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Visme vs Canva: Which Is a Better Online Design Tool?

visme vs canva

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If you’re a non-designer, an online design tool can make graphic designing a breeze for you.

Tools like Canva and Visme offer simple interfaces with multiple basic to advanced features. Anyone can use them to create stellar charts, videos, and graphics regardless of their experience level.

However, the question is: Which tool is better: Visme vs Canva?” Generally, the answer depends on your design requirements.

As a content creator, Canva and Visme can be your lifesaver. You can use them to make social media posts and YouTube thumbnails in only a few minutes. This saves much of your time, enabling you to focus on more important things.

Both Visme and Canva also provide a wide range of royalty-free images and templates to make graphic designing even simpler for you.

Let’s explore these efficient online design tools in this detailed Visme vs Canva one-on-one to help you make the right choice.

What is Visme?

Visme is an online tool for designing, editing, and sharing graphics, including presentations, infographics, logos, storyboards, social media posts, charts, and more.

Launched in late 2013, Visme started as a tool for creating short animations. At that time, the platform had a user base of only 700 beta users. After almost a decade, Visme now has 23 million users, giving tough competition to many renowned design tools.

Visme’s idea revolves around brand identity. You can save your company’s color combination and other visual assets in the platform and use them whenever you want. Visme also has many templates and stock images, so you can start your design work instantly.

Visme Homepage

What is Canva?

Canva is also an online graphic design tool for creating, editing, and sharing visual items, including social media posts, presentations, videos, GIFs, posters, websites, booklets, and more.

Canva started in mid-2012 with exceptional website and whiteboard products. The company’s mission is to compete in the office software category with the market giants: Google and Microsoft. Currently, the platform has a user base of over 125 million.

Like Visme, Canva has many templates and royalty-free images for easy designing. It is ideal for everyone, from freelancers and marketers to small to large businesses and teams.

Canva Homepage


Visme vs Canva: Summary

Canva has more diverse and robust features, assets, and templates than Visme while being cheaper. Visme appears more tailored for business use, potentially justifying its higher pricing.

Visme vs Canva: How are they similar?

Visme and Canva are both cloud-based, drag-and-drop design tools that aim to help users of all skill levels create designs for all kinds of purposes.
Here are their main similarities:

  • Accessible design tools: Visme and Canva are both easy-to-use online design platforms suitable for a wide range of users.
  • Rich asset libraries: They offer extensive collections of free-to-use assets like images, graphics, and templates, catering to all types of design needs.
  • User-friendly interfaces: Both platforms provide intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, making design customization simple even for beginners.
  • Photo editing tools: Both platforms offer brightness and contrast adjustment, cropping, flipping, a copy-style tool, and more. You can easily enhance your photos with different filters as well.
  • Video editing capabilities: Both Visme and Canva go beyond static graphics by providing built-in video editing tools. You can enhance your visual content by incorporating videos, animations, and dynamic elements directly within the platforms.
  • Collaboration features: Visme and Canva include collaborative tools, helping your team work better together on projects such as social media graphics, presentations, and marketing materials.
  • Mobile editing: Recognizing the need for flexibility, both platforms offer desktop and mobile apps for iOS and Android, allowing you to edit designs on the go.
  • Design for everyone: Regardless of different pricing models, Visme and Canva share the goal of making graphic design accessible to users with varying levels of expertise.

Visme vs Canva: What are the differences?

Canva and Visme have a lot of similarities, but yes, they do differ in a few aspects.

Features Visme Canva
User interface Main menu on the left, multiple graphic categories, and a tutorial option Main menu on the left, multiple design options, and a quick assistant
Templates Around 10,000 templates 250,000+ in the basic plan

610,000+ in the premium plans

Stock images Unsplash photo library access in the basic plan

Visme’s premium photo library access with 2 million+ images in the premium plans

1 million+ multimedia assets in the basic plan, including their own library and image sites, such as Pexels, Pixabay, Shutterstock, and iStockPhoto.

