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How To Superscript in Canva in 5 Min – 3 Possible Ways

How to superscript in Canva

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How to superscript in Canva

1. Type your main text and superscript text in separate text boxes.

2. Resize your superscript text and position it above the main text to get the desired effect.

You can use preset font settings from your Canva brand kit for the texts.

You can also use Canva’s graphics library for text symbols, adjusting their size and position to achieve a superscript effect.

How to do superscript in Canva in 3 easy steps

Now let’s get into the details.

If you have created or thought about creating designs for your business, you’ve probably heard of Canva.

It’s a user-friendly online tool that lets you create beautiful designs even if you’re not an expert.

Sometimes, you might need to use superscript text to add professionalism and sophistication to your designs.

In this article, I will explore in detail how to superscript in Canva to enhance your design projects. So, let’s dive in!

What is a superscript?

Superscript is a typographic effect where a character or symbol is positioned above the base text, giving it a raised appearance. To put it simply, the superscript text is the text placed slightly above the normal line of text.

It is used for many purposes, such as footnotes, trademark symbols, mathematical notations, and more.

superscript example

There are 3 ways to do superscript in Canva.

Check out a video tutorial here.

Let’s go step-by-step, and start with the simplest way.

How to do superscript in Canva by typing text from scratch

1. Create a text box

Open Canva and either create a new design or choose an existing one.

Click on the “Text” tool in the left-hand toolbar and create a text box by clicking and dragging on the canvas.

You can also select an existing text element in a design to apply the superscript effect.

2. Type your primary text

Once your text box is ready, type in the primary text to which you want to add superscript. For example, let’s say you want to add the superscript TM to a brand name, called BRAND X.

Superscript in Canva - 1. Enter the primary text

3. Type your superscript text in a new text box

Create a new text box specifically for your superscript text.

In the superscript text box, type the desired text that you want to appear as superscript. This could be a number, a letter, or any other character that you want to elevate above the regular baseline.

If you want to add a trademark symbol, you would type in the words TM in a separate text box.

Superscript in Canva - 2. Type your superscript text

4. Reduce the size of your superscript text

Select the superscript text box and adjust its font size. Decrease the font size until the superscript text appears smaller than the primary text, but still legible and visually balanced.

Superscript in Canva - 3. Reduce the size of your superscript text

5. Adjust the position of the superscript text

Click on the superscript text box and move it up or down within the design to achieve the desired vertical alignment.

Fine-tune the position until the superscript text is appropriately raised above the primary text.

You can try different font sizes, styles, and positioning, to get the exact effect you want.

Superscript in Canva - 4. Adjust the position of the superscript text

How to do superscript in Canva with a brand kit

The second and easier way to add superscript in Canva is by setting up a brand kit.

In your Canva Brand Kit you can preset the font type and size of a headline, a subheadline, and body text. Read my post on what is a brand kit and how you can set up one with Canva.

So when you create a design, if you click on Text, you will immediately see your brand kit settings of headline, subheadline, and body text.

How to superscript in Canva with a brand kit

Here’s how to do superscript in Canva with a brand kit

1. Add a brand kit headline

2. Add a brand kit subheadline

3. Type in your text in the 2 headlines

How to superscript in Canva with a brand kit - Add headline and subheadline

The other steps remain the same as above, where you adjust the position. You can even change the size further if you want.

4. Adjust the subheadline text above the headline text

And that’s how easy it is to add Canva superscripts with a brand kit.

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How to add superscript in Canva with graphics

Canva has a huge content library that includes millions of graphics, photos, stickers, and other Canva elements, to help you create attractive designs.

If you want to give some effects to your text with superscripts instead of just typing in text, you can also use one of these symbols to help you add superscripts in Canva.

1. Add your primary text

Add a text box and add the text to which you want to add the superscript.

For example, Brand X.

2. Access the content library

Click on Elements in your Canva design interface and type in the type of superscript you want.

For example, I enter the TM symbol.

Then you get a list of different symbols related to TM.

Add superscript in Canva with graphics

3. Add your superscript symbol

Choose your symbol and it gets added to your design.

Add superscript in Canva with graphics - 2

4. Adjust the formatting

You can now adjust the size and position of your superscript symbol.

You can also change the color.

Add superscript in Canva with graphics - Adjust the size color and position

And that’s it! That’s how to superscript in Canva with graphics.

Pro Tip:In the content library, can also get other symbols like Copyright, Watermark, and some more common ones.

But only limited superscripts are available with the graphics option.

The most common way to add superscripts is with the text boxes, as shown above.

Tips on how to do superscript in Canva

Here are some tips to keep in mind when using superscript text in Canva:

1. Maintain readability

Ensure the superscript text remains legible and doesn’t overshadow the main content.

Use appropriate font sizes and consider the overall visual hierarchy of your design. Avoid using script or decorative fonts to keep your superscript text very legible.

2. Use it sparingly

While superscripts can enhance your design, avoid overusing them. Too much superscript may clutter your design or distract the viewer.

Use them selectively to only emphasize key information.

This will also help to guide the viewer’s focus and keep your design visually appealing.

3. Be consistent

If you’re incorporating superscripts for footnotes or mathematical notations, maintain consistency throughout your design to create a cohesive look.

This means using the same font, size, and position for all instances of superscript text. Consistent formatting makes your design look more professional.

4. Proofread for accuracy

If you’re using superscripts for scientific or technical notations, double-check the accuracy and correctness of the symbols or formulas.

Precision is crucial to ensure your credibility.


Adding superscript text in Canva is easy once you know how to do it.

It’s a great way to emphasize your design and make it stand out. Keep in mind the tips we’ve discussed and use them sparingly and consistently for the best results.

FAQ: How to superscript in Canva

Yes, you can. Just highlight the text you want to add superscript to, and follow the same steps as outlined above.
Yes, you can. Just select the superscript text, and choose a new font from the dropdown menu in the toolbar.

Yes, you can. The steps for adding superscript text on mobile are similar to those on desktop. Just select the text you want to add superscript to and choose the superscript option from the menu.

Subscript text is similar to superscript text, but it appears slightly below the normal line of text. To add subscript text in Canva, follow the same steps as outlined above, but position the subscript below the primary text, instead of above.

You can do superscript numbers the same way you do with any words or phrases. Type the numbers, and adjust the size and position of the number above the primary text.

There is no specific font size for superscript text. It should just be smaller than your main text, adjusted for visual balance and readability.

Yes, the Brand Kit can streamline the process, allowing for consistent font types and sizes across your designs, including superscript text.

Ensure that the superscript text is legible, use it sparingly to avoid clutter, maintain consistency across the design for a professional look, and verify accuracy if it includes technical symbols.

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