Semrush Lifetime Deal 2022: Get $240 – $900 Off Every Year

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If you’ve been reading my blog posts, you know how much I love Semrush for working on my SEO.

If you want to try out this tool as well and are looking for ways to get it at the lowest cost possible, you should try out the Semrush lifetime deal that I show you in this post.

What is the Semrush lifetime deal?

The Semrush lifetime deal is that every year, forever, you can save between $240 – $900, depending on the plan you choose.

That is actually a 17% discount on your paid plan, forever.

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How can I get the Semrush lifetime deal?

Just follow the steps below to activate your Semrush lifetime deal.

Step 1: Go to the Semrush plans page.

Go to this page: Semrush Prices

You will see 3 plans, Pro, Guru, and Enterprise (details of this plan are listed below)

By default, every plan shows you a price if you pay monthly.

Pro: The monthly price is $119.95

Guru: The monthly price is $229.95

Enterprise: The monthly price is $449.95

Semrush lifetime deal - monthly prices

Step 2: Click on the section above which says bill annually.

That will show you the new prices:

Pro: The monthly price is now $99.95 instead of $119.95

Guru: The monthly price is now $191.62 instead of $229.95

Enterprise: The monthly price is now $374.95 instead of $449.95

Semrush lifetime deal - price

This means that with this Semrush lifetime deal, you can save hundreds of dollars every year!

Pro: Save $20 every month, so $240 every year

Guru: Save $38 every month, so $460 every year

Enterprise: Save $75 every month, so $900 every year

Step 3: Click on the section above which says bill annually.

Choose the plan you want and click on Subscribe.

Semrush lifetime deal - choose a plan

Step 4: Enter your user details

Now you have to create an account.

Just fill in your email address and password and you will get an email from Semrush with a numerical code to activate your Semrush lifetime deal.

Semrush lifetime deal - create an account

Step 5: Enter the code you received

Check your email for the code and type it in the Semrush window.

Semrush lifetime deal - confirm your email

Step 6: Enter your payment details

Check that the correct plan and amount you have chosen for the Semrush lifetime deal are displaying.

Now simply enter your credit card and that’s it!

Semrush lifetime deal - payment

You have successfully subscribed to the Semrush lifetime deal!

Step 7: Start using Semrush!

You can now use Semrush for all your SEO and PPC needs.

Is the Semrush lifetime deal really forever?

Yes, it is!

As long as you keep using Semrush, every year your subscription will automatically get renewed with the Semrush lifetime discount of 17%.

So you keep saving money every year.

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Which Semrush plan should I choose?

As mentioned above, there are 3 plans: Pro, Guru, and Enterprise.

The Semrush plan that you should choose really depends on your needs as a business.

Here is a snapshot of the differences between the plans.

semrush pricing

If you are a blogger, freelancer, solopreneur, or really small business owner, you could start with the Pro plan. It may be enough for your needs in the beginning.

But if you have a slightly bigger business with more people, or content writers and SEO experts working with you, the Guru plan may be better. The biggest difference between the Guru plan and the Pro plan is that the Guru plan included the Content Marketing Platform which may help you in finding content ideas or writing blog posts.

If you are the marketing manager of a big company, the Enterprise plan may be the best for you.

Semrush lifetime deal: Conclusion

The annual discount on Semrush is a lifetime offer that will really pay off for you.

Since I have started using Semrush, my posts have moved up in rankings and many of them are on page 1 for good keywords.

You can find a lot of success too! And if you want to keep your costs low, you won’t find a deal as good as this Semrush lifetime deal.

Do you use Semrush? Does this lifetime offer sound exciting to you? Would love to hear your thoughts and comments.

FAQ: Semrush Lifetime Deal

There is no other lifetime deal with Semrush that is cheaper.

Occasionally, Semrush may have a Black Friday offer for some plans which may provide a bigger discount. Sometimes it’s just a longer trial period. But they don’t do that every year, or for every plan.

When you sign up for the Semrush free trial, you will get to use the tool free for 7 days.

If you sign up with this Semrush link, you can use the trial for 30 days.

After that, your plan will automatically be upgraded to the paid subscription for one month.

You cannot get an annual plan after the free trial.

If you want to sign up for the Semrush lifetime deal, it would be best to cancel the trial, then go to the lifetime deal page again and sign up.

The other deal that Semrush offers, only with an exclusive partnership with me, is a 30-day free trial. Read my full post for more details about this trial.

As mentioned above, Semrush may have a Black Friday offer. But the terms of that are different every year.

If you have signed up for the Semrush lifetime deal, your current plan will remain valid till one year from the date of payment.

You can change to a different plan after your current plan expires.

You can cancel your Semrush lifetime deal any time.

Your account will then stop being automatically renewed every year.

But your current subscription will remain valid till one year from the date of payment.

Besides the 30-day free trial, which essentially means getting one month free use of Semrush, the lifetime deal is definitely one of the best deals the SEO tool offers.

Semrush offers a free account which you can use forever, but it has very limited features.

A Semrush 30-day free trial offers you all the features of a plan for just that period.

For full details, check out my post of Semrush free account vs Semrush free trial.

The 30-day free trial and the lifetime offers are the only Semrush discounts for now.

There is no special Semrush student discount.

The Semrush monthly plan is more by $240-$900 every year than the annual subscription, depending on the plan you choose.

The regular Semrush free trial is for 7 days.

You can get a coupon for a 30-day free trial with my special links.

30-day free Pro trial

30-day free Guru trial

Get the Semrush Lifetime Deal

Save $240 – $900, every year

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