100 million+ multimedia assets in the premium plans

Photo editing features Brightness and contrast adjustment, cropping, flipping, copy-style tool, frame adding, color overlays, and more. Brightness and contrast adjustment, cropping, flipping, copy-style tool, and more. However, Canva’s frame adding and color overlay features may be more difficult for a beginner than Visme’s.
Apps and integrations Around 27 apps 180+ apps
Brand Kit Brand kit creation is available in Visme’s $59-worth Pro plan 100 in the Canva Pro plan and 300 in the Canva Teams
Storage Basic + Student plans: 250MB Pro and Educator plans: 3GB Teams plan: 25GB Basic plan: 5GB of cloud storage Pro and Teams plans: 1TB of cloud storage
Video editing Predesigned video templates, royalty-free multimedia assets, timeline editing, trimming, cutting, and splitting, and adding multiple layers and elements to the videos. Predesigned video templates, royalty-free multimedia assets, timeline editing, trimming, cutting, and splitting. You can also add multiple layers and elements to the storyboard, but unfortunately, you can’t add layers to the timeline.
Collaboration Workflow Management feature that enables easy task assignment, feedback, approvals, and project publishing. It also has upgraded brand controls for brand kit creation and usage. Whiteboards for collaborative project brainstorming, designing, providing feedback, approvals, and publishing. You can also invite team members and assign tasks from one place. Moreover, you can preload brand kits with your company’s logos, fonts, and colors for quick collaboration.
Design export Designs are exportable in PNG, JPG, PDF, HTML5, PPTX, MP4, and GIF Designs are exportable in PNG, JPG, PDF, PPTX, MP4, SVG, and GIF.
Customer support support@visme.co. (Responds within 2 hours of request submission) Contact Canva Help Center.

Let’s get into the Visme vs Canva differences in more detail.

User interface

Most graphic designers prioritize the user interface when choosing a design tool. As a beginner, you may not have enough knowledge or skills to understand the complicated UI details.

Fortunately, both Visme and Canva offer simple user interfaces since they target designers and non-designers alike. You can get a hang of both platforms quite easily with some practice.

On Visme, the main menu on the left side has many categories, including layouts, graphics, photos, and media. If you’re new to the platform, you can check each category to find what you want.

You will also see a “?” option on the bottom right. Click on it to have a quick tutorial for a specific feature in the form of videos, live webinars, and ebooks.

Visme User Interface

Canva also has a pretty simple interface. The main menu with different design options is on the left. You will also have a drag-and-drop editor for quick fixes, which you can navigate through keyboard shortcuts or buttons.

The platform also has an assistant feature on the bottom right corner of the screen. You can search for anything in it or ask the assistant to perform a feature, making designing even easier for you.

Canva User Interface

So, there is a tie in this aspect of the Visme vs Canva comparison.



Pre-designed templates are ready-made templates that give an instant kickstart to non-designers. You don’t have to spend time finding different animations or graphics to create a poster. Simply choose a template, edit it as you want, and post it on different channels. It only takes a few minutes compared to hours spent on designing a post from scratch.

Visme and Canva offer thousands of templates in their free plans, and even more, if you subscribe to the premium plan.

There are two key differences between Visme and Canva in terms of templates:

  1. Number of premade templates
  2. Types of templates

Number of templates

Canva offers 250,000+ templates in its basic plan and 610,000+ in its paid plans. On the other hand, Visme provides you with only 10,000 free templates, but you can access more with the premium plans. The exact number of templates isn’t specified, so you will have to contact Visme to learn more about it.

Types of templates

Visme has more corporate-type templates, whereas Canva has a more diverse collection, including “non-corporate” templates with a playful vibe. This gives Canva an upper hand, as you can use it for all kinds of businesses, and even personal use.

Canva Non-corporate Templates

Visme vs Canva Visme Corporate Templates

However, there is no difference in the quality of templates on both platforms. You can use them for your professional and non-professional projects without any doubts.

But overall, we can call Canva a winner in this aspect.

Stock images

This is another metric where we can expect close competition in this Visme vs Canva battle. Both platforms host a wide range of royalty-free stock images, giving you a wide range of photos to choose from as a canvas for your design.

With Canva’s free plan, you can access 1 million+ free multimedia items, including videos, audio, images, and graphics). If you subscribe to the premium plan, you can benefit from 100 million+ multimedia assets.

Meanwhile, Visme’s basic plan gives you access to the Unsplash photo library. You can access the platform’s premium photo library containing 2 million+ images by subscribing to the premium plans.

While both platforms have sufficient free stock images, Canva is more versatile and diverse in this regard. Besides its own photo library, the platform also offers images from multiple free sources, such as Pexels and Pixabay. Not only that, but you can also access photos from premium sites like Shutterstock and iStockPhoto.

Photo editing features

With both Canva and Visma, you can access many photo editing features, including brightness and contrast adjustment, filters, image cropping and flipping, and much more.

