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SEO Tools Black Friday Deals 2023: Up to 70% Off!

seo tools black friday deals

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Disclaimer: Some of the links below are affiliate links. i.e., if you sign up for their paid programs, I will get a commission, at no cost to you. Please rest assured that I only recommend software/ products I genuinely believe in, and trust to be good for you.

Black Friday is just around the corner with exclusive discounts. If you own a small business, it’s the best time to subscribe to an SEO tool at a fraction of the cost.

You may come across many SEO tools’ Black Friday deals on the internet, including some well-known names like SurferSEO, Semrush, Link Whisper, SE Ranking, and more. While some start from 20% off, others can go as high as 70% discount.

The SEO tool discounts may vary depending on the price plan you choose.

Most of the SEO tools Black Friday deals are already live from November 1st, continuing till November 30th or mid-December. So, don’t waste much time, and check out the amazing SEO tools Black Friday deals mentioned in this post.

What are the best SEO tools Black Friday deals in 2023?

Black Friday comes with a wide range of discounts on SEO tools. Some deals you shouldn’t miss include:

Remember, the discount on most SEO tools will vary depending on your chosen pricing plan. For instance, SEO PowerSuite’s Enterprise is available for $299/year for the 1-year plan, $239/year for the 2-year plan, and $199/year for the 3-year plan.

Every price plan also has varying features. So, before choosing any of the SEO tools Black Friday deals, it’s important to research all the plans an SEO tool offers. That’s when you can find the ideal one for your needs and preferences.


Top SEO tools Black Friday deals in 2023 you shouldn’t miss

SEO tools are the easiest way to revamp your website and make it understandable for search engines. These tools optimize different elements of a website with a range of features.

So, whether you want to build links or find keywords, you should check out these 5 SEO tools Black Friday deals in 2023 to do both these things easily.

1. Semrush: 30% OFF, save up to $900

On Black Friday 2023, Semrush offers two discounts: 30% off on annual Pro and Guru plans.

  • Semrush Pro: Save $467
  • Semrush Guru: Save $900

Offer validity: Till 1st Dec, 2023

These offers are only valid on NEW signups.

If you upgrade from an existing free account, you will not get the same price offer.

With a user base of over 10 million, Semrush is one of the leading SEO tools globally. This platform offers basic to advanced SEO features, including backlink research, keyword research, position tracking, rank tracking, competitor analysis, website audits and a lot more.

See below the details of the Semrush Black Friday offer.

Semrush Offer

Actual Price

Black Friday Price


Claim the offer

Annual GURU plan




Annual PRO plan




Semrush Pro plan discount for Black Friday

The original price for Semrush annual Pro plan was $108.33/mo, which will be reduced to only $75.83/mo after 30% off.

Total savings with the Semrush Black Friday Pro plan: $467 a year.

This plan discount is ideal if you are an individual, small business owner, marketer, or an entry-level in-house professional.

Semrush Guru plan discount for Black Friday

The original price for the Semrush annual Guru plan was $208.33/mo, which will be around $145.83/mo after Black Friday’s 30% off.

Total savings with the Semrush Black Friday Guru plan: $900 a year.

Guru plan also comes with many advanced features and subscription benefits, making it one of the biggest SEO tools Black Friday deals.

The Guru plan discount is ideal for you if you are a content marketer or own a small & mid-sized business or agency or an in-house marketing team.

Read my full post on what is Semrush and Semrush Pro vs Guru to help you decide on the perfect plan for you. Also read my full Semrush review.

Semrush Black Friday Deal 2022 Choose Your Guru Plan - 3 months or 6 months

Read the full details of the offer in my Semrush Black Friday post. Alternatively, start with a Semrush Free Trial.

Semrush discount for Cyber Monday

Semrush is also offering another deal for Cyber Monday and the whole Cyber Week: 3 months free of  the new ContentShake AI tool with a Semrush Pro subscription.

