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Semrush BuzzGuru Review

Overall Review

BuzzGuru is an all-in-one influencer marketing platform that lets you find the right influencers for your brand, as well as create and manage campaigns.

The learning curve and high cost means it’s targeted more for medium/ big businesses, but any company doing influencer marketing will benefit by using BuzzGuru.

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$169/ month

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Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

Influencer marketing has become a key strategy for brands to engage their target audiences authentically.

Naturally, you need a robust influencer marketing and analytics tool to help you manage all your campaigns.

BuzzGuru has a wide array of features and tools that can make your influencer marketing efforts more efficient and successful.

The question is, is BuzzGuru any good?

In this post, I will share all the details about BuzzGuru so you can decide if it is the right tool for you.

The BuzzGuru solution I will be mentioning here is the Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics tool that you can access through the Semrush App Center.

You can also access BuzzGuru through their parent website, but that is priced at $399 per month.

If you sign up for BuzGuru through the Semrush App Center, you will get the influencer analytics features for $169 per month. You can add on other features by paying extra.

What is Semrush BuzzGuru?

Semrush BuzzGuru is a powerful influencer marketing and analytics platform that lets you manage all aspects of your influencer campaigns with a user-friendly interface.

You can use BuzzGuru to find influencers for your brand, build collaborations with them, and also analyze their performances.

BuzzGuru Review – Summary

Just like most of Semrush’s tools and plans, BuzzGuru is priced relatively high, but it offers a lot of value as well and is completely worth its weight in gold.

However, whether you want to spend hundreds of dollars every month on an advanced influencer marketing tool depends on your needs, goals, and budget.

Key features and tools

You can use BuzzGuru for essentially three aspects of influencer marketing:

  • Discovery and Analytics: Find the perfect influencer for your brand
  • Campaign Management and Reporting: Manage and track your influencer content and results

BuzzGuru Discovery Features

BuzzGuru provides a vast database of over 28 million influencer profiles across popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, giving you access to a diverse range of potential collaborators.

You can search for influencers and evaluate the right ones for your brand in 3 ways:

  1. Influencer Discovery
  2. Search by keywords
  3. Influencer Analytics
  4. Competitor Analysis

1. Influencer Discovery

The Influencer Discovery tool of BuzzGuru lets you search for influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Twitch, and Tiktok.

You can use advanced search filters and 30+ data breakdowns to help you find the perfect influencers for your brand. For example, you can filter influencers based on topic, number of subscribers, price, location, language, and more.

You can also search for influencers based on their audience demographics, including location, age, gender, and language.

Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Discovery

You can then deep dive into the influencer by getting details of their engagement rate, and more.

2. Search by keywords

The second way to find influencers on YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Instagram is with the ‘Search by Keywords’ option. However, instead of searching by influencers by channel, you search by topic-specific content, keywords, brands, and hashtags.

You can then use advanced filters for influencers, like their location, demographics, or country.

Alternatively, you can also filter by content, by narrowing down your searches by engagement (likes, comments, views), date, media type, and more.

Semrush BuzzGuru Search by Keywords

Pro Tip:

It is much easier to find influencers through keywords and topics than by influencers, especially if you are new to the platform and/ or influencer marketing.

3. Influencer Analytics

One of the strongest features of BuzzGuru is its in-depth data about influencers’ performance and impact on social media platforms.

Whether you search through Discovery or Keywords, you can get insights on engagement metrics, audience demographics, reach, and other essential data points on every influencer.

These can help you evaluate if the influencer is right for your brand.

You first get an overview of the influencers and their metrics as determined by the Semrush algorithms.

Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics Snapshot

Next, you get a detailed look at their content and account performance over time.

Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics - Performance

What makes it really more impressive and helpful for me is that you get insights about their audience as well, which helps you evaluate if the influencer is the right fit for your audience.

Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics - Audience

And finally, you get more details like how much it costs to partner with them, and related influencers in the same category.

Semrush BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics - Cost

On the same influencer analytics page, you can review the latest content the influencer has created recently within the BuzzGuru interface.

You can then click on the content to get more information on it and how it performed.

BuzzGuru Analyze Content

4. Competitor Analysis

The third tool you can use to find influencers is by analyzing the influencer marketing strategies of your competitors.

You can get to know your competitors’ geographical targets, campaigns, and daily publications, and also get an overview of the influencers they use – views, subscribers, price, and more.

Key sections in the computer analysis tool include an overall report, mentions, geography, and a general idea of their influencer portrait.

Semrush BuzzGuru Competitor Analysis

The competitor analysis feature is quite helpful if you want to make data-driven decisions about your own influencer strategy and identify potential collaboration opportunities.

Pro Tip:

The Competitive Analysis feature is only available for YouTub and Twitch currently, not Instagram and TikTok.

BuzzGuru Campaign Management Features

Once you have searched for and chosen your influencers, it is time to create and track campaigns with your influencers.

This is where we need and use the Campaign Management feature.

5. Campaign Management

You can use BuzzGuru Campaign Management to track and analyze influencer content and performance. The Campaign Management dashboard for every campaign is quite clear and intuitive, with 5 main sections:

1. Influencers

Get an overview of all your influencers at one go, level of activity, and their campaign performance

2. Draft

Analyze your content drafts and feedback from your associates

3. Content

See the actual content published and a summary of the content performance

4. Links

Create your own custom and short links with UTM parameters for your content, to keep track of the content performance.

5. Report

Once the campaign is over, you can get automated reports with organized charts and tables to visualize the campaign performance across channels. You can customize the reports as well as export them.

