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How to Convert Canva to Google Slides – Easily Transfer Presentations

How to Convert Canva to Google Slides

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Here’s a guide on how to convert Canva to Google Slides and tips and tricks to make the process smooth.

Hardly anyone can do without presentations to convey ideas and information, especially in the business world.

Canva and Google Slides are two powerful tools that can help you create powerful presentations.

You can design the presentations in Canva very easily with the help of templates and content, and download them to Google Slides to collaborate in real time with others and connect with other Google apps.

How to convert Canva to Google Slides

To transfer your Canva presentation to Google Slides, click on the ‘Share’ button on the top-right corner of your design, and click on ‘More’. Find the Google Drive button, and save your presentation as a PPT or PPTX file. And that’s it!

You can open your file directly after saving, or go to Google Drive and open your saved Canva presentation.

Here’s a step-by-step guide.

How to convert Canva to Google Slides - Import and Transfer

Step 1. Access your Canva presentation

It is very easy to create Canva presentations because of it’s enormous library of content and templates. You can also use your brand kit to make your presentation meet your brand guidelines easily.

Once you have created your presentation, keep it open to save it as a Google Slides presentation.

Step 2. Click on share

You will see a Share button on the top right-hand side of your screen. Click on that.

A menu will open, and at the bottom, you will see ‘More’. Click on that.

How to Convert Canva to Google Slides Step 1 - Click on Share and More

Step 3. Save your presentation in Google Drive

Scroll down through the options to see ‘Save’ – ‘Google Drive’.

How to Convert Canva to Google Slides - Step 2 - Click on Google Drive

Click on it, and Canva will access your Google Drive folders.

Choose your folder.

How to Convert Canva to Google Slides - Step 3 - Choose Google Drive folder

Save your presentation as a PPTX (Microsoft Powerpoint) file.

How to Convert Canva to Google Slides Step 4 - Save as a PPT file

Step 4. Open your presentation as Google Slides

You can directly click ‘View in Google Drive’ to access your Canva presentation in Google Slides.

canva presentation to google slides

how to use canva on google slides

Alternatively, you can also open Google Drive. You will find your newly downloaded presentation in the Recent folder.

how to transfer canva to google slides

Other ways to convert Canva to Google Slides

While I prefer the method above, there are other ways to transfer Canva to Google Slides.

1. Import Canva to Google Slides

Step 1. Save your Canva presentation as a Microsft PowerPoint one. Check out my full guide on how to download Canva to PowerPoint.

Step 2. Access Google Slides through your web browser and sign in to your Google account.

Step 3. Click on the “+” button to create a new presentation. A blank presentation will open in the Google Slides editor.

Step 4. In the Google Slides editor, go to the “File” menu and select “Import slides” from the dropdown menu.

Step 5. Choose the PowerPoint file you downloaded from Canva earlier and click the “Open” button. Google Slides will import the Canva design, and each slide will be added to your presentation.

How to Import Canva to Google Slides

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Tips on how to export Canva to Google Slides

To ensure a successful Canva-to-Google Slides conversion and create impactful presentations, consider the following tips and best practices:

1. Format compatibility

Ensure that the file format you export from Canva is compatible with Google Slides. Formats like PDF or PNG are usually safe options for seamless importing.

2. Design adjustments

Take note of any design elements, such as complex animations or advanced effects that may not transfer perfectly to Google Slides. Be prepared to make necessary adjustments to optimize the design for the new platform.

3. Text and image alignment

Verify that the text and images in your Canva design are properly aligned after the import. Check for any discrepancies and adjust them accordingly.

4. Slide layout and dimensions

Pay attention to the slide layout and dimensions in Google Slides. Ensure they match Canva’s intended design and aspect ratio to maintain visual consistency.

5. Font compatibility

Confirm that the fonts used in your Canva design are available in Google Slides.

If you have used special Canva typefaces that are not available in Google Slides, it might be better to select alternative fonts that closely match the original design to avoid formatting issues.

6. Interactive elements

If you have used interactive Canva elements like hyperlinks or embedded media, test them in Google Slides to ensure they work as intended.

Adjust or recreate these elements if needed.

7. Collaboration and sharing

Once the Canva design is successfully imported, review the sharing and collaboration settings in Google Slides.

Set appropriate permissions to allow team members or clients to access and collaborate on the presentation.

FAQ: How to Convert Canva to Google Slides

Yes, you can import multiple Canva designs into one Google Slides presentation. Simply open your Google Drive presentation and import the Canva files one after another. 

Absolutely! Once you have imported the Canva design into Google Slides, you can fully edit and customize it according to your preferences. Modify text, images, layouts, and apply animations to make the design your own.

Most Canva elements are supported in Google Slides. However, some advanced features or effects may not translate perfectly during the conversion process. Remember to review and adjust the imported design.

Yes, Google Slides allows you to easily share your presentation with others. You can invite collaborators, grant them editing or viewing access, and work together in real-time.

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