ContentShake is priced at $60 per month. But if you sign up for Semrush Pro for 3 months, you ContentShake absolutely for free for those months. Which means a savings of $180!

semrush cyber monday deal 2022 - $2000 OFF

The Semrush Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals end in

  • 00Days
  • 00Hrs
  • 00Mins
  • 00Secs

2. SE Ranking: Up to 40% off

SE Ranking offers almost all the key SEO features that improve your website’s ranking. Initially launched as a rank-tracking tool, SE Ranking has become a complete SEO solution.

Whether you own a small business or do freelancing, SE Ranking will fulfill most of your SEO needs, including backlink analysis, competition tracking, keyword research, website audits, and a lot more. It also has an on-page checker, B2B features, marketing plans, and more.

SE Ranking Black Friday Deal

SE Ranking is offering up to 40% discount on all its plans, letting you save up to $1032 a year!

If you’re new to the platform, you can get:

  • 20% annual subscription discount
  • + 20% off on Black Friday

Offer validity: Till 4th Dec, 2023

One good thing about SE Ranking’s pricing is that it’s customizable. You can choose the features and the number of keywords, and the platform will add up your price accordingly.

The original price of its Essential plan with 750 keywords to track is $55./mo, which reduces to $44/mo after a total 40% discount on the annual subscription.

SE Ranking Up to 40% off

The Pro plan is reduced to $69.76/mo from $109/mo and the Business plan is available at $152.96/mo from the original $239/mo.

Remember, the 40% discount will be valid if you’re a new user.

For existing users, only 20% off may be applicable.

These prices differentiate based on the number of keywords you choose. Here is a quick breakdown of SE Ranking SEO tool Black Friday deals:

SE Ranking Offer Actual Price Black Friday Price Savings
20% off Essential plan (new users) $55.00/mo $35.20/mo $19.80/mo
20% off Pro Plan (new users) $109.00/mo $69.76/mo $39.24/mo
20% off Business Plan (new users) $239.00/mo $152.96/mo $86.04/mo

SE Ranking: The most affordable all-in-1 SEO tool

Avail up to 40% off on all annual plans!

3. Link Whisper: Get $30 off

Link Whisper is a useful AI-powered SEO tool that detects broken links and suggests the best anchor texts for internal linking within the WordPress editor. It provides multiple internal links relevant to your content to help you get done with the process instantly.

Link Whisper’s pricing plans depend on the number of sites you get the license for.

On Black Friday, you will get an exclusive $30 off on all the plans, forever.

  • Single site license: $47 per year
  • 3 site license: $87 per year
  • 10 site license: $137 per year

Offer validity: Till 28th Nov, 2023


  • The license also renews every year at the discounted price
  • The prices of all the plans will increase by $20 from Jan 2024

The original price for the single site license costs around $77, 3 site licenses for $117, and 10 site licenses for $167 per year.

Link Whisper Black Friday Deals

Here is a quick summary:

Link Whisper Offer Actual Price Black Friday Price Savings
$30 off 1 site license $77.00/year $47.00/year $30.00/year
$30 off 3 site license $117.00/year $87.00/year $30.00/year
$30 off 10 site license $167.00/year $137.00/year $30.00/year

Link Whisper – The Best Internal Linking SEO Tool

Save $30 off on all plans

4. SurferSEO: Up to 30% off

SurferSEO is an all-in-one SEO tool that not only takes care of content creation but also checks all the SEO-optimization boxes.

You can use it for topic research, content writing, and optimization.

This Black Friday, SurferSEO offers up to 30% off:

  • Monthly plans: 10% off for the first 6 months
  • Annual plans: 30% off for the first year

Offer validity: November 28th, 2023.

SurferSEO also gives instant audit reports and create attractive headlines and content structures, helping you generate high-ranking and top-quality articles in a few minutes.

The platform has three pricing plans with varying features:

Essential Advanced, and Max. It also has a Custom plan for enterprises.