Visme Photo Editing Features

Canva Photo Editing Features

In fact, on both platforms, you can copy an image’s style and apply it to another photo using the “copy-style” tool.

Copy-style Tool in Canva

Here is a YouTube video link for your better understanding. Visme’s copy-style tool works similarly to Canva.

Copy-style Tool in Visme

Both tools also let you remove the background of images on premium plans.

Visme and Canva also have some uniqueness in their photo editing tools

Visme photo editing tools

A couple of one-click options that Visme offers are:

  • Color overlays. In Visme, you can use a simple “overlay” feature to apply the overlay with your chosen opacity.

Visme Color Overlay Feature

But in Canva, you must first insert a shape on the photograph to change its color and opacity.

  • Frame-adding. Visme has a “frame-adding” tool that lets you crop photos in different shapes.

Frame Adding in Visme

You can do the same on Canva, but the process is lengthy. You will have to first choose a frame from the “Elements” category, find the photo, and then drag it into the frame.

Canva unique photo editing tools:

Canva has a whole toolkit dedicated to helping you with key designs easily. It is called Magic Studio, and it has various AI-powered features to help you get ideas for designs, create them, and even automate some processes.

These are the most important tools of the Magic Studio:

    • Magic Switch: This feature helps you resize your visual design into as many sizes as you want, allowing you to create multichannel campaigns in just a few clicks.

Canva Magic Switch

    • Magic Expand: With this feature, you can instantly fix the awkward framing of your visual design, change a vertical image into a horizontal, or save zoomed-in items.
  • Canva Magic Expand
    • Magic Edit: It lets you quickly modify, add, or replace visual items.

Canva Magic Edit

Visme does not offer these options. So, while Visme’s one-click features are at least possible in Canva, Canva’s unique one-click features are not possible in Visme.

This makes Canva a winner in photo editing as well.


Video editing

Canva and Visme both have exceptional video editing tools for beginners that make things super easy.

With Canva, you will have multiple predesigned video templates and royalty-free multimedia assets to get started quickly. Some video editing features include timeline editing, trimming, cutting, and splitting. You can also add multiple layers and elements to the storyboard, but unfortunately, you can’t add up layers to the timeline.

Meanwhile, Visme also offers a range of templates and multimedia assets for video editing. Its powerful tool ensures your videos stay aligned with your brand kit. You will also have easy drag-and-drop, timeline editing, cutting, and trimming options for quick editing.

We can call it a tie here in this aspect of Visme vs Canva one-on-one.

Branding and brand kits

A brand kit refers to a collection of elements that give your company a unique identity. These include fonts, logos, colors, and templates.

With Canva and Visme, you can create your own brand kit and save it for different projects and designs. This ensures consistency across a wide range of platforms.

You can avail of this feature in the Pro and Teams plans of both platforms.

With Canva, you can create up to 100 brand kits in the Pro plan and 300 in the Teams plan. For Visme, you must subscribe to the $59/mo Pro plan to benefit from the brand kit feature. It also allows you to add the website URL, but it’s not worth the total price.

So, overall, Canva is a better, more comprehensive, affordable choice than Visme.


Web design

Canva has a dedicated website builder that helps newbies create and publish one-page websites quite easily. However, these are not full-fledged websites, just like a one-page online business card or brochure.

Canva Website Builder

Visme, on the other hand, doesn’t have a website builder, but it lets you export any design you create in the HTML5 version, which lets you use it as a website.

While Canva and Visme both have unique ways to let you create a website, if you really want a good website with strong SEO, don’t go for either of these options.

Get WordPress with a good host like Siteground or Bluehost, or even with Elementor Cloud Hosting, to create a professional website quite quickly.


Canva and Visme support workplace collaboration by allowing teams to share ideas, content, and files in real time. However, these features are only available in the Pro and Team plans.

With Canva, you can create whiteboards for collaborative project brainstorming, designing, providing feedback, approvals, and publishing. You can also invite team members and assign tasks from one place. Moreover, you can preload brand kits with your company’s logos, fonts, and colors for quick collaboration.

Visme also offers similar features. It has a Workflow Management feature that enables easy task assignment, feedback, approvals, and project publishing. It also has upgraded brand controls to enable real-time collaborations.

However, Canva is cheaper than Visme for a minimum of 5 people.

Storage space

Offering storage spaces makes designing and saving multiple versions of the same visual element easier. Visme and Canva both offer significant spaces in their three plans, but Canva leads with a big margin here.

