration dates
  • Total number of backlinks
  • Domain Trust
  • Number of pages indexed by search engines
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Problems by Category, etc.

SE Ranking Web Audit

If you are not a technical SEO person, there are some elements that you can fix by yourself for your website.

For many others, you might need the help of a professional SEO expert.

On-page SEO Checker

You can monitor the performance of any page with the on-page SEO checker. Simply enter your URL, the primary and secondary keywords, search engine, country, and depth of analysis.

I analyzed a recent post of mine.

SE Ranking On-page SEO Checker

I could see my page’s current performance and get tips to improve it.

SE Ranking SEO Report

What I love about the On-page SEO checker:

  • The tasks to do are broken down by importance.
  • There are explanations for every task and instructions on how to fix the issues.

SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer does what it says: analyzes the top pages in the SERP for a given keyword.

With this feature, you can evaluate data of these pages, like their content, keywords, backlinks, traffic forecast, and others. It will help you decide what kind of content you need to create to beat these top-ranking pages.

SE Ranking SERP Analyzer

This is a fantastic guide to help you create content, as it saves you a ton of time analyzing your competitors manually with spreadsheets.

You can also use content tools like the Content Editor and Content Idea Finder to get content ideas and create content briefs.

SE Ranking reporting features

The reporting tools of SE Ranking are also quite comprehensive. If you have an SEO business and are helping businesses on this topic, you can get White Label features, Report Builder, API, and Lead Generator.

Go to the Report Builder feature and build your report interface.

SE Ranking Report Builder

You can choose a format for a prebuilt report or create a customized one from scratch. Moreover, you can set your report to be generated daily or weekly and send it to 3 recipients.

SE Ranking marketing features

SE Ranking isn’t just an SEO tool; it also offers a wide range of marketing features to help you improve your online visibility. The two primary marketing tools include:

  • Local Marketing
  • Content Marketing

Local Marketing

Local marketing must be your primary strategy if your business is targeted to the local audience. It makes your brand more visible to the target audience, making it easier to find through the local search.

With SE Ranking’s Local Marketing tool, you can develop, monitor, and manage your business’s local search visibility from one dashboard.

SE Ranking Local Marketing Overview

You will have the following three features in the SE Ranking Local Marketing tool:

1. Local Rankings and Search

SE Ranking allows you to set tracking points for specific keywords to see how they rank in the area your business operates in. You can also monitor your competitor’s rankings across various locations within one business profile.

SE Ranking Local Rankings and Search

Moreover, you can discover whether a keyword’s rankings have boosted or decreased in a specific location.

2. Local Marketing Audit

SE Ranking provides you with comprehensive reports about your Google Business Profile (GBP) and other listings, highlighting new or old issues. The platform also gives you recommendations for improvement.

You can also evaluate the performance of specific digital marketing strategies within a specific location. Additionally, you can assess whether a location’s NAP data is consistent and authentic.

SE Ranking Local Marketing Audit

3. Reviews

Reputation management is important for businesses to strive and thrive in the market.

You can save substantial time and resources from SE Ranking’s Reputation Management tool. It gives real statistics about your brand’s reputation and allows you to reply to reviews directly from one place.

The supported platforms include Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and more.

SE Ranking Reviews

Content Marketing

If you struggle with creating content, SE Ranking offers a comprehensive content marketing platform for all your SEO and copywriting needs. You can create content briefs, write and optimize content, and check its quality right from one platform.

The three key content marketing features include:

1. Content Editor

With SE Ranking’s Content Editor, you only have to enter your target keywords and create a brief around them based on SERP analysis. Afterward, you can check if the developed copy fulfills the requirements.

SE Ranking Content Editor 

The best part? This Content Editor tool seamlessly integrates into Google Docs for ease of use.

It also gives you keyword suggestions, outline ideas, competitor snippets, content scores, and readability. The goal is to improve the overall quality of your text.

2. Content Idea Finder

The Content Idea Finder tool helps users instantly generate content ideas for their website.

You just have to tell the tool the topic you want to write about, and it will analyze a keyword most closely related to it. Not only that, but it uses the information within the keyword to give you a list of additional relevant keywords, which you can use to create new content.

SE Ranking Content Idea Finder

3. AI Writer

Let’s be honest; content creation is not only time-consuming but energy-consuming as well. It can make you exhausted enough to not want to perform other tasks.

With SE Ranking’s AI tool, you don’t have to write from scratch manually. Instead, just enter a word or phrase you want to write about, and the tool will generate topic ideas, detailed outlines, meta descriptions, and FAQs around it.

