How To Convert Canva To PowerPoint Slides in 3 Simple Steps

How to Convert Canva to Powerpoint in 3 easy steps

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Canva and PowerPoint are two of the most popular tools for creating presentations.

But sometimes you may need to convert your Canva design to a PowerPoint presentation.

In this comprehensive guide, I will walk you through the step-by-step process of how to convert Canva to PowerPoint.

How to Convert Canva to Powerpoint presentation

How to convert Canva to PowerPoint in 3 easy steps

1. Open your Canva design and click the “Share” button.

How to download a Canva presentation

2. Click on ‘More ‘and then select the Microsoft PowerPoint file format.

How to convert Canva to PowerPoint

3. Save the downloaded file to your computer.

That was super easy, right?

You can now simply open up your downloaded presentation in PowerPoint.

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Common issues when converting Canva to PowerPoint

There are some common issues that you may encounter when converting Canva Presentations to PowerPoint.

1. Formatting issues

One of the most common issues is that the formatting of the slides may change slightly during the conversion process.

This can include changes to the font size, spacing, and alignment.

You might have to make some manual adjustments to ensure that the layout in PowerPoint looks exactly like it did in Canva.

This can occur when the fonts or images used in the Canva design are not available on the computer that is used to open the PowerPoint presentation.

2. Missing fonts

If the fonts you used for your presentation in Canva are not there in PowerPoint, your presentation may look very off and strange.

So you need to make sure that you use the same fonts in both tools.

If you don’t have the fonts in PowerPoint you used in Canva, first download the font from Google and upload it to Windows.

Now remember, Canva has a huge font library with 3000 fonts. It could be possible that to use these fonts in PowerPoint, you might have to buy them at a premium price online.

If you are not even able to buy them online, then you won’t be able to use these fonts in your PowerPoint presentation, unfortunately. You might have to stick to using your presentation in Canva.

One workaround could be to use your Canva presentation in Google Slides instead.

3. Loss of image quality

Sometimes, the images in the Canva design may lose their quality when exported to PowerPoint.

To avoid this, make sure to use high-quality images in your Canva design.

Also, ensure that the images are correctly sized and formatted for use in PowerPoint.

Quick tips for converting Canva to PowerPoint

When converting Canva presentaitons to PowerPoint, there are some best practices you should follow so that your files remain intact and nothing falls apart.

1. Check fonts and images

As mentioned above, make sure that all fonts and images used in your Canva design are available on your computer.

If not, download them and install them before importing the design to PowerPoint.

2. Edit and resize the presentation

After importing the Canva design to PowerPoint, review the slides and make any necessary edits or resizing to ensure that it fits the screen properly.

If the size does not adapt by default, open PowerPoint first and create a document to match the format of Canva exactly.

Then import the Canva slides into PPT.

3. Keep your presentations simple

While Canva provides a wide range of design elements and templates, it’s important to keep your design simple when converting to PowerPoint.

Simple Canva presentations are easier to save in a PowerPoint format with minimal loss in formatting.

If you want to add slide animations and transitions, for example, it might be safest to do them in PowerPoint.

Canva also lets you create talking presentations.

Create some sample presentations first and download them as PowerPoint to check how the formatting works.

4. Test your presentation

Before you present your PowerPoint presentation, make sure that you test it on different devices and platforms to ensure that it looks the way you want it to.

This will help you to identify any issues that need to be fixed before your presentation.

FAQ: How to convert Canva to PowerPoint

FAQ: How to Convert Canva to PPT

You can create presentations in Canva and download them in a PowerPoint file format.

To download Canva as PPT, open your Canva design. Then click ‘Share’ on the top right of the screen, click on ‘More’, and click on Save -> Microsoft PowerPoint.

  1. Go to your Canva design and click on ‘Share’ in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 
  2. Choose the format and location to export your Canva design.

No, you don’t need Canva Pro to save your Canva presentation in a PowerPoint format. It is available in the free version as well. 

  1. Ensure that the fonts you used in the Canva presentation is available on Microsoft
  2. Use high quality images in your Canva presentation
  3. Manually adjust any remaining errors

You can use the free Canva PDF converter to convert PDFs to PPT files.

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