Semrush BuzzGuru Campaign Management

The reports are quite comprehensive by default.

BuzzGuru Influencer Analytics - Reporting Custom

You can also customize your reports to include the metrics necessary.

The BuzzGuru reports help you compare campaign results to your predefined KPIs and tweak your influencer strategy where necessary.

Other features

Besides the above high-quality features, BuzzGuru also has features to help you with your search or influence management and give you a better UX.


You can find the top 100 influencers in any country, sort your data, and get more details where you need them.

Semrush BuzzGuru -Tops - Top 100 Influemcers


You can add your shortlisted influencers to custom lists and directly create campaigns from those lists.

Semrush BuzzGuru - Lists

BuzzGuru Plans and Pricing

Semrush BuzzGuru is priced at $169 per month and includes mostly influencer discovery tools.

You can add in the Competitor Analysis for an extra $129 per month, and Campaign Management for an extra $69 per month.

BuzzGuru Pricing

Pro Tip:

The price of $169 per month with an option to add more features is only applicable if you sign up for BuzzGuru through the Semrush App Center.

Get a free trial with this link.

You can directly get data about YouTube, TikTok and Twitch influencers. Only for Instagram influencers, you will have to use tokens to get the research data.

Semrush BuzzGuru Pricing - Tokens

50 tokens are included in your plan every month, but you can also buy extra tokens.

The default tokens reset every month, and you cannot carry tokens forward to the next month.

You can unsubscribe from Semrush BuzzGuru at any time.

BuzzGuru Free Trial

You can get a 7-day free trial for BuzzGuru.

Go to the Semrush BuzzGuru page by clicking on this link.

Semrush BuzzGuru Free Trial

Just click on ‘Try for Free’, enter your details, and get a free 7-day trial!

Pro Tip: 

You will need to enter your credit card information to get the free trial. If you want to cancel the trial and not sign up for a full subscription, just cancel it before the 7 days are up!

Pros and Cons of Semrush BuzzGuru


1. Vast influencer database

One of the major strengths of SEMrush BuzzGuru is its extensive influencer database, covering over 28 million profiles on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

This wide range of influencers provides you with numerous collaboration options. You will definitely find influencers who align perfectly with your target audience, brand values, and budget.

2. Smart Search Filters

Honestly, one of the best BuzzGuru offers 30+ data breakdowns and advanced search filters that allow users to refine their influencer searches based on various criteria.

These filters include engagement rate, follower ranges, language, interests, and more. The smart search capability makes your influencer discovery process more efficient and precise.

3. Automated reporting 

BuzzGuru simplifies campaign tracking and analysis with automated reporting, presenting data in organized charts and tables. You don’t have to create those yourself.

You can quickly visualize campaign performance metrics, compare results against predefined KPIs, and make data-driven decisions to optimize future campaigns.

4. Collaboration

You can directly work with your whole team on Semrush BuzzGuru. You can share your findings and data, get their feedback on influencer content, and plan campaigns together.


1. Price

BuzzGuru starts at $169 per month, and to get the full benefits of the tool, you may have to spend up to $367 per month.

So without a doubt, a high price is one of the biggest reasons why businesses may hesitate to choose BuzzGuru.

Not to mention, for extra insights, you have to use tokens, which further increases your costs.

Even though it offers enough insights and analytics to help you smoothly manage your influencer campaigns, if you have only a few influencers and campaigns, you have to think of your ROI before you go for BuzzGuru.

If your business works with a big influencer marketing budget and team, Semrush BuzzGuru is worth every penny as it makes your campaign management (and life!) so much easier.

2. No fake follower check

Unlike some specialized influencer analytics tools, BuzzGuru does not offer a dedicated fake follower check feature.

Identifying and avoiding influencers with a high number of fake followers is crucial if you want to maintain the authenticity of your influencer campaigns.

3. Learning curve

BuzzGuru is quite an intuitive and user-friendly program, and once you start using it, it flows rather smoothly.

New users, however, may take some time to fully grasp all the functionalities and effectively utilize the platform.

Is Semrush BuzzGuru any good?

SEMrush BuzzGuru is undoubtedly a good investment for any brand that wants to start or improve its influencer marketing efforts backed by data.

You can use the data to find and analyze influencers, plan campaigns, and measure results, all within a short amount of time and with the least amount of hassle.


Semrush BuzzGuru is a user-friendly and powerful influencer marketing platform that offers a comprehensive suite of tools for successful influencer campaigns.

It caters to a diverse range of audiences including digital agencies, business owners, e-commerce brands, app or game developers, and digital product owners.

You only have to identify your goals and evaluate if Semrush BuzzGuru is indeed the right fit for you. The best way to do that is to start with a free trial.

FAQ: Semrush BuzzGuru Review 2023

BuzzGuru supports influencer research on popular platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

The Semrush BuzzGuru plan is priced at $169 per month for influencer discovery. You can also add campaign management for $129 per month and competitor analysis for $69 per month.

BuzzGuru provides a 7-day free trial for users to explore its features and functionalities.

BuzzGuru is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, making influencer marketing accessible and effective for all.

BuzzGuru does include a competitor analysis feature, but you have to pay an extra $129 for it per month.

You don’t need to have an Semrush account first even if you sign up through the Semrush app center. You can directly start with a BuzzGuru free trial.

The headquarters of BuzzGuru is located in Cyprus .

BuzzGuru is a genuine company that offers a robust influencer marketing platform.

BuzzGuru only has influencers for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch.

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