With Canva, you will have 5GB of cloud storage in the Basic plan and 1TB of cloud storage in the Pro and Teams plans. Meanwhile, Visme provides 250MB with the Basic plan (including the Student plan), 3GB in the Pro plan (including the Educator plan), and 25GB in the Teams Plan.

Apps and integrations

Canva and Visme enable integration with various popular apps and services for a diverse use case.

In Visme, you can access:

  • Video apps like YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo, Loom, and Vidyard
  • Image integrations like Unsplash, Giphy, and Brandfetch
  • Storage platforms like OneDrive, Google Drive, Widen, and Dropbox
  • Form and survey apps like SurveyMonkey, Typeform, and Formstack
  • Marketing apps, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, HubSpot, LiveStorm
  • Productivity integrations like Slack

Visme App Integration

With Canva, you can integrate the platform into:

  • Video platforms like YouTube, Embed, Avatars by NeiroAI, D-ID AI Presenters, and SpeedPaint
  • Image apps like Pexels, Imagen, DALL-E, Enhancer, Magic Media, and Giphy
  • Productivity apps like Slack, Frontify, SharePoint, and VNTANA
  • Storage platforms like OneDrive, Google Photos, Google Drive, Bynder, Dropbox, and Widen
  • Form and survey apps like Typeform and Activity Messenger
  • Marketing integrations, including Google Analytics, MailChimp, and HubSpot
  • Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest

Canva App Integration

Canva is compatible with more apps and integrations than Visme, giving the former an edge in this Visme vs Canva one-on-one.


Visme vs Canva: Pros and cons

Visme and Canva are great online design tools, each with different pros and cons. Let’s go through them quickly.

Visme Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop editor for easy image editing
  • Available online but also available as apps for Mac, PC, and Android phone
  • 10,000 free templates for more immersive designing
  • Perfect for creating charts, social media posts, presentations, infographics, and logos
  • Free Unsplash photo library access and 2 million+ images with the paid plans
  • Apps and integrations with around 27 apps for versatile use
  • Designs are exportable in PNG, JPG, PDF, HTML5, PPTX, MP4, and GIF

Visme Cons

  • Downloading designs is impossible on Visme for free
  • Limited types of templates available
  • Resizing canvas to different formats may require manual input

Canva Pros

  • User-friendly interface
  • Drag and drop editor for quick editing
  • Available online but also available as apps for desktops and mobile devices
  • 250,000 free templates and 610,000+ in the premium plan for diverse designing
  • Ideal for designing charts, social media posts, presentations, infographics, and logos.
  • 1 million free multimedia assets in the basic plan and 100 million+ in the premium plans.
  • Apps and integrations with 180+ apps
  • Designs are exportable in PNG, JPG, PDF, PPTX, MP4, SVG, and GIF.
  • Free 5GB cloud storage access
  • Comes with basic web-building and branding tools

Canva Cons

  • The basic plan doesn’t come with branding tools.
  • Adding more people to the account is only possible with the “Canva for Teams” plan.
  • Downloading designs in SVG and PNG is impossible with a transparent background
  • The background removal tool is available with Canva Pro only.
  • Only premium plans offer fully customizable templates

Visme vs Canva: Pricing plans

Budget is a major concern for businesses when investing in an online design tool, especially those just starting out. Visme and Canva both have different prices for their plans based on their features.

Canva’s prices seem a lot more affordable than Visme’s. While Canva offers only three plans, Visme has a four-tier pricing. Here is a quick overview:

Plans Visme Canva
Basic Plan Free Free
Starter Plan $29.00/mo, billed monthly
Advanced or Pro Plan $59.00/mo, billed monthly $6.49/mo for one person, billed monthly
Ultimate Plan (For Teams) Will be revealed upon contact $12.99/mo total for first 5 users

Both platforms offer free plans, but Visme also has an additional Starter plan that Canva doesn’t. So, how do you know which platform is perfect for you: Visme vs Canva? The best way to find the answer is by comparing each platform’s features.