SE Ranking AI Writer

You can use SE Ranking’s AI writer to create or expand already-written content from scratch. Moreover, you can choose the tone of voice to make the generated content sound humanized.

Additional SE Ranking tools

Besides the above key tools, SE Ranking also includes some additional features that may not be integral for your SEO but can definitely boost it. That’s especially the case if you are not an SEO expert.

Expand Database

Suppose you don’t find all the keyword data you need in the keyword research tool, maybe because it doesn’t cover your niche in detail. In such a situation, you can expand your database with your own list of keywords to get a more thorough analysis.

Index Status Checker

The Index Status Checker lets you check whether a website is indexing properly in Google and other major engines.

Search Volume Checker

The Search Volume Checker tool is a great way to see the search volume for specific keywords, like high-intent keywords, based on the data from Google Keyword Planner.

Keyword Grouper

The Keyword Grouper tool is fantastic for researching semantic keywords. This tool analyzes how certain keywords match the website’s URL with the top 10 SERP results and groups them based on your set criteria.

Page Changes Monitoring

This feature detects changes in your website pages and notifies you, so you are better informed while working on your SEO strategy.

Social Media Monitoring

The Social Media Monitoring tool lets you connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can use the tool to schedule your posts and analyze their performance.

SE Ranking Pricing: How much does it cost?

One of the aspects I love most about SE Ranking is its flexible pricing.

There are 3 core plans with different features and pricing.

  • Essential Plan: Starts at $44 for annual plans with rank tracking of 750 keywords.
  • Pro Plan: Starts at $87 for annual plans with rank tracking of 2,000 keywords.
  • Business Plan: Starts at $191 for annual plans with rank tracking of 5,00 keywords.

SE Ranking Pricing & Plan

However, what I absolutely love about this tool is that it is not a one-size-fits-all scenario.

You can choose how many keywords you want to track, how often you want the rank frequency checked, how often you wish to pay, and get semi-customized pricing just perfect for your needs.

Look at the image below to see how price changes with your preferences.

SE Ranking Best SEO software for small business Pricing options


If you have a small website and have basic SEO needs, the Essential Plan will be enough.

If you have a larger website, are a blogger or freelance writer, or are a business focused on improving your SEO and growing your traffic, the Pro Plan may be more suitable. This plan gives you access to advanced features like organic SERP history and Keyword Database Expansion.

The Business Plan is more suitable for SEO experts or agencies with multiple clients that need the whole reporting suite.

Regardless of which plan you think is best, SE Ranking offers a 14-day free trial, so you can try it before you buy.

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SE Ranking Free Trial

I believe you should never commit to and buy an SEO tool before trying it out.

The same goes for SE Ranking.

SE Ranking offers a free trial for 14 days. You just have to enter your name, email, and password, and you’re good to go. You can also choose to log in through Google.

You don’t need to enter your credit card information, so there is no need to worry about getting upgraded to a paid plan in case you forget to cancel your trial.

SE Ranking Free Trial

The SE Ranking free trial will give you access to the Essential Plan, which doesn’t include some features. You will still get a feel of the tool to decide whether you want to try it out for a month.

SE Ranking Support

If you are a business owner or marketing manager who wants to run an efficient website, you might not know all the ways to use an SEO tool and occasionally need help.

If you are an SEO expert helping your clients, you might need to get things done in a certain way.

That’s why the support system of an SEO tool is very significant.

SE Ranking offers you the option to contact them by chat or email.

In my experience, the customer service of SE Ranking is very prompt and helpful. They answer emails relatively quickly and take the time to help you through your questions.

Whenever I’ve had a question or needed help, the SE Ranking team has responded quickly and provided clear instructions.

After resolving the issue, they even followed up with me to ensure everything worked properly. I would definitely recommend SE Ranking to any small business owner or entrepreneur looking for a reliable SEO tool.

SE Ranking Review – Pros & Cons

Like any SEO software, SE Ranking has pros and cons. In full disclosure, I use Semrush, but I have used SE Ranking before.

And as a user, these are some of the things I love about SE Ranking and some things that are not so great.

Pros of SE Ranking

  • All-in-1 SEO tool: One of the best aspects of SE Ranking is that it has plenty of features, at least the most essential ones.
  • Easy to use: The interface and the data presentation are very visual and clean, which makes it very easy to use this tool.
  • Beginner-friendly: Even if you have no experience with SEO tools, you will quickly understand how to use the tool and get the information you need. The learning curve is relatively flat.
  • Affordable: You get all the features at an unbeatable price, which you choose based on your needs.
  • Supportive customer service: As mentioned, the quality of customer service is top-notch, making it very easy to find solutions if you are stuck on any aspect.

