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Poulomi Basu Profile 2

Hi there, I am Poulomi.

A Branding, Website, & SEO Content Specialist

Passionate about your small business but not sure how to make your brand stand out and build it online?

I help small businesses develop their brand stories & messages, build their brand websites, write SEO-friendly content, and optimize their websites for SEO.

my Services

brand power branding package

Small Business Branding Package

Create your competitive positioning, brand story, design, and impactful brand messaging.

social media strategy for small business

Website & SEO Content

Develop a new SEO website, or optimize your current website & content for SEO

small business branding & marketing

The Powerpreneur Program

Grow your solopreneur business with 12 key tools of strategic planning, branding & marketing.

brand power branding package

Small Business Branding Package

Is your brand strong enough? Does it have a unique value proposition, credibility, a distinctive personality, design, and clear communication?

I build a differentiated, competitive identity for your business, and help you present it with brand and marketing messaging that perfectly match your story.

social media strategy for small business

Website & SEO Content

So you know what you want your brand to stand for. But how do you present and grow it online? How do you get more website traffic?

I help you design/ refresh your website and optimize it further for SEO with content, architecture, and the relevant tools. I also help you to build your content marketing strategy, and write SEO-friendly website copy and content. 

small business branding & marketing

The Solopreneur Package

Launching and marketing your startup can be exciting, and yet, overwhelming!

So my mission is to make that journey easier for you, by giving you a complete toolkit of the core marketing essentials you need, and a step-by-step plan to implement it, all within a minimum budget. To launch, brand, market, and start growing your small business.

You can stop striving then, and be a thriving, powerful entrepreneur. A powerpreneur!

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get more website visitors

Start getting more website traffic & leads even with a limited budget

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