Basic + Starter plans

The basic plans for both Visme and Canva are free. With Visme, you will get access to the following features:

  • Unlimited projects
  • Limited templates and design assets
  • Regular support

Visme also has a Starter plan, which is similar to the basic plan but has some features that are additional to the Free plan. These include:

  • All premium assets
  • Complete access to templates and multimedia assets
  • Downloadable designs in JPG, PNG, and PDF
  • 24/7 support

Canva’s basic plan comes with the following free features:

  • 250,000+ free templates
  • 100+ design types
  • 1 million+ free multimedia items
  • Advanced AI-powered tools, including Magic Design, Magic Edit, Magic Write, and more
  • Free invitations to family and friends for mutual designing
  • 5GB of cloud storage

When comparing both basic plans, it’s clear that Canva offers more templates, design types, and multimedia images than Visme. It also offers advanced AI tools and 5GB of cloud storage. Visme’s features are limited in both Free and Starter plans.

Pro plans

Visme’s Pro plan includes everything in Starter and:

  • Downloading options in PPTX, HTML5, Video, and GIF
  • Brand kit
  • Analytics
  • Advanced integrations
  • Privacy controls

Canva’s Pro plan includes everything in the basic plan plus:

  • 100 million+ multimedia items
  • 100 brand kits
  • Image and video background removal
  • Access to 20+ AI-powered tools with full access to Magic Studio
  • Advanced Magic Switch features
  • Social media content scheduling
  • 1TB of cloud storage

Again, Canva offers more design options (templates and images) than Visme in the Pro plan. You will also have advanced integrations with both plans, but Canva integrates with 100+ apps compared to Visme’s 27 apps, so you will have a more versatile experience with Canva’s Pro plan. Canva’s social media content scheduling is also a plus.

Pricing for students and non-profits

Canva is completely free for students, educators, and non-profits. On the other hand, Visme’s plans aren’t free, but they are quite affordable. To benefit from them, you just have to sign up with your institution’s email ending with “.edu.”

Visme also offers special prices for nonprofit organizations in the Pro plan, based on the total number of users. You can also avail of discounted prices for governmental organizations with a .gov email. Contact Visme Support to learn more.

Ultimate plans (For teams)

With Visme for Teams, you can benefit from everything in Pro plus:

  • Custom sub-domain
  • Team collaboration
  • Advanced or custom integrations
  • Security controls
  • User controls
  • Personalized training and onboarding

Canva for Teams comes with everything in the other plans plus:

  • Centralized brand assets for easy scaling
  • Brand consistency tools like Brand Templates, Brand Controls, and design approval workflows
  • Real-time collaboration
  • Team reports and insights
  • 1TB of cloud storage

Canva seems to have more branding-focused features in its Team plan, as well as team reports and insights and real-time collaboration. Both platforms offer more features in the ultimate plans. You can access them by contacting their sales teams.


Visme vs Canva: Which one is ideal for you?

Visme and Canva are ideal for freelancers, small businesses, and large companies. They offer almost similar photo editing features. So, which one is ideal for you? It all depends on your design needs and budgets.

As we discovered, Canva has more diverse templates and multimedia assets than Visme.

Still, Visme has sufficient options to design compelling visual elements. If you don’t want an elaborate list of multimedia and templates, Visme will suffice for your needs. Canva is ideal for all purposes, whether advanced, professional, or non-professional.

Concerning the price, Canva seems more suitable for startups and freelancers as its packages are quite affordable. While Visme and Canva both offer free plans, Canva still has the upper hand over Visme in all aspects.

Remember, choosing the ideal tool depends on your design requirements and budget. So, evaluate all the above aspects carefully and make a wise choice.

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FAQ: Visme vs Canva

Canva is often preferred over Visme for its user-friendly interface, extensive library of templates, and seamless collaboration features.

Visme offers a free version that allows users to access basic design tools and templates. However, certain advanced features and high-resolution downloads may require a subscription or payment.

The choice between Visme and Canva depends on your specific needs. Visme excels in data visualization and offers robust presentation features, while Canva is versatile for various design projects with a user-friendly interface. Consider your priorities, such as design complexity and collaboration features, to determine the better fit for your requirements.

Canva is often considered better for collaboration, providing user-friendly features that simplify teamwork on design projects. While Visme also supports collaboration, Canva’s intuitive interface and collaborative tools make it a preferred choice for users seeking ease of use and effective teamwork.

Canva, starting at $9.95 is a much cheaper tool than Visme, which starts at $5o per month.

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6 months ago

What a comprehensive breakdown! Both Visme and Canva bring unique strengths to the table. Personally, I’ve found Visme’s animation features incredibly handy for presentations, but Canva’s simplicity is unmatched for quick designs. It’s all about choosing the right tool for the task at hand!

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