  • Essential plan: 15 articles a month, available for $48.3/mo
  • Advanced plan: 45 articles a month, available for $104.3/mo
  • Max plan:  90 articles monthly, available for $104.3/mo

Here is a quick breakdown of SurferSEO Black Friday deals in 2023:

SurferSEO Offer Actual Price Black Friday Price Savings
30% off Essential plan with 15 articles (Annual Billing) $69/mo $48.3/mo $20.7/mo
30% off Advanced plan with 45 articles (Annual Billing) $149/mo $104.3/mo $44.7/mo
30% off Max plan with 90 articles (Annual Billing) $249/mo $174.3/mo $74.7/mo

5. SEO PowerSuite: Up to 70% off

Offering four amazing SEO tools, SEO PowerSuite is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools for small, medium, and large businesses alike.

With this platform, you will get Rank Tracker, Link Assistant, Website Auditor, and SEO SpyGlass, all of which are powerful SEO tools.

SEO PowerSuite Black Friday deal:

You can save up to $1063 a year.

  • Professional plan: $299/year in the 1-year plan, $239/year in the 2-year plan, and $199/year in the 3-year plan
  • Enterprise plan: $499/year in the 1-year plan, $399/year in the 2-year plan, and $333/year in the 3-year plan

Offer validity: 1st Dec, 2023

SEO PowerSuite Black Friday Deals

SEO PowerSuite also offers a free plan for unlimited evaluation with limited features. To avail of the advanced SEO options, you need the Professional or Enterprise plan.

The Rank Tracker tool helps in keyword research and rank tracking, while the Website Auditor optimizes and audits on-page elements.

The Link Assistant tool manages the link building for the website, and SEO SpyGlass caters to the backlink research.

The Black Friday discount on these tools varies based on the plan’s duration.

SEO PowerSuite Offer Actual Price Black Friday Price Savings
Professional Plan (1-year Plan) $596/year $299/year $297/year
Professional Plan (2-year Plan) $596/year $239/year $357/year
Professional Plan (3-year Plan) $596/year $199/year $397/year
Enterprise Plan (1-year Plan) $1,396/year $499/year $897/year
Enterprise Plan (2-year Plan) $1,396/year $399/year $997/year
Enterprise Plan (3-year Plan) $1,396/year $333/year $1,063/year

SEO PowerSuite: The best desktop SEO tool

Avail up to 40% off on all annual plans!

Final takeaway on SEO tools Black Friday deals

This Black Friday is going to be huge. You can get amazing discounts on the best SEO tools Black Friday Deals in 2023, including Semrush, SE Ranking, Link Whisper, SurferSEO, and SEO PowerSuite.

Here is a quick recap of all the Black Friday deals you can avail of this year:

  • Semrush: Offering up to 30% off on Pro & Guru Plans
  • SE Ranking: Offering up to 40% off on all three plans: Basic, Professional, and Business.
  • Link Whisper: Offering up to $30 off on all three plans: Essential, Professional, and Business.
  • SurferSEO: Offering up to 30% off on all three plans: Essential, Advanced, and Max.
  • SEO PowerSuite: Offering up to 70% off on both plans for different subscription durations.

All these SEO tools rarely get any discounts throughout the year, so don’t miss this year’s SEO tools Black Friday deals.

Don’t waste more time and grab discounts on your preferred SEO tool now! But before you go, check out the FAQ.

FAQ: Best Black Friday deals for SEO tools

Some Black Friday deals on SEO tools are already live! The rest may start from November 15th and last until mid-December. The exact dates will vary from tool to tool.

SEO tools help you identify the issues in a website, suggest ways to improve them, and offer useful SEO features to make your site stand out. With tools like Semrush, Link Whisper, and SE Ranking, you will easily get your website noticed.

Most SEO tools offer a refund and money-back guarantee of a limited time. Check out the terms and conditions of each tool to know the details!


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