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How to Add Page Numbers in Canva: 2 Ways (Automatic & Manual)

How to add page numbers on Canva

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Canva, the graphic design platform, has become an indispensable tool for creating stunning visuals for personal and professional use.

But when it comes to multi-page documents, such as portfolios, presentations, or e-books, adding page numbers can be crucial for organization and ease of navigation. So, how do you add page numbers in Canva?

Canva offers two main methods: the manual approach and the Bulk Create feature. Let’s delve into each method.

How to add page numbers in Canva

To add page numbers in Canva, you have two methods: manually adding page numbers for smaller documents by creating a text box on each page or using the Bulk Create feature for larger documents, automatically adding sequential numbers.

The manual method involves duplicating pages and updating the numbers, while Bulk Create requires a data file to automate the numbering process.

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Check out the video below on how to add page numbers in Canva, or read the blog post below.

How to add page numbers in Canva using Bulk Create

For those who need to add page numbers to a large document, Canva’s Bulk Create feature is a lifesaver. Here’s how you can use it:

Step 1: Open Canva and access Bulk Create

Log into your Canva account and open the design project where you wish to add sequential page numbers.

In the Canva editor, click on the ‘Apps’ section located in the toolbar on the left side of the screen.

Search for and select the ‘Bulk create’ application.

You will need a Canva Pro account to access Bulk Create.

If you don’t have a Canva Pro account, get a free trial for 30 days.

How to add page numbers in Canva with Bulk Create

Step 2: Prepare data entry

Within the ‘Bulk create’ panel, click the ‘Enter data manually’ button. A table interface will appear, ready for you to input your data.

How to add page numbers in Canva with Bulk Create Enter data manually

Step 3: Clear existing data

Before adding new data, ensure your table is clean by clicking the ‘Clear table’ button. This removes any pre-existing data, giving you a fresh start for accurate data entry.

How to add page numbers in Canva with Bulk Create Clear Table

Step 4: Create page numbers column

Add a new column by clicking on the ‘Add text’ option. Title the header of this new column as ‘Page Numbers’.

How to add page numbers in Canva with Bulk Create Add Page Numbers Column

Step 5: Input sequential page numbers

Enter your page numbers in the ‘Page Numbers’ column, starting with “1” and continuing sequentially to the last page number required for your design.

If you don’t want to do it manually, do it in MS Excel and copy and paste the data in Canva Bulk Create.

Get the page numbers from

I do it the same way. For 5-10 pages, I don’t care so much, but if I want to use many page numbers, I copy and paste from Excel.

How to add page numbers in Canva add page numbers

Once all page numbers are inputted correctly, click the ‘Done’ button to save your data and close the table.

Step 6: Add a placeholder text box

Return to your Canva design workspace and add a text box by selecting ‘Add a text box’ or ‘Add a heading’.

Move the text box to the desired location on your design and enter a placeholder text, such as ‘Page Numbers’.

How to add page numbers in Canva with Bulk Create Add page number

Step 8: Link data to the text box

Right-click the text box you’ve placed in your design and select ‘Connect data’ from the context menu.

How to add page numbers with Bulk Create Connect data

In the ‘Connect data’ pop-up, click the ‘Page Numbers’ field to link the sequential numbers you entered earlier to this text element.

Choose the page numbers column

Once that’s done, click on ‘Continue’.

How to add page numbers with Bulk Create click Continue

Step 9: Generate pages with unique page numbers

Use the ‘Generate X designs’ feature to create multiple pages or designs, each with a unique page number from your entered data.

How to add page numbers in Canva generate pages with page numbers

Step 10: Inspect the pages

Review each page that Canva has generated to verify that the page numbers are correctly placed and that there are no errors.

Pages are generated with page numbers


The Canva Bulk Create app is only in the pro version of Canva.

How to add page numbers in Canva manually

The manual method is straightforward and ideal for documents with fewer pages. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Add the First Page Number

Open your design in Canva and choose a spot for your page number. Generally, the bottom corner of a page is a common location.

Click on the ‘Text’ tool and select ‘Add a text box.’ Type your page number here.

Step 2: Duplicate the page

Once the first page number is added, duplicate the page by clicking the copy page icon next to the trash bin icon in the upper right corner (as indicated by the arrow in the first screenshot).

This will duplicate the first page with the number “1” still in the text box.

How to add page numbers in Canva add page number and duplicate page

Step 3: Change the Page Number on the Subsequent Page

Navigate to the new duplicate page you’ve just created. Click on the text box with the page number “1”.

Update the number to “2” or the next number in your sequence.

Repeat the duplication process for each additional page, updating the page numbers sequentially as shown in the second screenshot.

How to add page numbers in Canva type page numbers manually

Step 4: Continue for Additional Pages

Duplicate and update the page numbers for all subsequent pages in your design. Position the page numbers consistently on each page for a uniform look.

Step 5: Consistency Check

Ensure your page numbers are consistently placed on each page for a professional look. Use Canva’s alignment and positioning tools to help with uniform placement.

The manual method is simple but time-consuming, especially for documents with many pages. The Bulk Create feature is a more efficient solution if your document is extensive.


Whether you add page numbers manually or use the Bulk Create feature, Canva provides flexible options to suit your design needs. The manual method gives you control over each page, while Bulk Create streamlines the process for longer documents.

By following these steps, you can ensure your multi-page Canva projects are navigable and professionally numbered, no matter the size.

FAQ: How to add page numbers in Canva

Yes, Canva allows you to add page numbers using two methods: manually for documents with fewer pages or the Bulk Create feature for larger documents.

The manual method involves adding a text box for the page number, duplicating the page, and updating the page number for each subsequent page.

Bulk Create is a feature in Canva Pro that allows you to add sequential page numbers to a large document efficiently by linking data to a text element in your design.

If you use Bulk Create, the page numbers will automatically be added in the same position across all pages. The same will happen if you manually copy and paste. If you still need further adjustments, you have to do them manually on each page. 

For designs with fewer pages, the manual method may be enough. For designs with many pages, the Bulk Create feature streamlines the process and saves time.

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