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Semrush AdClarity Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

semrush adclarity review

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In digital advertising, you need creativity and data-based choices to succeed.

Semrush AdClarity is an advertising intelligence tool that helps you see how competitors advertise on different platforms.

In this review, I will deep dive into AdClarity’s features, prices, pros and cons, and show you how to use it.

What is AdClarity?

Developed by BIScience, AdClarity is a competitive intelligence application that collects, analyzes, and aggregates data on display, video, and social ad occurrences across 650K publishers across 52 global markets.

These markets encompass critical regions like the United States, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and the Asia-Pacific.

AdClarity refreshes the data every 24 hours, so you always get the latest information about your competitor’s advertising campaigns and performance. You can review metrics for the last 12 months across devices (desktop and mobile).

Semrush has integrated AdClarity into the Semrush App Center. Read more about it in my Semrush overview.

What can you do with AdClarity?

In a nutshell, you can use Semrush AdClarity to analyze your competitor’s advertising strategies, campaigns, and performance, and use those insights to empower your own advertising strategy.

This can be summed up into 4 key benefits.

1. Competitor campaign analysis

Gain insights into both the creatives and metrics of your competitors’ digital campaigns across diverse channels.

You can get data across 3 key channels: Display, Social, and Video. You can also review the details of the top-performing ad per channel and other ads in the same campaign.

2. Publisher research

Uncover high-performing publishers, advertisers, ad networks, and agencies within your industry.

Get insights into the performance of a competitor’s advertising campaigns across different publishers.

3. Comparative analysis

Evaluate the effectiveness of your online advertising by comparing it to your competitor’s.

You can compare each metric of your advertising to your competitor’s.

4. Refine your advertising strategy

Use the insights derived from all the comparitive data to optimize your online campaigns for maximum impact. Know what’s working for you and what you can do better.

AdClarity Features

Here are some of the key features that AdClarity offers that helps you conduct the above analysis and strategy optimization.

Let’s review them with an example. Let’s take target.com

1. Data overview and filtering

The channels dropdown menu enables users to filter by advertising channel, including display, video, and social.

semrush adclarity - data overview

You see the estimated spend and impressions, ad types distribution, and ad buying methods.

This gives you an initial idea of the advertising strategy of your competitor. For instance, here you see that they are spending the most on banner ads.

For display and video channels, you can also choose specific device types, such as desktop or mobile, enhancing customization.

semrush adclarity - data filtering by channel

Moreover, you can view data from various time periods (within the last 12 months) and further customize your view by location, selecting from up to 51 different countries.

2. Advertiser trend

The second section shows you the performance of the ad campaigns over a period of time (daily/ weekly/ monthly).

So you can see when the campaign was most effective.

semrush adclarity - advertising performance trend

In this case, for example, you see that the campaign performance is consistent.

3.  In-depth analysis by channel

The high-level performance overview is just the beginning.

You can then get the metrics by channel.

semrush adclarity - advertiser expenditure breakdown

You can even dig deeper into the metrics by social media.

semrush adclarity - advertiser expenditure breakdown by social channel

4. Creative analysis

The top ads section shows you the best ads of this advertiser.

semrush adclarity - top ads

You can also filter and sort it to review the creatives by images, videos, or social.

Now comes the more interesting part.

You can even analyze the most performing creative in detail.

semrush adclarity - analyze best-performing ad

For instance:

  • Size: Sizes of ads can be a critical factor for your campaigns
  • Date: An ad that is running over a long time, is usually a benchmark of a very well-performing ad
  • Full campaign report: Review all the ad creatives of this campaign
  •  Campaign landing page: Get the URL of the landing page for this campaign
  • Publishers: Which publishers are the best to target for this type of an ad

As you can see, comparing only one ad in detail gives you lots of tips on how you can strengthen your advertising strategy and creatives.

Here is an example of the top ads in the same campaign. I can also filter them by social channel.

semrush adclarity - top ads in same campaign

Currently, only Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok data are captured in AdClarity.

Pro tip:

You can also analyze the campaign landing page for organic keywords and use them in your customized SEO strategy.

5. Multiple search options

You don’t always have to start getting data about a competitor (also called advertiser), though. You can analyze by 6 different parameters:

  • Advertisers
  • Publishers
  • Campaigns
  • Keywords
  • Groups
  • Comparisons

If you are using AdClarity for the 1st time, one way to start is with keywords. For example, I searched by best-deals.

semrush adclarity -search by keywords

Another great way is by comparison between your competitor and you.

semrush adclarity - advertising campaign comparison

The comparitive reports offer in-depth insights into placements, performance, and coordination of ad campaigns across different domains.

Other features:

Export data

AdClarity lets you export your reports and data in PDF or CSV formats.

Multicurrency support

AdClarity lets you change the currency displayed in cost estimations to cater to diverse international markets.

Semrush AdClairty pricing

AdClarity’s pricing is quite straightforward and transparent.

Semrush AdClarity offers three main subscription plans, each designed to provide you with comprehensive competitive intelligence. These plans are:

1. Display Plan: Priced at $169 per month

This plan grants you access to insights and data related to display advertising. It covers ad placements, performance, and spending across various publishers and markets.

2. Social & Video Plan: $180 per month

This plan expands your insights to include social and video advertising. It allows you to analyze ad strategies across social platforms and video content, providing a holistic view of your competitors’ efforts.

c. All Advertising Channels Plan: Priced at $349 per month (AdClarity Display + AdClarity Social & Video)

If you’re seeking a complete overview of all advertising channels, including display, social, and video, the All Advertising Channels plan is available at $349 per month. This comprehensive option empowers you with insights across the entire spectrum of digital advertising.

semrush adclarity - pricing

Semrush AdClarity Free Trial

AdClarity offers a 7-day free trial for you to get familiar with the tools and features.

You have to enter your credit card information to access the trial.

After the 7-day period, you will be charged $169 per month.

AdClarity Pros and Cons


  • User-friendly interface: AdClarity’s interface is quite intuitive and simple, making it easy for you to navigate and access detailed advertising insights.
  • In-depth insights: Gain a deep understanding of your competitors’ advertising strategies with AdClarity’s comprehensive analysis, helping you refine your campaigns.
  • Customizable dashboard: Tailor your analysis to your preferences using AdClarity’s customizable dashboard, allowing you to filter data based on your specific needs.
  • Real-time analytics: Benefit from real-time data collected from a vast network of publishers across global markets, ensuring you have the most current insights.


  • Learning curve: Even though the interface is simple, AdClarity’s extensive features and functionalities may pose a slight learning curve for new users.
  • Limited user access: One downside is that both pricing plans only grant access to a single user, which might limit collaboration for businesses requiring multiple team members to work together.
  • Inability to create and track ads: Keep in mind that AdClarity doesn’t offer a feature for creating and tracking your own ads within the platform, requiring you to use other tools for this purpose.
  • Subscription costs: The pricing structure might be relatively high for smaller businesses operating with limited budgets.

Semrush AdClarity Review

AdClarity is a smart tool that helps you get advertising intelligence, refine your advertising strategies and stand out among competitors. Its versatility, data-driven approach, and wide coverage make it a good pick for businesses that want to boost their ad strategies.

Just like any tool, remember that it might take a bit of time to get completely used to it, and it’s not exactly cheap. You have to weigh the benefits against your business objectives.

Hope that helps!

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