Cons of SE Ranking

  • Less in-depth data than competitors: It simply doesn’t have the extent of data like its pricier competitors like Semrush, Ahrefs, or Moz. That’s also how they can offer you a lower price.
  • Social media monitoring is limited: Even though SE Ranking has this feature, all social media platforms are not included, and the analytics is not great. But then, this is meant to be an SEO/ PPC tool, not a social media tool.



  • All-in-1 SEO tool

  • Easy to use

  • Beginner-friendly

  • Affordable

  • Supportive customer service

  • Links built through Link Whisper are permanent

  • A lightweight plugin and doesn't impact page speed

  • Less in-depth data than competitors

  • Social media monitoring is limited

Who is SE Ranking best for?

SE Ranking is an useful tool for website owners and marketing professionals who want to build or improve their online presence.

This could include but is not limited to:

  • Small business owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • SEO specialists
  • Marketing managers
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Bloggers

SE Ranking is especially well-suited for you if you’re a small business owner, solopreneur, or blogger who wants an SEO tool but has a tight budget.

It’s affordable and easy to use, and it provides all the data you need to improve your ranking in search engines.

For more extensive, in-depth data, Semrush, Ahrefs, or Moz are better suited. But they are also almost 3x the price!

So if you want an all-in-1 SEO tool that’s easy to use and doesn’t break the bank, SE Ranking is the best choice.

SE Ranking vs Semrush

An often-asked question is how SE Ranking compares to its competitors, especially Semrush.

SE Ranking and Semrush offer similar features, such as auditing and tracking various website metrics and keyword research capabilities, making them both great tools for SEO.

A few years back, the biggest difference between both tools was that SE Ranking didn’t offer marketing features like Semrush. However, the recent updates have empowered SE Ranking with exceptional content marketing and local marketing features.

Yet, Semrush has a much more extensive database of keywords and backlinks, and is a much more powerful tool, SE Ranking is more affordable with good SEO features.

SE Ranking Review – Final Verdict

SE Ranking is an excellent, user-friendly SEO tool for both small and big businesses that gives you excellent value for money. It offers a really wide range of features to help you boost SEO, and it has a flexible pricing structure you can customize based on your needs and resources.

It may not have as extensive databases as its more premium competitors, but it provides enough features for a business to make impactful SEO improvements.

Try out SE Ranking now with a 14-day free trial.

Have you used SE Ranking? What do you think are the pros and cons? Would love to hear about your experiences.

FAQ: SE Ranking Review 2024

You can use SE Ranking to do all SEO activities including keyword research, competitor research, rank tracking, website audit, and backlink analysis.

This data can help you refine your SEO strategy to improve your website traffic and search engine rankings.




There is no offline version of SE Ranking to download and use on your computer.

You do have a mobile app you can download of the tool to check your metrics on the go, but it is not as efficient as the desktop version.

SE Ranking is a powerful SEO  tool that gives you powerful insights to help you improve your organic traffic.

While it is not as powerful as some other SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs, SE Ranking is the best SEO tool with a more affordable pricing.

The biggest names in SEO tool are Semrush, Ahrefs, and Moz.

But in terms of pricing, features, and database, tools like SEO PowerSuite and Ubersuggest are closer to SE Ranking.

Yes, you can connect Google Analytics and Google Search Console to SE Ranking.

SE Ranking is cloud-based software, which means it can be used through an online portal.
You just have to create an account and sign up for a 14-day free trial.

If it works for your business, just sign up for the plan that suits you. You can pay with a credit card.

SE Ranking offers all the SEO tools plus social media management, PPC research, and white label reporting.

It is definitely worth the price if you want a substantial SEO tool at an affordable price.

The SE Ranking free trial gives you access to the Essential Plan where you can set up 5 projects, track up to 250 keywords, and also conduct site audits, competitor research, and social media management.

It does not include to the additional tools like the Search Volume Checker, Keyword Grouper, and Index Status Checker.

SE Ranking is not the best SEO tool in the market, but it is one of the best SEO tools for small businesses who want to work on their SEO with a limited budget.

It offers all the essential SEO tools plus some more, at an affordable price range.


No, you don’t need a credit card to get the free trial of SE Ranking.

Just create a free account with an email address and password or sign in with your Google account.

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